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Created by FireTornGoth on Thursday, June 26, 2008


This is going to be my little remix on Camp Rock. ‘Cause I’m like that. This is how it works. Shane, Nate, and Jason are all going to be instructors at Camp Rock. Jason and Nate are there to try to help Shane find himself again, they are best friends after all and they don’t want to lose each other because of fame. Mitchie isn’t going to end up with Shane, she’s going to end up with someone else. My character is going to be an instructor/camper. She is also going to be Caitlyn’s older sister. She is a professional Violinist, among many other instruments. She also sings, but she doesn’t dance well. Yes, this will have a lot of the basic time line at the original, such as Shane will hear her singing and then do the whole Cinderella thing when he can’t find her. Tess will still be rude, Mitchie will still lie about her mom, but Shane wont be as mad at her since he wont have a crush on her. He’ll be mad at my girly though, because she helped Mitchie keep her secret, because she’s been there, plus she’s not as famous as everyone thinks. I think that is about it. Oh! I am not adding in Brown's accent. I have a hard time trying to keep it in the same accent catagory, and not switching it to a completely different accent all together. Shane, Nate, and Jason are not going to be brothers, they weren't brothers in the movie to begin with. Therefore I am going to need o figure out last names for Nate and Jason. Also, I'm going to be using different band's songs for my character's songs. I do not make money off of them and I do not intend to steal them. They are for entertainment purposes only. Ack! One more thing. I'm pretty sure that the movie says that Shane is 17, so he will be 17, BUT his 18 birthday is going to happn before the end of Camp Rock. Therefore he will be at least half a year older then Lara.


Description, even though I am way past such things. I'm slightly an elder on here, but a very, very very, VERY young elder though. Haha. XD

Her name is Lara Gellar. (Caitlyn's last name too obviously)

She is 17 years old and is going to be heading into her Senior year of High School after Camp Rock.

Should I use a picture? Hmm, I'm feeling lazy today so I will. This si what she normally looks like, you get the idea. Those are fake dreads in her hair, her real hair ir long, straight, and black. She ties those in. (I googled this image. Don't get mad at me!)


Wow...I feel really n00b-ish.

Yes, I made her an odd-ball, love it, hate it. I don't really care. XD


Lara watched Brown walk up the hill toward a large cabin like building. She groaned as she heaved up her belongings and carried them up the hill after the man. She wondered for the hundredth time, what had made her come here again? Oh yeah, her little sister. Lara would do anything for the kid, even go to a camp ground where she was exposed to all her allergies, and was supposed to teach. Though she supposed there were benifits after all, she did get to participate in classes when she wasn't teaching. She had to learn something some time, after all, she wasn't the absolute best at everything.

The teenager walked into the cabin and threw her things down on the bed. She was glad that her violin had been delivered before her arrival. Otherwise the poor instrument would have been crushed to death.

"Now Lara, this cabin holds three other rooms for the other instructors. So you can't be crazy and loud all the time." Brown informed her jokingly.

"No worries, Brown. The only time I'll even be making a noise here is when I am playing my violin." Lara told him with a grin, crazy wasn't exactly her style. Well...not really anyways.

"My nephew and his friends are going to be living in the cabin also. They know their way around the camp. So if you need any help you can ask them." Brown said before nodding his head and leaving the room.

Lara shook her head, she wouldn't be needing help around the camp. Not much at least, or so she hoped. She quickly packed her clothes in the dresser and set up her books and other belongings before walking over to where her violin had been set up. Picking the instrument up and placing it on her shoulder she smiled. She couldn't help but feel better, her violin was like a body part, she never liked to go anywhere without it. The trip here had been bad enough.

Picking up her bow she walked out of the cabin, tuning the strings as she moved. She found an empty building with screens for the windows. It wasn't perfect, but it was better then standing in an echoing room where if she played one note it would be permanently reverberating in her head for the next hour or so.

She sighed and replaced her violin on her shoulder and held the bow in position. Slowly she began playing notes, running the horsehair bow along the strings. She wasn't playing anything special, just something she had made herself a few years back. After a few moments she began singing softly to herself, kind of hoping that no one would hear.

"In a courtyard
Used to sing as loud as she could
Locked away here
She's been quiet, lovely and good
But no one listens now
She lost her voice
She had no choice

If you sing loud and clear
Someone passing by will surely hear you
No you can't be afraid
If you ever want somebody near you
If you sing loud and clear
Someone passing by will surely hear you
No you can't be afraid

Tore the curtain
Put her hand outside of the frame
Let her hair down
Sat all day and nobody came
But when the sun went down
The stars came out-"

The violin squeaked to a stop suddenly when Lara heard a board from outside the cabin creak. She didn't like it when people listened to her without her permission. Especially this song, it was her pep up song. The song that she played when she needed encouragment.

Quickly she ran out the door, opposite to where she had heard someone. All she saw of the person was a head of black hair, and that they looked like a student. She sure didn't want a student to be spying on her before she could teach them a thing or two. That was never a good thing.


