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Created by FireTornGoth on Saturday, June 28, 2008


I realized I messed up in the movie. Brown's class and Shane's class were apparently on the same day. :/ So that means, Shane skipped his first class the day before. Woops. Maybe you can ignore that? For me? Please? So Shane's class is going to be the day after Brown's. Also, one of my friends asked me to describe Lara's hair and all that better. So, I'll try, just bear with me on this, okie? I better explain up here so you guys kno, just in case I don't describe her hair clearly. It's long and black. Think Amy Lee long. This means that her fake dreads are pretty long too. I think I can get the rest from here on out. Wish me luck and have fun reading!


'Crap.' Was all Lara could think as she rushed out of her cabin and towards the dance building. She was late.

The reason she was late was because, well, she was a teenager. She was playing her violin and time just seemed to fly on by. Soon though, the building was in veiw and she walked a little faster. But something made her stop, someone was in her way.

"I didn't sign up for this. Get my Agent on the phone." She heard Shane say.

"Get my agent?" Brown said in a shocked tone, "What Happened to you man? That kid on that TV, that's not who you really are. In there Shane," Brown poked Shane's chest above his heart, "What happened to the kid who just love to play music?"

"He grew up." Shane retorted.

"Big whoop." Brown growled out, "Stop acting like its all about you."

Shane got a smirk on his face and Lara had to snort when she heard what he had to say, "In my world it is."

Brown got a huge grin on his face and Shane's dissappeared as the older man threw an arm around his shoulders.

"Oh, look." Brown said, looking up at the sky, "We're in my world. And in my world you are considered an instructor at this camp. Which means, you've got to instruct." Shane frowned and crossed his arms over his chest as Brown went on.

Lara felt it was best that she go inside the building, seeing as Brown was almost done with his little speach. Plus, she didn't want to embarass the teenager any further, but she still wanted to see the look on his face when he realized she saw the whole thing go down.

Stepping out of the trees that surrounded the building she gave an 'wow' whistle and walked on past Shane and Brown. She was right, the look was priceless. Shane's eyes were wide and his mouth was opening and closing like a fish. It made her wonder if the guy had ever been embarassed before. She quickly walked into the building, striding over and standing next to her sister.

"What are you cheesing about?" Caitlyn asked seeing the look on her older sister's face.

"Oh, I just saw a superstar get knocked down a few pegs." Lara answered before quickly shutting up at the look she was getting from the other campers around her.

Over in the corner she could hear Tess and her squad having a mini freak out session over the fact that Shane Gray was supposed to be teaching this dancing class. All Lara could wonder is how the hell was she going to dance, when she couldn't dance at all. Her sister, well Caitlyn was a genius at dancing, her Lara. She was more like a squirrel walking on a powerline with only one leg, unable to move.

A second later Shane walked into the room, grabbing a microphone and a hate then telling the class to do the same. Soon they were doing moves at what seemed like the speed of light. Lara could hardly keep up and she was still off the beat. Shane seemed to ignore her trouble, and she understood why. He really didn't like her right at the moment, telling him off and then seeing someone tell him off. Well, that wasn't a very good way to get on someone's happy side.

At the end of the session though, she wasn't the only one having trouble, she noticed. The drummer, Andy, had really long legs and was kind of lanky. He was fumbling a little, and eventually he tripped and went sprawling to the ground beside Tess.

Tess snorted and looked down at him, her hands on her hips.

"Talk about dancing to the beat of another drum." Tess said with a laugh.

Lara bit her lip so she wouldn't say anything and moved over to help Andy only to see that Shane had grabbed his attention.

"You any good on the drums?" Shane asked, grinning when Andy took out his drum sticks and began playing a beat on the wood floor. "Man, you're a drummer dude. The drummer controls the beat, the rhythme is in your hands.

"Yeah I guess." Andy said shrugging.

"Now we just have to work on getting that beat from those sticks to your feet." Shane said before pulling him off to the side to give him some tips.

Lara rose an eyebrow at the display. 'Huh.' She thought, 'Maybe he was changing?'

For the rest of the class everyone basically talked to one another. Larawent over the dance moves she had just learned in her head, trying to find the equation, the formula, the easiest way to do each move. Caitlyn came over and sat beside here she was leaning.

"You can dance." Her sister stated simply. "Why aren't you even trying now? And I've seen you dance so don't even try to tell me you can't."

"I can't dance like this." Lara said, "I think in formulas, in techniqual ways. Dancing without knowing the equation and solution of a move, to me, is like you dancing without legs."

"Yeah, yeah. I know." Caitlyn said with a sigh, "I have an idea."

Lara looked at her little sister and rose an eyebrow before saying, "Am I going to like this idea?"

"Maaaaaybe." Caitlyn said.

