Listen to the rain 2

who is this faith?

Created by braydensXbabygirl on Sunday, June 15, 2008

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Faith’s pov…

I was laying on a medal table and medal rings were on my wrists and ankles holding me to the table. It was hard – it made my body stiff and it was cold. I noticed I was only warring a black bra and black underwear. I was not comfortable with being so bare, I felt so exposed.

I looked to my right and I saw a boy like me but his boxers were dark green. To the far right was another boy but had dark blue underwear. Next to him was another boy in teal underwear. Next to him was a boy in dark gray underwear.

I looked to my left and a girl was on a table like the boys and me but her underwear was red. I looked to the far left and another girl was there but was warring dark purple underwear. Next to that girl was another girl in indigo underwear. I noticed we all were the same age of 13 and we all were feeling the same thing… anger.

Then we each heard a door open. We looked up to see a man in a white lab coat. He had white messy hair and coarse burgundy brown eyes that had so much evil lurking inside of them. He looked at us and sat in a chair at a desk covered with work papers.

I looked around the room and it looked something like a white laboratory. With steal tables with dangerous chemicals and so many things that I wasn’t sure of but I knew that they were not used for good.

I was scared and didn’t know what was going on. I looked back at the man and he was looking at a clipboard. He lit up a cigarette. He held it to his mouth, wrapping his lips around it and inhaled. Then he opened his mouth exhaling, the smoke pored from his mouth. My nose wrinkled at the awful smell, it was a toxic poison. He walked by looking at us all taking more puffs of the cigarette.

Then he stopped by the boy with the dark green. He put out the cigarette by pressing it on the boy’s stomach. The boy flinched in pain and he was grinding his teeth. The man grabbed a knife from a table that had many tools on it and he cut the boy’s side.

The boy screamed. "God please stop!" The boy pleaded in pain. The man slapped the boy.

"Shut-up, you’re not supposed to talk unless your master tells you to." He snarled and went to a table that had torturous tools. The boy looked over at me and I looked back.

He mouthed ‘help me’.

I didn’t know what to do. I closed my eyes and concentrated on the rings.

"Aser-ac-net-tree-on-sin-thus!" I said, the rings had a strange black glow around them and they shattered into thousands of pieces. I was free, I jumped up. The man looked at me and he looked afraid that I was free. A red light was flashing and a loud alarm was going crazy. I ran out the steal door – leaving the noise behind me.

"She’s loose!" I heard the man yell but I kept running.

I heard men running after me. I looked behind me and they had guns in their fists. They were in black armor and had helmets that covered their identity. I flung my arm and thinking about the guns. A black wave flew at the guns and the guns were knocked out of their hands then I attacked them. I ran at them and leaped into the air. As I came down I spin kicked three guys.

They came at me. "Aser-ac-net-tree-on-sin-thus!" I repeated flinging my arms at their feet pushing the air. The black glow went around the men’s ankles and they were stopped in their tracks. I raised my hand and all of their feet were stuck to the ceiling. I stood under them feeling like I had been victorious. I went under an air vent and realized that this was a perfect way for me to escape. The black glow went around the vent and it fell to the floor. I jumped to the wall and leaped at the vent. My fingers clasped around the edge. My legs started to kick as I struggled to pull myself upward. I may have been very light but I was sore from being held to a metal table for hours… or even days.

Then I felt a sharp piercing pain in the side of my neck. I winced at the pain and I let go of the vent. I landed on my feet. I started to scratch at the sharp object like a disparate animal that was falling for a trap – I was even growling and hissing.

I finally pulled it out of my neck and in my hand was a dart. The room started to spin and I was getting light headed.

I fell to the ground and so did the men, snapping their necks – they were dead. My breathing got heavier and I was feeling sleepy, also a numb feeling flooded my body. As the poison flowed through me, my body started to shake uncontrollably. I heard some footsteps and they were getting closer to me. I looked at the man in the white coat who was now standing over me, staring me down like I was nothing more than an insect.

