First Star to the Right, and Straight on Till Morning: A Peter Pan Story-Intro

Yeah, it's Peter Pan. This is dated in 1985, so it's like Wendy's great grandaughter time. Please understand I had to right this really quickly. My computer sucks sometimes. :P

Created by FeelinCool91 on Thursday, May 29, 2008

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Once upon a time, or maybe twice, there lived a boy who never wanted to grow up. He lived freely on his own land, Neverland, without rules, or parents. Just himself and the lost boys and his best friend Tinkerbelle, a fairy. One night, he found a young maiden, asleep in her bed. She was kind and nice, and told stories that he loved. He would listen to her stories and tell them to the lost boys in Neverland.

As he continued to visit the girl, he learned that she would be an excellent mother for the lost boys. So, he decided to take her back to Neverland, along with her brothers. In Neverland, they fought pirates and visited mermaids and danced with indians. But, in the end, the girl had to return back to her home with her brothers and had to grow up.

"Won't you come back, Peter?" the girl, Wendy, yelled out from her bacony.

"Of course I will!" Peter, the boy, yelled back.

But he never came back.


The Big Ben sturck midnight. Across London homes, children were sleeping and so were their parents. All of them were dreaming of adventures of Peter Pan or Neverland. The story was known by everyone world-wide. It was the beginning of Summer and children had no school. Everyone was happy, except for one home that was full of sorrow.

"Wendy?" the old man asked. He took off his hat in the presence of his dying, old sister.

"Michael." she replied. She reached out for his hand. Her hand was wrinkely and old. Many would say that it showed her wisdom. She layed on her deathbed, her white hair sprawled across her pillow.

"I need to have Jane here." She spoke slowly. Michael nodded his head.

"Jane's waiting outside." He said, talking about Wendy's middle-aged daughter.

"And I also need Sandra and her daughters to come." She added. Michael hesitated. Wendy's granddaughter, his great neice, Sandra, had left England years ago and never came back.

"Are-are you sure?" Michael spoke. Wendy nodded her head slowly.

"Sandra is too old to meet him." He pointed out.

"But Carleen isn't." Wendy replied.

"I don't understand how this will help you." He whispered.

"My soul will not be able to rise to heaven until Carleen meets him."

Michael nodded. He understood Wendy's wish.

"I will contact them tonight." He said. He stood up and left the room. As he walked down the corridors of his old home, he put his hat back on. Thoughts filled his mind. "How will I ever bring Sandra and her daughters back home?"

He was waiting.


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