Princess of Konoha: A Sasuke Love Story - Chapter 13

Things are really getting intense in the club. Tifa is dancing with Jake and Riku is dancing with Ryoga. Sasuke, Naruto, Neji and Kiba are still keeping an "eye" on you girls. Tenten and Hinata are running into a little bit of trouble with some guys who are pretty drunk. One of them is about to hit Tenten when all of a sudden.............

Created by Krazy-4-Anime on Saturday, June 07, 2008

(Still in Tenten’s POV)


-You turn to see…. -

You - ……Neji?!

-Neji then grabs the guy by his shirt and pulled him away from you-



(Tifa’s POV)

-You just saw what was happening over at the table and you and Jake ran over to Tenten-

You - Tenten! Are you alright?!

Tenten - Yeah I’m fine thanks to Neji.

Jake - (grabs Guy #1 from Neji) Alright man you are out of here! And don’t even think about coming back here again!

Guy #2 - Um I think it is time for me to go.

Jake - Not so fast! You are out of here too. I don’t ever want to see you two here again! (Grabs him by the shirt and takes him away too)

Neji - Tenten are you alright?

Tenten - I’m fine Neji thank you. Just feel a little buzzed. (gives Neji a hug which he returns)

-Next thing you know Kiba ran up to Hinata-

Kiba - Hinata are you alright?!

Hinata - Yeah I’m fine Kiba thank you. What are you doing here?

You - Yeah now that I think about it that means that Sasuke-

Sasuke - (cuts you off) Is right behind you.

You - Sasuke?! What are you doing here?! Are you spying on us?!

Sasuke - ….No it’s not like that. You see we were fine up until the dobe starting talking about how guys will be hitting on you and then he told me about what happened at the video store and that guys will be hitting on you and just the thought of it drove me crazy!

You - Awww Sasuke you look so cute when you are jealous! (kiss his cheek) Speaking of Naruto where is he?

Neji - Yeah we were okay with everything until Naruto opened his mouth!

Sasuke - (pulls you close to him and hugs you from behind and kisses you on the cheek) Sorry babe we didn’t mean to ruin your night. We were just worried. By the way you look beautiful tonight.

You - (smiling) Thank you Sasuke.

-Just then you see Riku walking back over with Naruto-

Riku - For the last time Naruto there is nothing going on between me and that guy!

Naruto - Hmph! I didn’t like the way he was looking at you!

Riku - (giggling) You look so cute when you are jealous! (kisses him on the cheek) Hey what’s going on? Why are all you guys here? What happened to Poker night?

Kiba - It’s a long story.

Hinata - Yeah we’ll tell you about it later.

You - Well as long as you guys are here, we might as well make it a date night. But you owe us a date night! And no spying on us next time!

Sasuke - I can live with that. (turns you around and kisses you on the lips)

-Just then Jake comes back from kicking the guys out-

Jake - Hey is everything okay over here Tifa?

Sasuke - (glaring at Jake) Who the hell are you?!

You - Sasuke! Don’t be so rude!

Jake - So this is Sasuke. Nice to meet you man. I’m Jake.

Sasuke - Yeah whatever.

You - Sasuke don’t be like that. Jake is a friend.

Sasuke - Whatever. I saw the way he was looking at you Tifa! He wants you.

Jake - I am not going to lie to you man, when I first saw Tifa I wanted her. But after talking to her and finding out that she has a boyfriend, I backed off. I respect that. I am a firm believer in Karma. You are a very lucky man Sasuke.

Sasuke - Thanks I know. (pulls you close to him and hugs you from behind)

Neji - Thanks for your help man. I am not sure what I would have done to that guy if you hadn’t come along. Thanks for looking out for Tenten and the girls.

Jake - Not a problem anytime. It was nice meeting you all. Hope to see you guys soon.

All - Bye Jake.

(Sakura’s POV)

You - Alright Ino we are finally in!

Ino - Woo Hoo! It’s party time! Here I come guys!

You - Hey Ino isn’t that Sasuke over there?


You - Over there (points to the table where everyone is at)

Ino - Hmph! He is with Tifa! Let’s make him jealous and hook up with the hottest guys here.

You - Sasuke is the hottest guy here!

