THE RED MOON (a Dino Cavallone love story): the red moon in the starry sky: chapter 1.

Hmm, if you wonder who is Dino Cavallone or most of you know him as Dino Chiavorone. If you don't know who he is, look it up on wikipedia. Note - Before VIZ Media officially translated the name into "Chiavorone", the most widely accepted translation was "Cavallone" since an official romanization of the name was never written out by the author, besides the actual representation of the katakana (??????). In Italian, Cavallone translates into "big horse" (which is fitting since the family's boss is nicknamed "Bucking-Horse Dino"), while VIZ Media's English alternative, Chiavorone, does not translate into anything. So, I prefer to write Dino's family name Cavallone (since that's the original name)

Created by princezukoluo on Saturday, May 17, 2008



Name: Hishoka Akari.

Age: 17-year-old.

Gender: Female.

Date of birth: February 5th.

Nationality: Japanese/Italian.

Height: 150.1 cm (4'11").

Weight: 35 kg (78 lbs).

Hair color: Black (normal); Red (akai).

Eyes color: Black (normal); red (akai).

Known relative: Hishoka Byakuya (adoptive brother); Hishoka Satsuki (older sister; deceased).

School: Namimori High School.

Affiliation: Cavallone family; Hishoka family.

Weapon: Akatsuki; Getsu no Goka (lit. Flame of Moon).

--Character Outline--

Akari is a smart yet quick-witted. She's likes high places and the color red. She's act manly and often hit Dino whenever he's insults her. She hates whenever someone mention something about her height and often mistaken for an elementary student.


Akari was artificially created. She was created to be the deadliest assassin in the universe. When the laboratory, where she was created, explode, she was found by a family and the family took a care of her. But, not long after she was found, a group of assassin hunt and wiped out her entire family. Her older step sister, Satsuki, and herself are the only survivors. Realizing that Satsuki cannot took care of Akari and herself, she decided to runaway, leaving Akari alone. Akari grew up alone in Japan as a stray child. She later adopted by Hishoka Byakuya, her adopted older brother, whom she greatly respect and feared.


Akari is highly skilled and talented assassin. She is known as "Akai Getsu" because after she kills her target the moon always turned bloody red. Akari's main weapon is an extendable an shape shifting staff called Akatsuki. Before the laboratory where she artificially created explode, the scientist equiped her a weapon of destruction called, Getsu no Goka. However, Akari cannot released Getsu no Goka until she managed to control Zangetsu, a demon that mysteriously sealed inside her.

Daily look: normal_anime_art_-_22.jpg


Assassin looks:best_of_special.jpg

Theme song: Midnight Shuffle '08 Remix -instrumental- by Matchy with Question?

Stay tuned! Next chapter: It's been three years, isn't it?: chapter 2

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