Living with a Yu-Gi-Oh Star 20- The Painting and a Mysterious Stranger

Created by firegoddess1 on Sunday, February 05, 2006


Recap: Adina and Yugi were walking home
At Adina's place
Adina walked into the living room (Yugi went into her HUGE labyrinth like garden) Adina's eyes focused on painting, the painting was of the sunset over the River Nile in Egypt, Yami had painted it for her
Adina: i didn't know he was such an artist, this painting was put away in the attic
Adina: ah! Isis just the person i was looking for
Isis: what do you wish of me
Adina: the prince has left again, hes been leaving before sunset to Ra knows where
Isis: well whatever is taking the prince away from here during this time its attracted his attention
Adina: * if its a beautiful princess then i'll kill him*
after dark
Yami tried sneaking in but was caught by Adina
Adina: a little late arn't we?
Yami: sorry, i uh had to run some errands
Adina: ok who is she?
Yami: pardon me?
Adina: your seeing a princess arn't you?
Yami: i never said that, now if you excuse me Adina i'm tired and i want to go to bed
he left Adina, Adina was getting furious
Adina: i know there's a princess involved, tomarrow im going to follow him and spy on him
the next day
Lena: Adina, open up!
Adina: mother please, im going to find out what Yami is up to
Lena: it is a waste of time
Adina: its not
before sunset
Adina had gotten Celestial and secretly followed Yami's red horse and it led her at the River Nile
Adina: what is he doing here?
Adina saw Yami look up at the sky then down again, but no princess
Adina: gee, i think i jumped to conlusions, is that a paintbrush?
it was! it was a paintbrush in Yami's hand, he moved out of the way and she was what he was painting: it was the Sunset behind the River nile with a few of the night stars above. Before Yami noticed Adina she rode away
the next morning
Mana (the human): so did you find out what was making the prince leave before sunset?
Adina: i did, he wasn't seeing a princess
Mana: of course not!, he loves you but don't tell his dad that *wink*
Adina: can we go somewhere private to talk?
Mana: alright
Adina took Mana into her room and locked the door
Adina: last night, i saw the prince by the Nile and painting it!
Mana: no way!
Adina: yes, you think his father sent him on assignment?
Mana: no clue, i got to go before master Mahad claims i zapped myself somewhere
Adina: bye
ff to a few days later
Adina looked out on the balcony
Adina: Yami is probably still painting away
there was a knock at her door
Adina: im coming
Adina answered it and saw it was Yami
Adina: Yami can i help you with something?
Yami: no not really, i wantned to give you this
Yami held in infront of him, the painting of the River Nile at Sunset
Adina: its beautiful
Adina saw that there was much more detail put into it then the first time she saw it, it was a true masterpiece and the border was pure gold
Adina: i don't know what to say
Adina took it and invited Yami in
Adina: nice addition to my room
ff to the morning after the heartbreak night
Mana saw Adina pack up her stuff
Mana: Adina whats going on
Adina: oh Mana! i can't stay in the palace anymore
Mana: why? whats wrong?
Adina: something happened last night that broke my heart and so i can't stay here
Adina packed everything even the painting that Yami had given her, Adina even remembered how the painting came into her posession
After everything was packed
Adina: ok Celestial, we can leave now
Mana watched as Adina flew away, a few tears fell from her eyes, Mana had lost her best friend. Mana, that afternoon went to the throneroom right after Adina had left
Mana: excuse me your highnesses but Adina left
Yami: what!?!
Mana: whatever happened last night lost me my best friend and maybe a true love for you my king
Isis covered her mouth with her hand
Mana: Yami, she is gone
a few days later
Mana tried sending Adina messages but failed, she couldn't believe that Adina was gone
then a blue light shined down on Mana and Adina landed
Adina: i missed you
Mana wipes a tear from her eye
Mana: i can't believe its really you!
Adina: just a question but does Yami miss me?
Mana: i don't know, i was moping around in my room because i missed you so much
Adina: maybe i should see him for the heck of it
Mana: its up to you
Adina headed towards the throneroom and stayed by the doorway hoping he would notice her
the only one who noticed her was Isis and Isis tried getting Yami to notice her but failed. half an hour passed before he finally noticed Adina standing there, Adina was so ticked off that she didn't want to see him anymore so she left only to have Yami chase after her
Adina: what do you want!?!
Yami: uh
Adina: you know this is a waste of my bloody time!
Adina gave Yami a death stare then went to Celestial
Adina: (to Celestial) what a waste of my time, i never want to come here again never!
Celestial: what about Mana?
Adina: come here once a week then only to see Mana
then she took off
**end flashback**
Mana (the dragon) came in with her sister Nicala, they were both humans, Mana had a white dress on with a gold locket while Nicala wore a blue dress, her eyes and hair were blue and she had white wings
Nicala: where's Yugi?
Adina: taking a walk in the garden
Mana stopped at the painting that Adina was so focused on
Mana: given to you by a traitor but made by an artist with true passion in his heart
