Love with a Passion(An Edmund Pevensie love story)Part 4:Love, gnomes, and Caspian

Enjoy this one. I will write the next one during the weekend.

Created by Frootloopy2 on Friday, June 06, 2008

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Recap: Edmund and Peter dragged the gnome onto the beach.

You watched as they untied the gnomes bonds. Before the gnome could talk, however, Susan and Lucy went into great detail about how you kicked the two guys asses while you watched the gnome, stroked Fizz, and blushed under your helmet. You stared at Edmund, but he only seemed impressed, not in love. You mentally kicked yourself. 'Of course he doesn't love you, he thinks your a guy' you told yourself, but in your head you had a number of pickup lines you imagined telling him, like 'your last name should be Campbell because you are mm,mm,good'. Or, 'do you come with a fire exstinguisher (sp?) because you are hot.' Then you were jolted into reality by the gnome saying,

"Drop him?! That's the best you can do?"

"Hey! In case you haven't noticed they just saved your life!" you snapped.

FF to boat ride in water

You sat next to Edmund, and began discussing things with the gnome. When he asked what your name was, you said

"Johnny Overstrand."

He stared

"You have the same last name as-




Lucy giggled, and you breathed a sigh of relief. The gnome had almost said your real name. You see, you were known for your name because you had once saved Aslan from a terrible wound, and you were then known as Narnia Interesting Nature Amazon, or NINA for short. You quickly turned away from the gnomes questioning gaze and concentrated on Edmund and Peter's conversation.

"-and I just don't get who is going to be the new king, or was," Edmund was saying.

"Why, Prince Caspian of course", you said. When you saw the look on their faces, you gaped. "Do you mean to say that you haven't heard of Prince Caspian?"

"I rescued him from the soldiers," the gnome said gruffly, making you feel happy knowing that Caspian was safe. FF to swordfight in woods.

You heard some clanging with Susan and Lucy and Edmund Campbell, who is mm,mm,good. You all raced towards the source. Susan shouted,"Peter!" as you all came into a clearing to see Peter holding his sword to Caspian's throat. Immeadiatley you shouted,

"Don't hurt him!" In your manly voice as Fizz ran to Caspian and licked his face.

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