"Impressive…that’s why you’re the pick of the litter." He smirked petting my hair; I didn’t like him touching me. It felt as if he did terrible things to me with those hands. I was afraid he was gonna hurt me. So I bit his hand as hard as I could, digging my teeth into his flesh. The man pulled his hand back. I could taste blood on my lips and I noticed that had broke his skin surface and then he slapped me across the face.

I woke up in shock, breathing heavily, in a cold sweat. I looked at the box with red numbers on them and it said 2:57 A.M. I looked out the window and it was raining again. As I listened to the rain tapping on the roof I soon felt calm in this odd cell.

I grew curious… why were the humans holding me in here? Could I get out?

I slowly got out of the bed and cautiously wobbled over to the door. I reached for the golden knob and flinched getting ready for pain when I took hold of it… but nothing happened.

What kind of world was this?

I went into the hallway quietly using the wall to keep me up from falling and waking up the humans. Then I opened another door and I finally saw something that I recognized in this odd world… the bathroom. I did my business and headed back to bed. But I stopped in the hall and starred at a strange object that was in the hallway. I leaned down to it and plucked at the strings. It made a sweet tone but I jumped at the unfamiliar sound. I slowly backed away from it and returned to the room. I crawled back under the covers and got comfortable in it.

The bed was a lot more comfortable then what I slept in before. All I could remember from that was that the bed was a cold metal table in my dream. I curled into a tight ball, wrapping myself in the soft sheets and soon fell into a deep sleep.

I woke up on the metal table and this time there were more metal rings around me – to many for me to concentrate on. I looked at the boy with the green underwear and he looked at me coldly like I betrayed him. He had so many cuts on him but the rest of us didn’t.

I mouthed ‘I’m sorry’.

I looked at his hand and he flipped me off and he looked the other way. I looked at the girl in the red. She was shivering uncontrollably.

"I hate him." She whimpered gritting her teeth. "I have to kill him."

I raised and eyebrow at her… was she crazy?

Then the man came in again and in his hand was a katana. My eyes widened, thinking he was gonna kill us all with it.

He walked towards the boy in green. He pulled the katana out of its Sheathed, reviling the blade. Light shinned off of it and it gave me a cold shiver that went up my spine. His hand gently glided across the blade. When he was close to the boy the blade glided over the boy’s atom’s apple. The boy shivered with fear. I started to struggle, trying to break the rings but I was weaker than I thought. I glanced over at the man and the boy.

"Well Fear, this is where you get off." He grimaced then he stabbed the boy through the neck. Blood splattered over the metal table and some specks of the blood dripped on my face. I held in a scream of terror and I heard the boy give out his last breath. I bit my lip and held in my thoughts that were screaming inside of me. The man came over to me. I shivered and held in my cries and screams. The man leaned down to my ear.

He stroked my hair. "Oh don’t worry Faith, you’re to valuable to be destroyed… for now." He whispered in my ear. I bit my lip and gagged on my own tongue as he stroked my bare neck – I trembled. "You and your friends need to redeem yourselves."

The man went to a table and started to work on something that I couldn’t see – that’s what scared me. He had a shot in his hand. He walked over to the boy in the gray.

The gray boy growled at him and kept struggling as the needle slowly inched it’s way closer to his neck. The man stuck the needle into the boy’s neck and ejected the poison into his blood stream.

He repeated the same small – but painful task with the rest of us. I shook even more as the man came closer to me. I looked at the boys that have been ejected a few minutes ago. They were laying still, their eyes were closed and they looked so cold.

Were they sleeping… were they dead?

I looked at the girl in the red – who was next to me. He finished ejecting her. She struggled with whatever strength she had left. She was moaning painfully and soon her movements slowed down and then shortly came to a stop. She was now like the rest of them.

Then the man came to me. I trembled and my breathing became heavier.