Ino - Okay the next hottest then. Then Sasuke will get jealous, dump Tifa and then want to be with one of us!

-Sakura and Ino try to get the attention of every hot guy in the club and flirt like crazy without success. They even try for the ok not so hot guys without success. They finally decide to give up and just sit there and drink their sorrows away the rest of the night-

(Back to Your POV)

Naruto - Come on Riku let’s dance! (extends his hand to Riku)

Riku - Alright! Let’s dance!

-Naruto and Riku then proceed to the dance floor-

Kiba - Come on Hinata. Let’s go to the bar and get a few drinks.

Hinata - Alright Kiba. Hey do you guys want anything while we are up there?

Sasuke - I will take some Sake.

You - I will take another Pina Colada.

Neji - I will take a Sake as well.

Tenten - I am okay thanks. I am still a little lightheaded from my buzz and what happened earlier.

Neji - Are you sure you are feeling alright?

Tenten - I will be fine. Thanks Neji.

Kiba - Alright we will be back in a bit.

-You, Sasuke, Neji, and Tenten stayed talking for a bit at the table when all of a sudden DJ Axel came back on the air-

DJ Axel - Hey this is DJ Axel! The ladies are looking fine and it’s time to slow it down! So fellas, find a beautiful girl and slow dance real close! This here is one of my personal fav’s! So fellas find your girl!

-DJ Axel puts on Lifehouse You and Me-

Sasuke - Tifa he is playing our song. May I have this dance?

You - Sasuke you remembered!

Sasuke - Of course I remember. This is the song we first danced to at Neji and Hinata’s party.

You - I would love to dance!

-Sasuke takes you by the hand and leads you out onto the dance floor. He then pulls you real close to him and holds you close as you dance to your song-

Sasuke - (whispers in your ear) Did I tell you that you look beautiful tonight?

You - (whispers back) I believe you did. Thank you. You know you aren’t so bad yourself. I saw how some of these girls were looking at you.

Sasuke - Let them look all they want. I only want to be with you.

You - And I only want to be with you.

-Sasuke then leans in and gives you a passionate kiss, right there in the middle of the dance floor. Nothing can ruin the moment-

Naruto - Alright you two break it up.

Sasuke - Go away dobe!

Riku - Naruto! Let them alone!

Naruto - (laughing) Sorry I couldn’t resist!

You - One day I will get you back Naruto! Way to ruin a wonderful moment!

Sasuke - Come on it looks like Kiba and Hinata are back with the drinks.

-You all walk back over to the table to have some drinks-

You - Tenten are you feeling okay?

Tenten - I am feeling a little better thanks.

You - Why don’t you drink some water. It will help you to feel better.

Neji - Here Tenten I brought you a water.

Tenten - Thanks Neji.

Neji - Whatever you need love (kisses her cheek)

Kiba - How about a toast!

Naruto - Sounds Great! What should we toast to?

Riku - How about a toast to Date Night.

Hinata - Sounds good.

Naruto - Alright! To Date Night! (raises his glass)

Everyone else - To Date Night! (everyone clinks their glasses)

Kiba - May there be more nights like tonight. Well except for what happened earlier with the 2 guys.

Tenten - Yeah don’t remind me.

Neji - Don’t worry love. No guy will lay a hand on you as long as I am around.

Naruto - All right enough sappy talk! The night is still young let’s party!

Riku - Now you are talking!

DJ Axel - DJ Axel here spinning all the latest jamz! Let’s keep this party going! Here is one of my favorite jamz from a while back. Let’s Party!

-DJ Axel puts on 50 cent In Da Club and everyone heads out onto the dance floor to dance. You all continue dancing the night away and have an awesome time. After you all close down the club Neji walks Tenten home, Kiba walks Hinata home and Naruto and Riku head over to Ichiraku for some ramen (figures) and Sasuke walks you home. At the front door you and Sasuke share a goodnight kiss. (or good morning kiss seeing that it is now 2 in the morning LOL!) You then head up to your room and get ready for bed while waiting for Riku to come home from her late night ramen run with Naruto-

Next Chapter - A new mission and a new adventure begins.

Sorry it took so long for me to update. Thanks for reading my story! Please message me with any thoughts and or comments about my story. I do appreciate the messages as it encourages me to keep writing.

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