My Camp Rock summer Part 6

Claudia takes her first class- with Shane Gray! But what happens when she bumps into him after the class?

Created by Dylanluver123 on Monday, June 23, 2008

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Another day, another class at Camp Rock. But this class was with a celebrity instructor- Shane Gray! Claudia had a massive crush on him, and couldn't wait to meet him.
"Okay, people. Grab a mic and a hat and let's get DANCING!" Shane Gray yelled as he entered the class. When everyone had finished this task, Shane said, "Follow my steps. Keep up if you can."
Shane started to dance left to right. Then, he waved his arms and shook his head. Everyone kept up until...
"Oof!" a boy called from the back of the class. He had tripped over Mitchie. "Hey, you any good with the drums?" Shane asked, gesturing to the drumsticks in the boy's pocket. Instead of answering, the boy started to play a song on the floor. "Great!" Shane said. "Now we have to work on getting that beat from your hands to your feet." everyone giggled.
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After class, it was free time. The popular people went off to do their makeup. Caitlyn and her friends started to go to the vibe cabin to practice their music. "Coming, Claudia?" Caitlyn asked. "No." she answered.
Claudia decided to go for a walk when she passed the cafeteria. She got up onto the makeshift stage and started to belt out one of her songs that she wrote. Her voice filled the room.
Just then, Shane ducked behind a bush near the Cafeteria. He was hiding from a bunch of screaming girls. When they finally left, Shane heard a song coming from the building behind him. He focused on the lyrics. They were amazing, as was the person singing them.
Inside, Claudia finished her song and headed out the door, only to see Shane Gray staring at her. "Were you just in there, singing?" he asked. "Yes." Claudia replied. "Why?"
Shane Gray smiled. "You're really good. I bet you could win the final jam."
As he walked away, Claudia smiled. Shane Gray, the coolest singer ever thought she was good? Was it even possible? These thoughts stayed with Claudia for the rest of the day.

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