Spongebob: THe Adult Version Episode 1

lol this is a great time killer for my imagination and i hope you like it.

Created by Talea101 on Monday, June 23, 2008


Trip to The "Candy Store"

Spongebob was enjoying some public television when he heard a loud knocking at his door. When he opened it, he saw Patrick standing there in front of him, jittery with excitement.
"Spongebob, you'll never guess what I found."


"A Candy Shop! You have to see it Spongebob, it's just on the other side of town. Come on!"

So Spongebob, eager to get his hands on a giant lollipop, happily followed the giddy starfish as he ran down the street. When they finally arrived, Patrick pointed to a large and brightly lit building that said "Al's House of Pleasure".
"Isn't it great?" said Patrick

"Uh, Patrick, are you sure this place is a candy shop? There aren't even any advertisements for candy anywhere on the building."

"Of course I'm sure. Honestly Spongebob, you can be so blind sometimes. What in this whole wide universe, could be more pleasurable thancandy?
Spongebob pauses to think. "Yourright.Let's go inside!"
The two best friends walk into the building and are quite surprised at what they find. There wasno candy to be found. Not one single bit. A lady fish, sat at a desk a few feet from the door. As she raised her eyes from the romance novel that she was so heavily engrossed in, she finally realized that the sponge and starfish were standing in the foyer with confused looks on their faces. "May i help you, gentlemen?
Patrick answered, "We're here for the candy." Patrick laid a bunch of money on the table and pulled a bag out of his pocket.
"I'm sorry, I don't believe i understand. Are you here for candy or CANDY?" She stressed the last word very long and wiggled her eyebrows shortly afterwards. Patrick, thinking he was catching on to what the lady wassaying, nodded and wiggled his eyebrows back. She smiled, and said, "This way then."

She led Patrick and Spongebob through a halllway with numerous wooden doors; everyone of them with a "Do Not Disturb" sign on the front. As they walked through, Spongebob thought he heard weird noises coming from behind the doors. It sounds likes someone's dying in there. A loud groan pierced the air and both Patrick and Spongebob froze in their tracks. The lady seemed to sense that they had stopped walking and she turned around, puzzled.
"What was that?" asked Patrick

The woman smiled. "That gentlmen, is what awaits you right behind this door. It's the perfect thing for a sponge and a starfish. She's very good at what she does"

Spongebob suddenly gasped as the full meaning of the lady's words came to him.
"Patrick!" he yelled "You barnaclehead! This place isn't a candy shop! It's a................gulp...DAY SPA!!"
Patrick screamed and both of them ran out of the building at full speed. But asthey were running they abruptlybumped into something, or rather, someone. Even in a trench coats andglasses, Spongebob recognizedSquidward and Plankton.
"Squidward? Plankton? What are you guys doing here?
"We heard this was a great place." said Squidward
"Yeah, I heardit makes you feel all tingly." said Plankton
Spongebob and Patrick exchanged horrified looks and then ran screaming into the distance.
"What's eating them?" said Plankton as they walked towards the building.
"They're just being barnacleheads as always. Hey, Plankton, are you sure this is a day spa?"
"Of course Squidward! What could be more pleasurable than a day spa?"

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