Shane hadn't got a good look at the person inside the building, since he was hiding beside it and couldn't move much for fear of being discovered. Fans, they were insane! Still, he had swore he heard an angel singing, even though that sounded incredibly stupid in his head, and he wanted to find out who she was. The only problem was that he had apparently made some noise, now the girl, who ever she was, was gone, and he didn't even get a small glimpse of who she might have been. He hadn't even seen a flash of color! Dang she was fast.

Shaking his head, Shane went back to walking around the camp grounds, trying to find a way to convince the guys that he was okay to go home.


Sighing, Lara walked back into her cabin room and place her violin back into the cupboard where it would be safe from anyone who came in. She didn't want someone tripping over her violin and crushing it. Just the thought of that happening made her wince.

Hearing the door open behind her she turned around. Her sister and another girl were standing in the doorway.

"Lara, this is Mitchie." Caitlyn said, "Mitchie this is my sister Lara. She's cool, she's going to be teaching here."

"Cool, what are you teaching?" Mitchie asked, a huge grin on her face.

"Instrumental Practice and some singing." Lara answered, "But I'm a camper here too. I still have things to learn."

"We better get going to Opening Jam!" Caitlyn said, grabbing Mitchie's arm and pulling her out of the cabin.

Lara had to grin, she was glad her little sister had finally found a friend here, usually she was by herself or in the background with Lola and her crew. She jumped on her bed and laid down, contemplating over whether or not she was going to to go to the Opening Jam. She could already hear the music starting up, but right now all she really wanted to do was snooze for a little bit. So, that's what she did. She slept all night, apparently she was more tired then she had even first thought.


When she awoke the next morning she heard voices in the next room over. She recognized Brown's voice, but the others she wasn't quite sure of. Brown was trying to get someone to get out of bed, but they apparently weren't willing to do so.

"Dude, come on. Just get up, we got class to teach." A young male voice said.

"Yeah man, get up. We got to make some birdhouses too." Another young male voice said.

"Dude, just- nevermind." The first guy's voice came again.

A muffled responce came from another person in the room and she heard Brown sigh loudly.

"Fine, Have it your way," Brown said, "But I warned you."

The next thing Lara heard was a splash of water and a startled yell. Then there was laughing coming from the first two boys, one of them even fell over on the floor.

"Might want to put that matress in the sun. It's the only one your going to get." Brown said, his footsteps were heard as he walked to the door, "Oh, and could you put some water on those flowers? They look parched."

A moment later someone knocked on her door before the door burst open and Caitlyn came flying in. The younger sister jumped onto Lara's bed and sat beside her with her lap top on her lap.

"Where's your friend?" Lara asked as Caitlyn began setting up her programs to play her music on.

"The Wicked Witch has cast a spell on her." Caitlyn said, not looking away from her computer screen.

"Ah," Lara said, sitting up and leaning against the headboard, "Mitchie is a strong girl, she'll break the spell sooner or later. You just got to be there for her when she comes out of it. Like a good friend should be."

Caitlyn made an indifferent face before she shrugged and stood up, not bothering to close her laptop as she picked it up.

"You better hurry up, breakfast starts soon." Caitlyn said before she walked out of the cabin and towards the breakfast hall.

Lara rose an eyebrow at her sister's additude. Mitchie must have really affected her. It was unerstandable, after all, she didn't try to make many friends. Usually it was just her and her lap top. Lara really did hope that the new girl saw how Tess really was. She didn't want her sister to get her heart broken again.

Getting up she walked over to her dresser and opened it up. She pulled out a pair of grey-blue boot cut jeans with random camo patches sewn into them, a black tank top and a forest green button up t-shirt. Lara put on her clothes, leaving the t-shirt unbuttoned, and then tied her fake dreads into her hair. She put a bandanna on her head, making the dreads look like they were hanging down instead of being up in pony tails. She grabbed a pair of black and silver running tenni-shoes and slipped them on.

Soon Lara was out of her cabin and walking to the breakfast hall. The place was packed with teenagers and there weren't many places left to sit. Getting her breakfast of eggs and some toast she walked over and leaned against the wall and began to eat. She saw Mitchie once again be controlled by Tess as she was forced to move from her spot next to Caitlyn to another table with the witch. Her sister was right, she didn't like Tess Tyler.

After finishing her breakfast she left the hall and went to the building where her first class would be. It was no surprise that she was the first person there, everyone else was still chatting and eating back at the breakfast hall. There were chairs set up everywhere and a few drum sets in the back. This was Brown's class, and it was supposed to help with singing and working with others in a band.

Lara sat down in the second row and waited for someone else to come in. She wasn't sure how much she would like this class, after all, she wasn't in a band, she was a violinist first, an instrumentalist second, and a singer third.

After a few moments campers started to flood into the small building. Her sister sat down next to her with her lap top on her lap. Caitlyn was already beginning to tap out some sounds on her computer, creating an od sort of song. Then a kid in the back began to hit the drums where he thought sounded right to go along with Caitlyn. Lara couldn't help but smile as she saw her little sister's face light up from the attention. In a matter of moments the whole place was playing, all but the front row, even the singers were tapping to the beat.

Brown walked through the door and laughed with a huge grin on his face.

