Behind my purple eyes (Neji Love story) Info and chapter 1

You are just meeting Neji in this chapter. No lemons ever!!! weeeelllll maybe I'll do the 'intro' but I won't write the whole 'thing'

Created by Itoki-chan on Saturday, May 31, 2008

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Your name is Lin Monrioa

You are 14 (everyone is)

Your bffs are Ino, Gaara, Sasuke and Naruto. But mostly Gaara (XD I love Gaara-kun <3)

You have orange hair and purple eyes

You are sweet and shy. You love to mess with Gaara's gourd and tease Sasuke about his hair.

OK! On with the story!!

*Dramatic music to be in the moment waking up XD)

You blink as you hear a sudden beeping in your dream. You wake up and notice it was just your alarm clock. You sigh at your scare, "Well I am some stupid," you mutter as you slowly get out of bed and put on your ninja clothes before you get to your traning area (Your clothes are like Ino's). You walk down you stairs and they creak as each of your feet touch them.

You grab a cereal bar and walk out the door and into Ino, "Whoa!" Ino cried and helped you up, "C'mon! We'll be late!" and you both ran to your class.

Kakashi was tapping his foot and Gaara and Sasuke were sitting by a tree half asleep, "where were you two?!" Kakashi asked, impationtly(SP!), "S-sorry, Kakashi-sensei..." You say bowing your head with Ino. Kakashi sighed and said, "Fine lets get on with it.."

(You do your class...blah blah blah... too lazy to write it lol)

You all walk back home and you're joking around with Gaara. As you just about get to Ino's house you all bump into a young boy your age with lavender eyes and long black hair tied.

"Who are you?" he asks.

(CLIFFY!!! YAY XD Ok next one soon PLEASE MESSAGE MEEEE lol I don't really care but it would be nice)





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