I Don't Know What She Sees In Me ::John O'Callaghan of The Maine::

Created by TokioHotelGern on Tuesday, June 24, 2008


"Come on, why isn't John talking?" I asked Garrett, I mean, it was awesome talking to him and all, and yes his nose ring adds a certain appeal, but O' Callaghan had the voice that made me shiver when I first heard him.
"I dunno, but whatever, who's she?" He pointed to where my supposed backup was standing and giggling. Idiots.
"One of them's Kelesey, and the other's Fernanda. Neither of them are easy. Don't even try. Now why is your charming frontman not being a frontman?" He just smiled over my shoulder, then glanced back to answer me.
"He's no great charmer. Most of the time, it's just luck for him. Wanna introduce me?"
"I figured you already did that with your eyes, but an intro for an intro, bro." We shook on it, I introduced him, and he texted John. My number. And next thing I knew, Garrett stole my phone.
"He's not exactly forward, text him and say hi or something, and a picture. He likes those." He smiled and winked at Kelesey and Fernanda, causing me to investigate the sky in a passing glance. I was about to take the picture when he jumped in. Practically righton top of me. "With me!"
"Geez! Could you get any closer?" Igiggled after I took the picture.
"Yes, but geez! I'm saving myself for these two!" He chuckled, brushing a hand on each of their arms. Flirt. There are so many synonyms for that word that aren't supposed to be used.
"Two? Okay, but just so you know, Kelesey makes fun of you and your sunglasses!" I giggled, running off to find shade and concentrate on typing a simple two-symbol message. It's really complicated, hitting that one last button that says either 'ok' or 'menu' or simply 'SEND', which is the scariest of all when your life was once destroyed by hitting that button one too many times.
A short conversation ensued until we ran into eachother in quite physical terms. According to their merch guy, we'd both been circling the tent, texting eachother for at least ten minutes before I turned to circle the other way. Circling=dizzying! "Ow..." we both drawled out.
"Hey are you...you...?"
"The girl you've been texting for a while?" I smiled into his eyes, so happy he kind of recognized me.
"You are?" He reached for my hair, touching it so only he felt it.
"Yup. What's so special about my hair?" He pulled away a little, blushing like he was in Victoria's Secret with his mom. He was quiet. "Just asking."
"It's long."
"Yup, and heavy." He looked down, letting out an extremely strangled chuckle.
"You're cool with long-distance friends?" I nodded. "With benefits?"
"Only if love is in those benefits." I tried to keep my face plain, I wanted to glare, giggle, and all sorts ofG things...But not wear aG string. Emotions are confusing when confronting a sweetheart like my O'Callaghan.
"I didn't think you'd want any." I think it was hard for him to process, because he had to scrunch up his eyebrows and make the I-smell-something-stinky face.
"I do." My throat seemed to have capsized in the few seconds it took for him to say that sentence, but I brought it up from the deep. "It'd be nice.
"Sweet." He smiled, and launched his face at mine, his lips on mine and so soft I thought they were coated in silk. I went up on the tips of my toes, just to bring his body closer to mine.
"You're good."
"No one's ever told me that. In that way, I mean. This way." He sighed, then kissed my cheek. "Thank you."

Guess what?! He said the exact same thing at our wedding.

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