Created by chippyuchiha on Friday, June 20, 2008


you walked upstairs to itachis room to see him in nothing but a towel and he was soaked from head to toe. you blushed
itachi:what do you want sasuke
me:i came to ask if youve seen my journal i lost it
itachi:you didnt lose it i stole it*showing you the journal*
me:*looking mad*you didnt read it did you
itachi:every single know sasuke i dont see how you can love me after what i did to the clan
me:gimme it
itachi:no you'll have to earn it back
me:like how
itachi:you have to satisfy my needs
me:you dont mean ...
itachi:um hm
me:WAT OH OH HELL NAW NIGGA U DON LOST YO MIND you can keep it*turned around to head out the door*
itachi got in front of him
itachi:your not going anywhere*pushes you on the bed*besides this is what you want anyway*pulling off your shirt and pants*
me:stop it
itachi:no*pulling off your boxers and laying down*sasuke suck me and if you dont ill fuck you till you bleed
you gulped and got lick the tip of earning a small moan from kept licking til itachi pushed your head down making the whole thing go into your mouth almost making you glared at him but started sucking anyway.
you went as fast as you could go until itachi nutted in your swollowed all of it.itachi pulled you up and turned you over so that you were on the bottom.itachi thrusted into screamed out in lovin pain. but itachi didnt care because he went as deep as he could knew you were bleeding because you could feel a warm substance between your legs. the pain was soon replaced with pleasure.
me:ohhh itachhi faster
he went faster
me:aahhh itachi fuck harder
you arched your back and opened your legs wider so itachi could go deeper. itachi pulled out and flipped you over so you where lying on your stomache. itachi started hitting you from the back
me:itachi stop it hurts
but he didnt stop he just kept going harder and deeper until he came in you again. then he pulled out and layed down.
me:your mean aniki*you turned over on your side*
itachi:said sorry and *kissed you* good nite den
you both fell sleep

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