"Okay, tell me your plan to get my to dance like everyone else." Lara said, sitting down next to her sister.

"Well you could ask Shane you help you." Caitlyn suggested.

Lara's eyes widened and before she could say anything back she heard Tess speak up.

"Yeah, you need all the help you can get." The blonde girl laughed.

Lara looked over at Tess and glared. She really hated that girl's additude.

"Shut up, Tes. It's not like you can do anything other than squawk and shake your butt." Caitlyn said, sticking up for her sister.

"Well at least I can dance. I don't have two left feet like that rat over there." Tess snapped back.

Lara's eyes widened and her eyebrows rose, "Excuse me?" she asked, shocked at being called a rat.

"You heard me." Tess said with an oddly innocent smile on her face.

Caitlyn stood and with a frown on her face, "Shut up Tess!" She yelled.

That is when Shane finally stepped in. He had been so engrossed with talking to Andy and a few of the other guys that he hadn't even noticed what was going on until Caitlyn yelled and was being held back by her older sister.

"Hey! What's going on?" Shane yelled, his eyes shocked and studying the scene before him.

"Nothing Shane," Lara said, "My sister was just over-reacting. And According to the clock it's time to go. Campfire is going to start in a under two hours."

"Over-reacting?!" Caitlyn cried, but before she could explain to Shane what Tess had said, Lara had a hand over her mouth and was puling her out the door with the rest of the campers.

"What are you doing?" Caitlyn turned on her sister.

"We don't need Tess drama." Lara said.

She had heard enough stories about Tess Tyler from her sister and a few other people who have met her to know that getting on Tess's bad side always ended up getting into a lot of trouble. Caitlyn groaned and stomped off with her lap top bag over her shoulder.

A half and hour later Lara was sitting in her cabin contemplating on whether or not she was going to go to the campfire that night. She listened to her surroundings, hearing the soft playing of a guitar next door. Soon though, the others left the cabin, even Shane. Brown had convinced him to go to the campfire.

Lara was about to get her violin out to practice when a knock came from her screen door. Thinking that it was her sister she called for them to come in while she opened up her lap top to set up some electronic music sheets.

When the person at the door stepped into the room she instantly knew it wasn't her sister. Caitlyn's footsteps were light, you could hardly hear them. This person walked louder and they sounded a little bit heavier then the 105 pounds that her sister weighed. Lara turned her head and looked at the person in her doorway and groaned, it must not be her lucky day.

"I heard what Caitlyn told you." Shane said, leaning against the door frame.

"Which was?" Lara said, hoping that he wasn't going to say what she thought he was going to say.

"She's right. You need help with dancing." Shane stated.

Lara grimaced before telling him, "No, I don't need help dancing. I can dance just fine," Lara said before turning her head back to her lap top and adding quieter, "Just not choreographed hip hop dancing."

Shane sighed, wondering why he was doing this, "I can teach you"

Lara stared at him for a moment, lost for words, "Okay?"

"Fine," Shane said, "Tomorrow after classes."

"All right." Lara stated, wondering what she was getting herself into.

"Great." Shane said, before turning around and walking out the door.

Lara watched him walk away. When she was sure he was out of hearing range she groaned and smacked her own forhead. This Summer was getting more complicated than she had ever thought it would. Deciding that she needed to relax a little she walked over to the bupboard that hid her violin and opened it, pulling the instrument case out.

She set her violin down in her bed and opened the case, pulling hte violin and bow out before she began to play softly. As she felt her nerves calm down she sighed, trying to forget how stressful the first few days of camp had been and hoping that it would only get better.


Lara winced as she stretched her neck. She had fallen asleep wrong the past night and now her neck was screwed up. Quickly, as she looked at her watch to check if she was late,she walked up to the building where she was supposed to be teaching.

Walking into the building she smiled at what she heard. Campers were off in their out little worlds. Some were playing together and some were doing their own little solos before class. But it didn't sound terrible like one would think, it was as if they were all intuned to what eachother was playing. They sounded like they were all playing a part of the same song. When no one noticed she was there she let out a shrill whistle, catching eveyone's attention.

"Hey everyone." She greeted the class, "My name is Lara. Some of you know my sister Caitlyn. She's the soon to be music producer around here."

"Hi, Lara." The class choruse.

"Today I'm just going to be getting to know what you guys can do. So, "Lara said, trailing off before she found the words that she was going to say, "Violins over here." She pointed to one side of the room, "Drums over here, guitarists there, bass over there, and pianos over here."

Soon everyone was in there groups. Lsra was surprised when she didn't have to make a group for any clarinets or other woodwind or string instruments. She began to listen to each of the campers play, starting with the bass that was closest on her right, and ending with the pianos that was on her left. She had to correct a few other their stances, repositioning there hands and tryig to get them to relax instead of being tense.