"Don’t be a coward." The man order. My eyes narrowed up at him – I wasn’t a coward.

The man’s rough hand rested on one side of my neck and then I could feel the metal needle stab into my neck. Pressure flowed into my blood stream. I gritted my teeth, hissing in pain. The man left the room with the weapon, making a screeching sound as it grazed the tile floor. I looked at the boy to see his dead body and a gash in his throat. A strange numbness took over my body and I shook even more than before like all of my insides were trembling. My breathing slowed down, as well as my pulse. My moaning and struggling slowly came to a stop.

Darkness started to creep up on me…

I woke up in shock, breathless and in a cold sweat again in the same night. I wiped the sweat from my forehead and tried to calm down that it was only a dream.

*It’s only a dream - grow up! IT’S NOT REAL!* I thought.

But who was I kidding really? It was so real, the screams, the blood, and the weapon that had murdered an innocent child… he was innocent right?

I pulled at my hair for thinking about the awful things in my dream. I lay back down, forced my eyes to close and I fell asleep but this time I dreamed of nothing but black, thank god.
Billie’s pov…

I woke up from a long night’s sleep of nothing but darkness. I haven’t had a dream since I got back from the Dookie tour that was three weeks ago. I stretched out and wiped the eye crust out of my eyes. I got out of bed and pulled one of my curtains back to see that it was cloudy and still wet from last night’s rainstorm – I really couldn’t believe that Faith could sleep right through that. I yawned as I went across the hall to go take a piss.

After I changed into some fresh clothes I went over to Faith’s room to see if she was awake. She slept all day yesterday (Thursday) and it was noon (Friday). I wanted to see if she was ready to come out.

I opened the door and poked my head in her room. She was sleeping soundly and she was facing me. With the small stream of light on her face. I thought she looked very peaceful –still angel like– so I decided to let her wake up on her own.

I was about to leave when I heard Faith moan. I looked back and she was waking up, she sat up stretching her arms and she rubbed her eyes. Then she looked at me. Her eyes were soft and they were curious – still black but they were just as beautiful as the rest of her.

I came in but kept my distance incase she was still holding that grouch when I took her tank top strap down. I smiled at her, she had messy hair from two days of sleep and her eyeliner still staid around her eyes as if she just applied it.

"How are you feeling?" I asked, she shaked her hand side to side meaning ok. "That’s good. Are you hungry?" I asked. She held here stomach and nodded.

I don’t know why I asked such an idiotic question, the girl was literally skin and bones and I could hear her stomach growl.

On the other hand… I was somewhat amused by Faith giving me signs that a small child would but I held in my laughter this time.

"Ok, can you stand?" I asked, Faith shrugged and tried to get up. I saw her knees shaking like she was gonna fall. She took a step and she lost her balance. I ran up and caught her and I noticed that she was very cold – close to ice. I helped her stand up.

"It’s ok I got-cha." I murmured helping her regain her balance. Faith was pressing her forearms against my chest, trying to get away – in a weak and pitiful matter. So I let her slip out of my grasp. Faith walked to the door (I stayed close) and she almost fell again but I caught her. "Wow you really must’ve been through something." I sighed. I took her elbow, put my hand on her side (rib cage) and helped her walk. When I held onto her side I could feel some discomfort energy going through her but she soon calmed down – trusting me.

When we went down the stairs it was easier cause she put most of her extremely light weight on the railing more then me. I could tell she was very independent and she was determined to walk again on her own.

When we walked to the kitchen and Faith looked like she had more control in her legs. I let go of her elbow but left my hand lingering on her side letting her know that I was here to catch her if she fell again. We came in the kitchen and Tre ran up to her in a hyper and anxious way.

"Hey Faith how are you!?" Tre partly yelled. Faith fell straight back words and I caught her like it was a game of Trust.

"Tre you ass hole!" Mike and I yelled. I gave Tre a death glare as I put Faith back on her feet and I helped her to the counter.