Nicala: Mana told me some of your memories, the human Mana that is
Adina: you seen Mana!?!
Nicala: she told me what happened, the painting has an interesting history don't ya think
Adina: yeah it does
Mana (the dragon) found a note behind the painting that said
Dear Adina
i give to you a beautiful masterpiece which myself am proud of but this cannot compare to the love and friendship you have given me. this is just to let you know that i'll always love you
love Yami
Adina: the note was sincere
Nicala: yeah it was, i sorta feel sorry for him
Adina: yeah me too
Nicala: anyways we better get going for the masqerade (sp?) ball, you want to come Adina?
Adina: sure
Yugi: *faint* Adina! how do you get out of here?!?
Adina magically transported Yugi to the living room
Yugi: finally
Adina: we are going to a masqerade ball want to come?
Yugi: sure, remind me never to go into your rose garden ever again
Adina: alright
at the Duke's Mansion
Nicala: ooh! we are going to have so much fun
Mana: i'm looking forward to this
the doors opened up and before them was an elegant ballroom (similar to the Phantom of the Opera)
Adina walked down the stairs (shes wearing a black warrior outfit and a black mask with rhinestones near the eyes. Right now she the most beautiful person there) when she got to the floor a song started playing, a song she heard before (the same song above) the song had an effect on Adina like a spell and she found herself looking for someone (not Yugi), Adina went to sit down.
a few minutes later
two black shoes found her, Adina looked up to see a man in a tuxedo and a mask
????: may i have this dance
Adina nodded, he took her hand and led her onto the dance floor.
????: my name is Darian by the way
Adina: mines Adina
Adina looked into his gorgeous green eyes and was completely lost in them. Darian heard a voice calling for Adina but ignored it. all the quests watched them
Adina: *for some reason hes the guy that i've been looking for*
Damien smiled at her
Outside the Circle of guests
Yugi: have you seen Adina anywhere?
Nicala: i don't like this
Mana: she's dancing inside this circle and she's with a guy named Darian and i don't like him
Nicala: i don't trust Darian
then the crowd started to decrease and the 3 saw that Adina and Darian weren't there
Mana: since i'm apart of her i know where Adina is
Yugi: i'm not liking this
in a secret room in his mansion
Adina: where are we?
Darien: somewhere a little private from the party not even my servants know about this room
Adina looked around
Darian: you look tired, why don't you lay on the bed nobody will come and distrub you
Adina layed on the bed and went to sleep
with her friends
Mana: i got bad news guys, Adina fell asleep and i can't feel her
Yugi: can't you enter her dreams
Mana: only if she lets me
in the secret Room
Darian sat on the bed
Darian: such a beautiful white rose
Darian bent down to kiss her but felt a power beyond him
Adina's eyes fluttered open and instantly fell out of the trance that she was in before she fell asleep
back to her friends
Mana: hey i can feel her again and i sense fear within her
Yugi: go to her
Mana: better yet i can take you two to her
Nicala: alright
Mana led them to the secret room and Yugi called out for her, Darian opened the door
Darian: how did you find this room?
Yugi: where is my wife!?!
Darian: she's not here
Adina heard Yugi's voice and tried running to the door but was stopped because she was in a unbreakable bubble
Adina:* Darian is a vampire, the trance everything was put together by him*
Adina: Darian let me go!
Mana secretly went in and broke the bubble with Adina's Diamond sword
Adina: Mana!
Yugi: i see she's in there, thank you for taking care of her while i was away
Mana and Nicala turned into their true forms (Adina jumped on Mana while Yugi rode Nicala) and flew into the night
Adina: thanks for rescuing me from Darian
Yugi: no prob
Back at home
Adina stayed in her costume for it wasn't actually a costume but her real goddess outfit the sheath was for her sword, Adina never told Yugi about this outfit, all her sisters had their own goddess outfits, hers was fitted for a warrior princess (and she was) Adina looked into night sky
Yugi: why don't you take that costume off
Adina: Yugi i can't, i can't ignore it
Yugi: can't ignore what?
Adina: who i really am, Yugi im a warrior princess actually, i got to go
Yugi: go where
Adina smiled at him then said :somewhere out in the world
she kissed him and then left
Adina turned into a white wolf and ran into the forest
Yugi watched as she left him
Nicala: where is she going?
Yugi: somewhere
ff to a few years later
Yugi always left the door unlocked just in case Adina came back, he heard howling and saw an elegant white wolf stare up at him. the wolf blinked its eyes and Yugi turned into a black wolf
Wolf: only way to talk to me
Yugi: Adina?
Adina: of course
Yugi: its good to have you back
Adina turned both of them into their true form
Adina: i found out my purpose
Yugi: and it is?
Adina: to stay and love you forever and ever
well thats all for now, the song is called as the world falls down, i got a good video for the next part so stay tuned pictures in results

what a beautiful ending for this part
here is Adina's goddess outfit and costume
here's Nicala in her human form
and here's Mana in her human form

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