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Kagome bit her lip almost drawing blood. She had these uncontrollable urges to tackle and fuck Kouga. Kouga, who she loved. Kouga, who she had dreamt about marrying, Kouga who was loving and supporting. Kouga- the man that had stolen her heart.

The door closed with a loud click -drawing Kagome's attention toward it. There, leaning against the door stood Kouga. His once deep blue eyes were now tinted with red, and those same eyes were narrowed in what one might call concentration. And those eyes, that Kagome had stared into many nights before- were staring right at her.

Kagome licked her suddenly dry lips and let out a deep soft moan. Gods how she wanted him, she wanted to taste him to feel him. She wanted him- and badly.

"Kagome. . ." Kouga said huskily. His voice was deep and throaty as if just talking took a lot of energy out of him.

Kagome bit her lip to keep the moan in her throat from escaping. Oh gods how she loved the way he said her name, the way it rolled of his tongue like thick sweet honey. He made the simplest things sound enticing, exotic and she wanted him, now more then ever she wanted him.

Kouga took a step forward as the smell of her arousal heightened, then he paused.

"Kagome, you are in youkai heat right now, if you don't fulfill your urges you will die." Kouga said solemnly, though every molecule in his body SCREMED for him to take her- to thrust into her until she could take no more. But Kouga loved Kagome and he wanted to make sure that SHE knew what was going on, to make sure that she wanted this. Because once he got started, there was no turning back.

"Kagome do you understand that?" Kouga asked, his hands clenched in fists at his sides and his knees locked in place to keep him from running over to her and thrusting into her wildly. The scent she was giving off was the scent of youkai heat mixed with the sweet scent of her arousal. And it was driving Kouga, literally crazy- he could feel his sanity slowly slipping away. Soon he would be as primitive as the wolf youkai he was.

"Kagome." Kouga growled, ripping the top part of his kimono off his body, letting it fall to the floor in a messy heap.

"Do you want me? Do you want this?" Kouga growled out-clenching his teeth- every instinct in his body called for him to rut with her, to take her over and over again.

Kagome's eyes widened in her flushed face. Kouga was standing before her half naked- his chest bare for the world to see. She could clearly see the well defined muscles in his shoulder and perfect washboard stomach. She could see the muscles in his chest ripple with the effort to keep himself in place. Kagome wanted to touch that skin, to taste it. She wanted to run her tongue over the soft nipple on his perfectly tan skin. To feel his muscles clench under her touch. And she realized that she had always wanted this, ever since the meeting in the library, she had always wanted to explore his body. To touch things she had never even touched before.

"Y-Yes" Kagome croaked, her voice hoarse. Her eyes never wavered from his as he stared across at her with an almost feral look in his eyes. Kouga walked slowly over to her, the muscles in his shoulder and chest working as he made his way gracefully over to her. By the time he reached the bedside Kagome's mouth was watering, she wanted so badly to taste him.

Kouga sniffed the air by her and smirked when all that surrounded him was the choking smell of her arousal. He had waited so long for this moment, to finally claimKagome as his and keep her away from that damned lecherous monk, he was going to enjoy this.

Kouga crawled slowly onto the king size bed, muscles in his shoulders moved where there shouldn't have been muscles. Everything he did made himself seem so graceful, every little movement he made was making Kagome's mouth water.

And as he crawled towards her she crawled backwards, not out of fear-no Kagome was not afraid of what was to come, she wanted to embrace it with arms outstretched. But this, what she was doing now was a sign of defiance. If he wanted to mate with her then he would have to prove himself to her.

Kouga growled as he stalked Kagome, she was moving away from him which was, in youkai terms, a show of defiance of unacceptance. A throaty growl spilled from his lips as he came up on his knees so that he was towering over her. Kagome was by the edge of the bed, ready to bolt ( A/N: not far of course ^_~ ) if he came closer. Kouga narrowed his stunningly dark blue eyes at Kagome as he made his way closer to her. Kagome furrowed her eyebrows and let a petite growl spill from her soft rosy lips. Kouga froze at her growl, was she denying him? Judging him unfit to be her mate? Oh he would show her, he would teach her that he was MORE then qualified to be her mate.

Kagome jumped off the bed and landed gracefully on the ground, crouched low. Looking at him kneeling on the bed staring at her made Kagome's stomach clench, damn she wanted him.