"If that class is a rockin' that I'm glad I came knockin'." He said as the class laughed and stopping their little song.

"Now, let's see what I have to work with this summer. Anyone want to have a go?" Brown asked as everyone in the class except Lara and Mitchie rose their hands.

"Eeeny. Meeny. Miny. You." Brown said, pointing to Mitchie.

"Me? Ah, o-okay." Mitchie stuttered standing up.

"I could do it Mr. Brown!" Tess called out when she saw Mitchie's hesitance.

"Ah! No, the finger didn't pick you. The finger chose her." Brown said, pointing at Mitchie again. "Ready?" Mitchie nodded, "Okay then. Go."

Mitchie took a deep breath and began singing, only to have Brown cut her off when she sung to softly. Taking another shot Mitchie began singing again, belting out her original song as loud as she could without it sounding terrible. When she was finished the class was clapping, most were amazed at how good she was. Lara had to admit, she was impressed, the girl had talent. She thought that she was even better than her, which she thought wasn't that hard, but still was a good thing.

Brown clapped and then looked at Lara, "You want to have a go?"

Lara's eyes widened and she stuttered before she got words to leave her mouth, "I'm an instrumentalist, mainly a violinist. Singing is not really my thing."

"Nah. Ah. I've heard you sing before." Brown said, giving her no room to mak another excuse, "Now are you going to sing or not?"

"You're giving her a choice?" A girl named Peggy asked.

"Well, she is an instructor. I can't very well have her walking out on us on the first day of camp." Brown explained, not taking his stern gaze off Lara.

"Fine." Lara said, she really didn't want Brown to be accused of being unfair. That was the very opposite of the man.

Taking a deep breath and letting it out again ashe relaxed herself. Then she started to sing:

"Some girls play the game
They all walk and talk
And they dress the same
Nothin' New To Say

Don't they realize
That it's so easy to see
Right though there disguise
Makes me wonder why

When the whole worlds turnin left
It's when I'm goin right
I need someone to let me be
Just who I am inside

`Cause a girl like me
Is just a lil' different from all the rest
And a girl like me is
Never gonna settle for Second Best."

She stopped suddenly and looked at Brown, hoping that her preformance was good enough for him to accept. She heard clapping, but she idn't really care, they weren't clapping because she was playing her violin. She had a feeling they were just trying to make her feel better anyway. It wasn't one of her best songs after all.

Brown nodded with a soft shrug in the direction of her chair, telling her without words that she could sit back down if she wanted to. Which is what she did, ignoring the odd look that Tess was giving her.

Her next class was supposed to be dancing, and it was supposed to be taught by Shane Gray. The good boy gone bad what was all over the news lately. Apparently Brown was his uncle, and Camp Rock was supposed to be the place where he found himself again. In other words, Lara had no clue what to expect from this kid.

Though what did happen was not what she had even though of at all. He didn't even show up. So the thought hour was spent relaxing in the glow that was figuritivly coming off Tess as she fawned over herself.

After the rather boring hour of nothing happening it was lunch time. Instead of eating though, Lara went back to her cabin. She took out her own silver lap top and turned it on. She opened up her music player and began to play different kinds of music. From violin solos to Fall Out Boy to even some random pop or rock music she found here and there on the internet.

Suddenly her door was open and a guy was standing in her door way.

"Will you turn that down?! Some people are trying to get some quiet around here." He said, staring her in the eyes.

She rose her eyebrow at the guy. She would know who he was anywhere. The wild and wavy black hair that looked like a lion's mane. The pale olive colored skin and exotic chocolate brown eyes. The tight, black t-shirt and the light grey skinny jeans. Yeah, she would definately be an idiot if she didn't recognize this guy. Shane Gray really did have an additude.

"Wow, someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning." She muttered.

"Wll you just turn that down?" Shane said again, his I'm Better Than Thou additude still showing as brightly as the sun.

"Yes your majesty. I will gladly turn my lap top down for you." Lara practically yelled back at the treatment she was getting from the other teenager.

"Good." Shane said, getting ready to step out of the door way when he saw her reach for her lap top.

"Excuse me?" Lara asked, not turning her lap top down any lower.

"What?" Shane snapped at her.

"Who do you think you are?" Lara asked, her eyes wide. She really hadn't thought that his additude was this bad.

"I'm Shane Gray. Who are you?" He said back to her.

"For one, I'm an instructor here at Camp Rock. Two, my name is Lara Gellar. And three, I'm a freaking human being. You know, kind of like you. Now who do you think you are again?" Lara reprihmanded the superstar.

"Look," Shane started, "Will you just turn down your music!?"

Lara sighed and turned the volume on her lap top down. But as Shane turned around to leave the door way she stopped him again.

"Excuse me?" She called, not hearing what she had wanted to hear.

Shane turned back around to face her, giving her a 'what do you want now look'.

Lara waited patiently for the words that she wanted to hear.

"Thank you?" Shane said, almost sounding as if he was asking her if that is what she wanted to hear.

"Good boy." Lara said, turning back to her lap top.

The door was shut with an aggrivated groan as Shane walked away and Lara couldn't help but snort. This was going to be an interesting summer.

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