"Sorry." Tre said softly.

Faith stopped she looked at Tre and she rested her hand on his cheek. Her eyes were soft and calm, as if she was saying it was ok to him.

Then I helped her in the chair and her eyes returned to being bored. When I opened the fridge Faith’s ears perked up, looking at it with thought. She was curious what it was and it’s annoying buzzing sound. I got out a milk carton and when I closed the door Faith returned to looking bored and stared at the counter top. I put some cereal and milk into a bowl and slid it across the counter to Faith but she just raised an eyebrow at me and slid the bowl back to me. I slid it back to her again. Faith crossed her arms and looked like a stubborn child that wouldn’t eat it’s vegetables. Mike and Tre snickered under their breath, seeing how I looked stupid trying to get Faith to eat.

"You’re hungry right?" I asked. Faith stared at me for a minute and nodded. "Then eat it." I told her. Faith rolled her eyes and took the spoon, leaning over the bowl and dipped the spoon into the bowl.

Faith’s pov…

Billie Joe convinced me to take the bowl of cereal – I guess my hunger was getting the best of me. But I just stirred the cereal with the spoon, watching the ‘captain crunch’ swirl around and around. It reminded me of something from the past.

It made me think of the way I was brought to life… how was I born? Were the birth parents even human unlike me? Was I even alive? Or was I in a fantasy that I couldn’t escape?

"Faith do you know how to eat?" Tre asked me and bringing me out of my thoughts. I turned to him raising an eyebrow, looking puzzled at his question.

What kind of question was that?! Of course I know how to eat!

"Great now we have to teach her how to eat." Tre laughed. I took a spoon full of the cereal and flung it at Tre stopping him from laughing. Mike and Billie laughed, I thought that the milk dripping from his chin and bits of cereal sticking to his cheeks was…… I don’t really know what to call it. But I opened my mouth and out came something that I never heard of before. It was high pitch and sounded… happy?

I clamped my hands over my mouth stopping the sound from escaping my mouth any farther. Billie, Mike, and Tre stared at me with wide eyes that were full of wonder. I was afraid that I’ve done something wrong… I wasn’t sure. Even if I could remember everything I couldn’t explain the sound that came out of my mouth.

"Faith, you just laughed." Mike exclaimed I put my hands down on the counter top and gave him a confused look. "You mean you never laughed?" Mike asked, I shook my head no.

"So this is a break through for you Faith." Billie smiled putting his hand on top of mine. I looked up at him with a curious look about what he was doing. His hand was rough and it brought a tingling sensation to my frozen flesh. Soon Billie pulled his hand back thinking that he was making me feeling uncomfortable.

Then the guys got their own breakfast, forgetting about my "laugh". But I could tell that they didn’t want to fuss over it – I was glad about that because I hated it when all of their attention was directed towards me.

As they were I realized that my cloak was no longer on me… where did I put it?

I crossed my arms, feeling bare and exposed like in my dreams. I tried to ignore it and finished my breakfast. It did feel good to have something in my stomach.

I looked at Mike who was sitting on the counter top by the sink and was eating a waffle. When he glanced at me I looked away, thinking it was rude to stare at people. I pushed my chair back and stood up. They all looked at me from their food and I wasn’t comfortable with them looking at me. I rolled my eyes and gave them an airy snort. Then stumbled over to the living room where I laid down on a soft couch. Hoping that they would just leave me alone for now.

A thought crawled it’s way into my brain. *Why don’t I just leave?*

I thought this through. I was to weak to run away from them and I had to know my surroundings. I just had to stay put until I regain all of my strength or at least knew my surroundings.

Later that morning Mike and Tre went to something called the Skate Park and Billie was left with me. I was sitting on the couch holding my knees to my chest, thinking about nothing and everything at the same time until Billie came up to me.

