Teen Titans #1 Robin love story

Created by icewolfelemental on Sunday, May 18, 2008


The night was dark, the wind cold and harsh blew the 15-year-old girls hair into her face. As she brushed it away a drop of water hit her hand, she turned her face skywards and muttered something inaudible through the wind. Picking up her bag and slinging it over her shoulder she tramped down to the waters edge, tucking her bag under the overhanging rock she picked up a stone and tossed it over the water. It bounced twice before sinking under a wave. Sitting next to her bag she shivered and then moved out into the rain. Staring at the hypnotic waves she started humming a tune, as her singing got gradually louder the chorus could be heard through the wind, the rain and the sea.
Your voice stops as you realise that you dont know the rest of the lyrics. Sighing you pick up another rock and toss it carelessly into the crashing waves, it bounces once before it hits something. Wondering what you had hit you stand up. For maybe a few seconds the noise of the world around you dies down enough for you to hear a small moaning.
"Ow, my head, ow!" The voice was male and from what you guess he is about your age. Now, not wanting to be seen, you shrink back into your cave. The noise around you rises again but through it you hear someone yell into the night,
"Speedy, if you threw that rock I WILL kill you when we get back to the tower and Robin WILL NOT be able to save you!" Shortly after another voice answered,
"I didnt throw a rock at you, though whoever did has very good aim to get you under-water."
"Hmph!" Was the only reply he got.
Several rocks fall on your head, looking up you guess what is about to happen. Grabbing your bag you leap out of the cave, preferring to be caught than squished by the collapsing cave. After rolling a short distance down the sand bank, you are stopped by a pair of legs, turning onto your back your see a tall boy about your age with shoulder length black hair in a blue and black swimming costume. In the middle of his head is a red patch which is where, you guess, you hit him with the rock. He looks as surprised as you feel, {he probably doesnt have girls rolling to his feet while the cave they were sitting in falls down behind them very often} you think before accepting the hand being reached toward you to help you up.
Once you are standing up the boys face is more familiar, trying to recall where you had seen it before images and words flood your brain, {Speedy, swimming costume, under-water} then it clicks. The boy in front of you is Aqualad and the other boy he had been yelling at must have been Speedy, both boys are honorary members of the Teen Titans.
Suddenly a voice breaks the silence,
"Aqualad, you coming?"
"Yeah, I caught the rock tosser as well."
"Cool, bring em too."
Aqualad stoops and grabs your bag from your feet so you dont run off, sighing you follow him in the direction Speedys voice came from.
A few minutes later you see a boy with bright red hair and a bright red costume to match. On his back is a quiver and in his hand is a bow. You can tell that he and Aqualad must be about the same height, over his eyes is a white mask with black rimming. Sitting on a motorcycle next to him is a boy that is nearly invisible in the dark, the only reason you can see him at all is because of his bright red and green costume and his red bike. In the small light you can see that he wears a mask similar to Speedys, you also see that on his bike is an R. This, you guess, is the leader of the Titans, Robin. Though you cant see his hair, you know it is black and spiky, in Todays hottest, another magazine you were reading , they describe him as Jump Citys mega cutie. Meanwhile the boys have been discussing what happened and what to do about it, occasionally glancing at you. Feeling you have to say something you ask tentatively,
"May I have my bag back please?" ending each word nicely. The three boys turn and look at you like they only just realised you could talk. Robin recovers the quickest answering your question with one word,
"No." Getting a little peeved you then ask,
"What would you want with it? To sell it on E-Bay!"
They dont answer, the only way you know they heard you was that Robin rolled his eyes (under his mask so you cant tell by that) and half smiled. {Probably the best he can do} you think to yourself. Several long minutes.
Then the three boys turn to look at you and at long last Aqualad speaks,
"We have been discussing how best to help you"
"I dont need help, I need my bag and for you lot to get lost in some deserted place." You cut in.
"We decided that it would be best if you stayed at the tower for the night and in the morning we can organise more permanent lodgings for you."
"Sooo, youre not going to kill me for the rockthing, right?"
"No, but I would like to know what you were doing throwing rocks into the ocean in the first place."
"Passing the time between sunset and sunrise." You answer simply.
"So its settled you are coming with us to the tower." Pipes up Speedy for the first time.
"Looks like I dont get a lot of say in the matter." You sigh, "How are we getting there?"
"Walking." Aqualad and Speedy say but Robin instead says,
"Im driving, would you like a lift?" As he says this he motions to the bike hes still sitting on, "By the way whats your name, so that we arent referring to you as hey you?"
"Im Nicole." You reply feeling slightly more comfortable.
"Im Robin, this is Aqualad and Speedy." As each person is introduced you shake their hand politely but when Robin gets to Speedys name rather than shaking your hand he kisses it, unsure as to whether to slap him or not you merely smile and turn back to Robin. You can feel your face burning and feel relieved that it is nighttime.
"You didnt say if you wanted a ride or not." Robin says after he has stopped glaring at Speedy behind your back.
"No thank you, Ill get there by myself."
"But its on the other side of town, youll be exhausted if you walk."
"I never said I was going to walk, I merely said will get there by myself." Rather than answer another of Robins questions about how you will be getting to the tower you suddenly placed your hands down on the ground and a ice disc was created then you lifed it up and jumped on it. You hear the boys gasp, in what your not sure but youre pretty sure its a good thing.
"So are we going?"
"You two are, well be forever walking. Robin can you ask BB to keep some dinner for us?" Aqualad says with little enthusiasm.
"You both can get there at the same time as Robin and I." You say after a moments pause.
"How?" All three boys ask with puzzled expressions on their faces.
"Well, one of you can go on the back of Robins bike and I can provide transport for the other." You answer looking at Robin to check if its alright.
"Brilliant!" They all exclaim.
Speedy ended up on the back of Robins bike, after some sever glaring from Robin, much to his disappointment. You create another ice disc for aqualad and soar over the city following Robins bike as it crosses town you use the quiet to apologise for hitting him with the rock. When he says that you could kiss it better for him to make up for it, you let his disc drop a few feet making it feel like you had lost control. You think Aqualad got the hint.

