Neji and Tenten part 2

Created by Scarstar on Saturday, May 10, 2008


Neji walked down from his room and out the door with out being seen this time and he meet Tenten at the bridge, but this time it was not to dinner it was to the lake. As Neji told Tenten what his fother did she tuched his sholder and told him that her parents didn't even notice she was gone. Then they reached the lake and Neji looked at Tenten and said "I really love you Tenten." "But... My father thinks something might happen between us." "WHAT!!" Tenten shouted "That’s nonsense." she added in. Then she noticed his arms go around her and she did the same to him "Tenten your speshle to me and no mater what I'll always love you." Neji told her "Your the same to me Neji." she said. The next day it was a mission Lee looked at Tenten then at Neji they were strangely not looking at each other, and Tenten had a ring on her finger Lee thought that was strange Tenten never had a ring before. She was playing with it and then she took it off and put it in her pocket and looked at the sky. Neji was on her mind he asked her to be his gilrfriend and she was thinking should she say yes or no?

Tenten walked to Neji's house and suprised him "Tenten what are you doing here?" Neji asked "About what you said Neji... When you asked me to be your girlfriend-." Tenten said "Look you dont have t-" Neji told her but he was cut off by Tenten "Yes. Yes I'll become your girlfriend Neji!" "Tenten I. I'm..." Neji said but cut of by Tenten's lips tuching his. In his mind my "first kiss what should I do?", but then he looked at her finger the ring he gave her was still there "Neji I love you, A lot and always will." 4 year later "Tenten will you marry me?" asked Neji "Neji I..." Tenten said and added in "Yes Neji I will, I will marry you Neji.

It the day of the wedding Tenten and Yacole got their hair done and were walking to the church "Your married right?" Tenten asked "You were there and you dont remimber" Yacole said jokingly "Oh yeah. You were 17 how could I remimber." Tenten told her "Do you remimber who the groom was?" Yacole asked "Kiba!" "I dont forget everyting" Tenten sounded nervis. Tenten was walking down the ille in a silver and pink sparkled dress. Neji was suprised how awsome Tenten looked. Then as the church guy was talking Neji looked into Tentens eyes and as the guy said "You may now kiss the bride." Neji's and Tenten's lips tuched. Then after they cut the cake Guy ran up to Tenten and Neji and said "I know you to would find each other!" Guy was crying a lot. Neji and Tenten tolk off their wedding clothes and sliped into bed. Tenten broke the silent moment by asking Neji "What do you think of having a child Neji" "Way did that come up your not pregnet are you." Neji asked "No I was just wondering." Tenten told him "Well, I wouldent mind one, or two." Neji wanted to sound nice and not like a big jurk.

"Sakura your back!" said Tenten "Sasuka still leaved?" she asked "Yep." Sakura said "He comes gets you pregenet and leaves, Doesent even wait for the baby." "Neji never do that to me." Tenten finished "Oh really, Your pregenet and Nejis on a misson!" Sakura tolded her she sounded erithated "Yeah but he's not working with a guy that wants his fa-" Tenten was interuped by Yacole "Why are you talking about my Great Uncle?" "Yacole!" "Hows Yani?" "Chuunin remimber?" Yacole was very upset "Still mad at Kiba?" asked Sakura "N- Y- Ma- Maybe" Tolded Yacole "No I'm mad cause everyones mad at me for bing a demon." "Oh and your lil Chuunin for bing both demon and human?" asked Tenten "Yeah." Wha- I got to get Yani from Ino's house." "And Tenten has to go to the gate to see Neji." Yacole finished "Neji!" Tenten started to run to the gate. Neji hugged Tenten and they walked to the bidge. Meanwile Yacole, Kiba, and Yani played at the gate and they saw Timari. Tenten was talking to Neji about when the baby was due.

"Neji..." Tenten said "Yes Tenten." Neji said back "What do you think of me being pregnet?" she asked "Well... I... I don't mind. I think it'll be good to settle down for a wile." he told Tenten an then it hit her "Do you think our baby will be like Kiba and Yacole's?" Tenten asked with a weird face Neji said nothing but then he squezzed out "Well we'll have to trane it as much as they do if we want it to be a Black-op like theirs." his face in a weird way to. "Tenten lets go to bed and maybe we'll see Yacole and Kiba tomarrow."

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