Kouga could smell her arousal and growled, she was mocking him. 'Kagome. . .' Kouga thought angrily as he leapt of the bed in a movement that was almost to fastfor Kagome to see. Kagome rolled to the side as wind passed over her head ruffling her hair. Quickly she got to her feet but it was too late, Kouga was no where inher line of vision and that meant only one thing. Kagome turned her head to the side just in time to see a blur of tan and white fly by. She was tackled from behind, forced to the floor her hands pinned down on the ground-trapped by her body. The heavy weight on her back was making it hard for her to breathe and Kagome let out a startled whimper. Warm breath tickled her neck as Kouga let out a soft growl. Her legs were pinned beneath his, as was the rest of her body. She put up a half hearted attempt at a struggle, she wanted what was coming and the scent of her arousal told Kouga so.

"Why are you still struggling, submit to me!" Kouga growled out harshly as he felt her small body wiggle beneath his. Her chaotic movements were making him hard, and he was losing his control. He eased of the pressure on her back slowly, so that she could still breathe but was trapped beneath him. Kagome continued to wiggle, knowing the effects it was having on his body. A growl spilled from Kouga's lips and it was a growl of pleasure and annoyance. Kagome was his, she would submit to him.

Kouga brushed aside the soft raven black hair that covered her neck none too gently. He lowered his mouth to her neck and pressed his sharp fangs against the pulse line in her neck. When Kagome continued to struggle he pressed down harder, almost drawing blood. Kagome whimpered and Kouga let out a triumphant growl. Finally she knew her place.

Kagome remained motionless as Kouga rolled off her and carried her back to the bed, where he laid her down gently. Kagome remained still, the burning in her neck a constant reminder of her submittance to him. She let a small smirk grace her features as she thought that the bite was well worth it.

Kouga smirked as he crawled onto the bed. He crawled over Kagome's legs and up her body slowly, so that the soft silk of his pants brushed her legs. She was still wearing that nightgown that her maid had put on her. Well, he would just have to fix that little problem now wouldn't he?

A gasp was ripped from Kagome's throat as Kouga tore the nightgown from her body with so much force that it ripped and lay crumpled on the floor. Kagome was now completely naked except for the small lacy panties she wore. Kouga's eyes roamed up and down Kagome's body, delighting in his new prize. Kagome felt herself heat up under his stare, it was as if his gaze was leaving a line of fire wherever it went and Kagome longed for his hands to be where his eyes so freely roamed.

"K-Kouga" Kagome whispered. Kouga tore his eyes from Kagome's body and looked at her. Her brown eyes were wide and darkened, filled with lust. Kouga smirked as he bent down, giving her a chaste kiss before kissing his way down her neck.

Kagome moaned and brought up her legs so that Kouga was directly in between them. She wished he would stop torturing her; there was one thing that the desiresin her called for, mindless hot steamy sex. And Kouga was the one who was going to give it to her- she wouldn't have it any other way.

Kouga's tongue flicked gently across her collarbone and Kagome sighed as she closed her eyes. She wanted to feel him inside her so very badly, but if she told him so she knew that Kouga would only take longer in torturing her. Kouga's tongue trailed slowly in between her breasts and Kagome nearly screamed with impatience as she let out an impatient growl spill from her lips. Kouga looked up and smirked.

"In due time my mate, in due time." He said with a cocky smile as he bent his head down, going back to his work. Kouga breathed gently over Kagome's nipples and they hardened without him even touching them. Kagome groaned and wiggled beneath him.

"Stay." Kouga growled, Kagome obeyed- he had won, he was dominant to her. Well, at least for this night. Kagome nearly screamed when she felt his mouth envelop her nipple, taking in as much of her breast as he could. Kagome felt the small prick of fangs upon flesh, and realized that she didn't much care. Kouga wassucking hard on her breast, eliciting a moan from Kagome. Her hands fisted in his hair as her brown eyes fluttered closed. 'Kami!' Kagome thought as she felt a burning rush pool in her stomach.

Kouga's tongue flicked over the hardened peak and Kagome whimpered in delight. Her leg wrapped around his knee, trying to draw him closer. Kouga bit down softly on her nipple, pulling it with his teeth. Kagome cried out in ecstasy. Her body burned like hot fire was running through her veins.