You land softly on the concrete in the garage that Robin just parked his bike in, ahead of you Speedy and Aqualad are already heading up the stairs at the back of the room. Glancing at Robin for support he smiles and hands you your bag from inside the bag hanging over the side of his bike, you smile back and clutch the bag to your chest. When you arrive at the top of the stairs you find yourself in a bright entrance hall, you step out of the stairway and look around you. There are several chairs lined up, a plant in each corner of the room and some books on a shelf just behind the chairs but other than that you think it is pretty bare. Robin comes up just after you and shakes his head in a very good impersonation of a dog, flecks of water land on you and much around you but when he stands up straight you see that his hair which had been sticking to his face moments before was now back to its normally spiky self. He turns and rummages in a cupboard you hadnt noticed before but now was blaringly obvious, after Robin had found what he wanted he turned back to you and handed you an ice blue towel with a gold 'G' sewn into the corner, the 'G' you presume is for 'Guest'. You glance up to see a red and green towel around Robin's shoulders, you the look at his feet to see black shoes with steel toes. {Ouch, would not want to be kicked by those} you think before continuing your survey. Green tight fitting trousers, a bronze utility belt with a magnetic point for his grapel gun and communicator, red shirt with short green sleeves and a yellow 'R' on the left side of the costume, green gloves reaching to just below his elbows, a black cape which reached to just above the back of his knees and a mask that covered his eyes, {simple and effective, nice!} you think before you realise that Robin had just conducted a similar survey of you by the way he was smiling. A thought crosses your mind before you can stop it, {hes hot, I wouldnt mind spending more time with him}. As you think this you feel your face get a little hot and you decide its time for food.
"Um, Im a little hungry, got any food?"
"Yeah, there's dinner waiting for us upstairs. We can take the lift."
"Cool." You reply swinging your bag onto your back and half-heartedly drying your face and hair.

