? All The Way ? [A Kurosaki Ichigo Love Story]Info...

Hiya...that's my new story...as you see Bleach,my new mania...Please message me if you like it...I need to know your opinion.I'll publish some chapters soon...today...^^

Created by ChiEve on Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Name:Kyouki [Weapon for murder], Doku[Poison](last,first)


Family:You don’t have a family,or at least you don’t know them.The only family is Kuchiki Rukia,cause you live with her and work with her,helping her to be a Death God...but you are one too.Yo just work as a team.Well,actually your family are your friends :)

Friends:Kuchiki Rukia,Hitsugaya Toshirou - Shiro-chan,Hinamori Momo - Bed-wetter Momo,Kuchiki Byakuya,Zaraki Kanpachi - Ken-chan,Kusajishi Yachiru,Abarai Renji,Shihoin Yoruichi,Soifon,Ukitake and others that will come with the story ^^

Ability:You have something like blades in your hand and they come out from the place between your knuckles,there are 3 on the one hand and 3 on the other...the blades are made of a metal that’s undestroyable.You can also read people’s minds and talk with them with telepathy but you use this only when it’s necessary...And you are a Death God...you have a normal Soul Slayer,but when it's in shikai - the first "upgraded" form available to a zanpakuto - it's as tall as you, with spikes in the end.You have reached bankai,too as every other capitan,when your slayer is in bankai form - the second and final form that a Soul Slayer can reach - your Slayer becomes smaller and thinner,but sharper and black.It creates black flames around the slayer and you as well.You can't get burned,only the enemy can.You can control the flames and change the battleground...you make it dark,so the enemy can't see you.With your flash steps it's easier for you to win in your area cause it makes the opponet confused.You can choose do you want to fight in your 'territory' or not.That with the changing the area in black is called 'Kurai,Bouryoku'.Your Soul Slayer is called Bouryoku (violence) Tamashii (soul).You have other attacks that you'll see in the story...

Manners:You show no enthusiasm to the most things around you...except when you are a Death God.You like nagging persons.You like using sarcasm too.You don’t smile..you smirk.You like annoying people...

Likes:Fighting,drawing,nagging,talking with Rukia...and some more things ^^

Dislikes:Many things...with a start,you hate wearing dresses and skirts.

Appearence:You are tall for your age,taller then Rukia,you have navy blue hair and black eyes,you usually wear shorts that come to your knees or baggy jeans.You like wearing black tank top and fishnet shirt under it...and fingerless black gloves and converse ^^ When you are in a shinigami form you wear the usual clothing,but you can wear your capitan robe on when you are in Soul Society,cause you like it that way.^^ you look like that,but you don’t wear these clothes...


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