"Kouga!" Kagome gasped as Kouga gently tugged on her nipple with his teeth. Slowly, Kouga released the nipple and ravished her other breast with his mouth. Kagome felt a wetness pooling between her legs and she moaned with every hard suck of Kouga's mouth on her breast.

"Kouga please!" Kagome cried, bucking up her hips brushing against his silken pants. Kagome was hot, a light sheen of sweat was glistening on her skin as she mewed and moaned under Kouga's ministrations.

"What is it Kagome, what do you want, I want to hear you say it." Kouga whispered huskily as he kissed his way back up from her ravished breasts to her neck. Hesucked gently at the skin of her neck. He couldn't get enough of the taste of her skin. It was a sweet and spicy taste, and it made him hunger for more.

"I-I. . .Uhhh" Kagome moaned as Kouga's lips brushed the sensitive spot right below her ear.

"Yes?" Kouga asked as he nibbled on her earlobe.

"I, I want to feel you inside me." Kagome said with a high keening moan.

"Really?" Kouga said with a smirk. His hand which had been resting obediently by Kagome's head slowly made its way down her body, brushing across her breasts lightly, causing her to arch up under the touch. It traveled down the flat of her stomach and drew lazy circles on her stomach lightly with its claws. Kagome's eyes widened and she let out a whoosh of air.

Kouga leaned back to look at her, her startled brown eyes were full of lust and hunger. "Guess I found your spot huh?" Kouga chuckled as he continued to draw circles on her stomach with his claws, delighting in the way she moaned and the look of utter bliss that crossed her face. His hand slid slowly from her stomach tothe lacy seam of Kagome's panties. He pulled gently at them, teasing Kagome.

And Kagome nearly screamed with impatience, she wanted him inside of her, to see him moving above her. But he was taking his sweet time and it was starting to get to Kagome. She wanted to reach that final destination, to feel the utter bliss as the walls crashed down around her, but Kouga was denying her that pleasure.Kagome gasped when Kouga ripped her panties off, leaving her bare to his eyes.

"Kouga. Please!!" Kagome cried with impatience, practically writhing beneath him. Kouga took a deep breath to calm his tightened nerves. Kouga was painfully hard, and wanted nothing more but release. But this was Kagome's first time and he wanted to make it a night she would remember for the rest of her life. HE wanted to remember it for the rest of his.

"What was it that you wanted again?" Kouga asked tauntingly.

Kagome gripped his shoulders tightly and looked up into his darkened blue eyes.

"You, to feel you inside me." She said boldly as she licked her lips.

Kouga smirked.

"Your wish is my command, my lady" he said as his finger slid into her slick wet opening. Kagome gasped at the sudden intrusion.

"Can you feel that Kagome? Can you feel me inside you now?" Kouga asked tauntingly as he began to pump his fingers in and out of her. Kagome didn't respond she merely moaned at the sensations that were sweeping her body. Her hips rose to meet his hand and Kagome closed her eyes, delighting in the sensations that rocked her body. She felt that burning heat climaxing, coming almost to an end, the end she desired more then anything and just as she was about to reach that peak Kouga pulled his fingers out of her. Leaving Kagome feeling cold, and tingling. Kagome wanted to cry, she was so close and he took it away from her.

"KOUGA!" Kagome cried, bucking up her hips.

"Please! Kouga! Please, I just want to feel you inside of me." Kagome cried, clutching at his shoulders for dear life.

"Shh., its okay my love. It's time."

Kagome hadn't even seen Kouga take his silken pants off. She didn't know he was naked until the head of his manhood probed at Kagome's opening.

Kagome gasped and then whimpered in anticipation. Kouga paused, he knew that the first time would hurt for her, he wanted to make this as painless as possible and she was slick and ready for him- he had seen to that.

Kouga thrusted into her fully, breaking her maiden barrier with the one single thrust. Kagome cried out in pain but more so in pleasure. He was so thick and he filled her completely.