You at last find your brush and start to comb your hair down. You follow Robin down a corridor and into a lift, which looks out onto the sea and beyond that, Jump City. You resist the urge to gasp fearing you would look stupid. During the short ride up you and Robin don't talk at all and when you arrive at your destination you see that Robin now has a 'No Nonsense' face on which makes you feel uncomfortable. Out of the lift you pass a blue basket into which Robin drops his towel, after a motion from Robin you follow suit. As you come to a set of metal doors Robin warns you that Starfire's hug may break bones, Beastboy has a weird sense of humour, Raven may talk to you telepathically, Aqualad may ask if you eat fish, Cyborg probably will challenge you to a duel on the game station and Speedy will probably start flirting with you. When Robin asks you if you are ready you try to smile and give a feint nod, you then follow him through the doors and into a huge room with floor to ceiling windows on the Western facing side. This is all you can take in before you are smothered by a redhead wearing very little clothing.

" Aqualad and Speedy have been informing us of your arrival. I would be most glad if you would be my friend ?" Starfire replies using a strange type of English.
"I would be honoured to be your friend Starfire?" You questioned while carefully straightening your pants, which got ruffled while Starfire was hugging you.
"Yes, I am Starfire, the green one is BeastBoy, the one in blue is Raven and this is Cyborg." As Starfire says this she and Robin usher you over to the table in the middle of the room. You place your bag on the back of your chair and sit down in-between Robin and Starfire. As soon as you sit down Beastboy starts serving up, there are several different types of vegetables but no meat. You shrug and wait for the bowls to get to you.
"Where's all the meat BB?" Cyborg complains when he get the bowls of vegetables.
"Dude! You know I don't eat meat!" Beastboy retaliates throwing a glare at Cyborg.
"Pick an argument about this some other time, we have a guest tonight." Robin interjects in an exasperated tone. Both boys look like they want to continue the argument but instead let it drop.
An awkward silence fills the room but slowly conversation starts again, everybody is discussing what they did today, what's happening tonight and other stuff. Your thoughts are interrupted by Speedy's voice asking you something,
"Nicole?" You look up and realise everyone is watching you.
"Hmmm?" You reply looking around to see why all eyes are on you.
"We were wondering if you would like to join us in a trivia and karaoke night?" Speedy says adopting a posh English accent.
"That sounds spiffing, though my great knowledge of most things may be unfair and I should warn you I cannot sing." You reply imitating his accent. Best Boy giggles.
"Was it you singing 'Something right' earlier, on the beach?" Aqualad asks with a smirk.
"Errrr yes." You mutter, feeling highly embarrassed.
"Well then Cyborg will not be holding his winning streak for long," Aqualad laughs. "She sings really well!"
"No I don't." You mumble.
"Never mind we'll all judge it later." Robin says smiling, "does anyone want to show Nicole to the spare bedroom and the girls bathroom, so she can wash up before tonight?"
"I'll show her." Raven says, talking for the first time all evening. She then gets up from her seat, you grab your bag, thank Beastboy for the vegetables and follow Raven through a different set of metal doors. Down the corridor, first right, second left and at last you both stop outside a door marked 'Guest'.
"There's a towel on the bed, can you grab it please and follow me to the girl's bathroom." You turn into a wolf and run into the room and grab the turquoise towel at the end of the bed and run back out then change back.
"You took a second at the most, how did you do that?" Raven asks obviously puzzled.
" um...I turned into a wolf" You answer with a shrug. Raven moves off down the corridor and you jog to catch up, once you are level with her she asks,
"So what other powers do you have?"
"I can control ice..." You stammer as you struggle to find the right words.
"Sounds cool, I'll have to see it in action." Raven replies, after a pause you ask cautiously,
"From what I heard about you, you were closed and quiet but your being quite friendly to me?"
"I don't usually trust people I don't know but as soon as I saw you I felt I could trust you." She shrugs and you half giggle. Shortly after Raven stops at a door marked 'Girls'.
"I advise you to lock the door before you get changed, some of the boys have been known to try and get in. The living room is at the end of the second corridor on the left. Do you need anything else?" Raven asks.
"No thankyou and thankyou for showing me around a bit." You say as you walk through the door. Once inside you close the door and lock it, checking the lock before getting changed.

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