"Hey Faith, do you wanna go for a ride?" He asked me. I could tell that Billie was bored out of his mind and he wanted to get out of this place.

Why couldn’t he just go by himself? I didn’t need a baby sitter.

I thought about it… I did need to know my surroundings if I was ever gonna get out of here so I nodded. Billie gave me a kind smile and gave me a pair of black converse that I could wear on my feet. I took them in my hands but I was having trouble putting them on my bare feet. By that I mean that I put them on the wrong feet. Billie chuckled under his breath and sat on the floor in front of me.

He tugged the shoes off my feet. "You’re clueless kid." He smirked. I glared at him. I pressed my foot to the middle of his chest and pushed him back. Billie laughed as he sat back up.

I raised and eyebrow at him… why was he laughing when I just insulted him?

"Ok I’m sorry I called you clueless." He apologized and gave me a soft smile. All of a sudden my frustration towards Billie Joe disappeared as if he wiped it clean from my brain just with a small smile. Billie slipped the shoes on the right feet and he pulled me up.

He helped me walk outside and I was so overwhelmed by the sight of the neighborhood.

Anything, the trees, the grass, the clean air, the open sky, and even the gravel on the ground. Billie started to help me to the car but I let him know that I wanted to walk on my own now that I got the feeling back in my legs. Billie backed off a little but stayed close if I fell again. I walked all the way to the black beaten up car without falling or even stumbling. Billie clapped at least 5 times. I ignored him and paid more attention to the car cause I’ve never seen one before. I ran my hands over the top of it and saw my reflection on the shinny black paint. I frowned upon my reflection, I didn’t like the way I looked. I saw Billie Joe come up behind me.

"You wanna get going?" He asked. I looked at him over my shoulder and nodded. Billie opened the right side of the door and let me in. I sat on the leather seat and watched Billie Joe walk around the car and get in on the left side that had a steering wheel. He turned a key in the car and it roared to life. The sound made me jump. Billie chuckled – let that one go. He drove the car as I looked out the window and was amazed on how many interesting things that were out there.

A few minutes later we came to the city and that got me excited. I smiled to myself and tried to look at everything that I could as the car drove by.

"Ever been to the city?" Billie asked. I looked and him, with no smile in sight, I lowered my head and sadly shook it. "Well you’re really gonna love this day." He smiled, I didn’t know what "love" was, but I didn’t think about it long cause we came to a huge building. Billie drove us into a cave like thing that had many cars in them. He stopped the car with a white line on each side of his car. We got out and walked towards the light at the end of the cave.

Then the side of my hip hit a car and it started to make a loud noises. It scared me and I ran behind Billie cause he knew this world better then I did and he could protect me for the time being. Billie laughed and he put his arm around my shoulders as we kept walking to the light.

We walked on a white road with other people. I was gonna cross the black road where the cars were going but Billie put his hand in front of me, preventing me from crossing the river of cars. I looked at a light that had a red hand on it. Then a white little person lit up. Billie took my hand and we walked across.

We came to the tall building, and I couldn’t help but realize how high it went like it reached to the heavens.

"It’s called a sky mixed scrapper." Billie informed me, I looked at him confused on ‘sky mixed scrapper’. "You’ll see what I mean." As we went into the building with Billie’s arm still around my shoulders.

The first floor had tanks of water with animals swimming around in them. We went up to one of the tanks. A big black and white thing and a smaller black and white one swam by. The big one swam slower by me I wanted to touch it. I put my hand on the cold glass and the thing just swam by.

"It’s a killer whale." Billie informed me, I turned to him and spread my arms as far as I could. he nodded. "It is huge." He agreed and we went to see another animal.

There were little black and white birds that were waddling around on ice, sliding on their bellies and into the water. I squatted down and watched the creator swim up and down past me. It looked stupid to me but a little boy seemed to enjoy the odd bird.

As the day went on we saw sea lions, dolphins, a bologna whale, sea turtles, etc. I was having a… something time.

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