"K-Kouga" Kagome gasped startled. Kouga let a growl spill from his throat as he drew fully out of her and thrust back in. Kagome screamed in pleasure, he touchedplaces within her that she never knew existed. She felt as if she were full to the brink. Kouga began thrusting into her slowly but hard. His pace became faster with Kagome's encouragement. Her moans and pleas for more were driving him wild. She felt so tight and warm around him; her muscles pulled him in deeper with everyone of his powerful thrusts. Kagome's hips rose to meet his, cries of delight spilling from her lips.

She screamed his name as she climaxed around him, pulling him in deeper. Kouga let out a savage howl as he used his youkai speed to thrust into her tight passage. He closed his deep blue eyes and let out a howl as he came inside her, his seed shooting into her womb. Kouga rolled to the side, bringing Kagome with him so that she was on top. He was still fully sheathed inside her and Kagome straddled him, her head laying on his chest for support.

Kagome opened her eyes slowly, Kouga lay beneath her panting. His blue eyes still clouded with the aftermath of his climax. Kagome let a sly smile grace her lips as she raised her hips up slowly and plunged downward on Kouga's still fully hardened shaft. Kouga's eyes snapped open and he let out a moan. Kagome smirked as she moved above him, riding him up and down.

Kouga moaned and growled loudly, he watched Kagome's breasts bounce with every rise and fall. His hands cupped her, kneading the flesh of her backside as she impaled herself upon him.

"Kagome" He growled out as he thrusted up to meet her. Kagome let out a high cry that echoed through the room, bouncing off the walls. At this angle he filled her more, it seemed almost sharper and Kagome loved it.

"Kouga" Kagome panted as she reached her climax again with a cry. She felt as if she was floating away, the world around her disappeared in a haze of white and Kagome floated down to earth.

Kouga growled as he rolled Kagome over, pulling out of her. His arm wrapped around her waist pulling her up onto her hands and knees while the other cupped her breast. With a savage growl Kouga plunged into Kagome from behind, the sound of skin hitting skin echoed throughout the room.

"OH GOD! OH GOD! KOUGA! AHNMmmm" Kagome screamed as she came for the third time that night. And as her muscles spasmed around him Kouga reached his climax and he roared as his hot seed spurted into Kagome's womb.

He brought Kagome back down to the bed and wrapped his arms around her protectively, spooning against her. HE could still feel the vibrations going through her body. This was her first time and he had made her come three times in one night ( A/N: Not bad, not bad at all!). She was tired, and he knew her body was sore-his bond with her told him that. He could keep on going all night, all week as a matter of fact-as most mates do when in heat. But Kagome wasn't a full youkai and Kouga was more then satisfied with what she gave him tonight.

He brushed his lips along her neck as he pulled the soft downy comforters over them.

He bit down into her shoulder, his sharp fangs piercing her skin, but Kagome didn't seem to notice- she was still on cloud 9. (a/n: damn I hope I got the right cloud number *blushes*) Kouga lapped at the blood, cleaning the wound of his new mate. He would spend the rest of his life with her now.

"There's no way I will let you get away from me now Kagome, you're mine." Kouga half whispered half growled.

"Kouga" Kagome sighed wistfully as she nestled into his warmth, pressing her back against his bare chest.

"I love you."

"I love you too Kagome, my mate." Kouga whispered as he rapped his legs around hers and fell into a peaceful sleep.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~down the hallway~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Sesshoumaru stood, regalness radiated off of him as he stared down the hallway. A small smirk graced his lips. 'It's about time.' He thought amused.

"What was that?" a high pitched voice asked.

Sesshoumaru nearly jumped in shock, nearly. His clawed hand shot out and grabbed the 'intruder' by the neck and hefted them up off their feet. Shippo dangled in his claws, hands scrabbling over the youkai's clawed hand. Sesshoumaru let out a sigh and eased the boy down back onto the ground.

"Don't. Do. That. Ever. Again." Sesshoumaru said slowly.

"S-sorry Uncle Sesshoumaru." Shippo whimpered.

Sesshoumaru visibly flinched as his eye twitched.

"What did you call me?" he growled.

Shippo smiled, his emerald eyes dancing. "Papa told me to call you that." Shippo said cheerfully.

Sesshoumaru's eye twitched again. 'Kouga. . .' he thought angrily as he scooped the boy up and hefted him over his hip (a/n: yes hip) and carried him down the hallway.

"Come boy, it is time for bed." Sesshoumaru said coolly as he carried Shippo to his room

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