She only had to deal with a few squeaks from the violins, but her ears were still ringing by the end of the class. She also had a bandaged finger because one of the guitarists metal strings snapped and she had to replace it. Saying that it had been a while since she replaced a guitar string was an understatement.

At the end of class she heard the door open and she whipped around, hoping that it wasn't the person that always seemed to come through the door when she wasn't looking. Lara was able to relax though, when she saw it wasn't Shane.

"Hey, you're Lara right?" The guy asked, his guitar hanging from a strap on his shoulder.

Lara nodded as she examined him. She recognized him after a moment. After all, he wasn't the member of Connect 3 that was all over the news. It was a little harders to remember Nate when his bandmate had somehow driled his way into her head.

"Do you need help with something?" She asked, putting away the chairs that were littered about the room.

"Yeah, do you have any extra strings? Jason broke one of his and we can't find his extras." Nate explained.

"Yeah, they're in the cabinet over there," She said as she pointed across the room to the open cabinet that was hanging on the wall.

"Thanks." Nate said before he walked over to the cabinet and grabbed the box ot guita strings.

Lara went back to folding up chairs and putting them against the wall for the next day. She didn't expect what he was going to say next.

"So do you like Shane?"

Lara snorted and shook her head before looking at Nate over her shoulde, "The only reason I am dealing with him is because we have to share a cabin and he has to help me with dancing."

Nate smiled, "Finally! Maybe you can turn him around. He wasn't always like this."

"I'm not sure. I'm not some saving grace." Lara protested, "I'm hardly able to keep myself on the right track. How am I supposed to turn an arrogant teenager back into what he was when I can hardly make sure I'm not turning out the same way?"

Nate shrugged, "I don't know. You just seem different than all those other girls that go crazy over him."

"That's just because I don't like his additude." Lara stated with a small smile. She didn't want to get Nate's hopes up.

"Well," Nate said, "I better go before Jason starts trying to get some girl to build him a birdhouse again.

Lara started cracking up once Nate left the building. Maybe these guys weren't as bad as she first thought. It was just Shane that had the problems.


Lara was walking along the trails through the camp later on that night after supper when she saw Caitlyn kicking a large rock on the ground in anger.

"You know that you're going ot break your foot if you keep doing that right?" Lara called as she walked up to her sister.

"I'm just so angry!" Caitlyn yelled with another kick to the rock before she sat down on top of it, her lap top bag swinging beside her.

"What happened" Lara asked, sitting down beside her.

"Mitchie wont realize how bad Tess is. Even after what she said to you." Caitlyn told her.

"That's what popularity can do to you." Lara said, "It makes you think that everything you do is all right, even when it is wrong."

"Have you ever been like that?" Caitlyn asked her, her head turning to glance at her from where it rested on her knees.

Lara gave a half smile as she thought back to her past. Her mother and father had been very young when they had her. So, thinking that it was the best thing for her, they gave her up for adoption untill they could give her all the things that she deserved, a house, food, toys, and all the clothes and other objects she could ever want. But by the time they had all that, she was already so deep in the foster system that they couldn't find he. She had been 5 when they started looking for her. It took the government almost ten years before they found her and returned her to her parents. Lara was almost 15 then and the damage had already been done, but she loved her parents none the less.

"Yeah," Lara said, "I used to be worse than Tess."

"Worse?!" Caitlyn said as if she didn't believe her.

"That's what happens when the popular girls in your school did drugs and all that other crap." Lara explained.

Caitlyn looked at the ground and picked at her shoe laces, "It was really that bad back then?"

Lara looked at her little sister with a sad smile. It had been over two years and she still hadn't been told all that had happened to her older sister. Hopefully she would never have to be told.

"It doesn't matter anymore." Lara said, putting an arm around her sister's shoulders, "I'm fine now and that's all that matters."

"I better get going," Caitlyn said as she stood up, "Lola is wanting to show me some songs she wrote."

"Yeah, I have dance lessons." Lara said with a frown.

"You actually asked Shane for help?" Caitlyn asked in shock.

"Nope, he over heard your idea and decided he was going to take matters into his own hands." Lara said with a shrug, "Not sure why I agreed though. I was kind of in shock that he wanted to actually help someone other than himself."

"Well," Catlyn said, pausing to figure out what she was going o say to make her sister feel better, "Have fun?"

Lara snorted, "Thanks." She said sarcastically.

They walked away from eachother and Lara began to get an odd feeling in her stomach, one she hadn't felt in a while. She was nervous, not only was she not good at dancin, she had to prove it a millions times in front of someone who could and possibly would tell the world how much she sucked.

She didn't have time to worry about anything though, she was already at the dance building. Taking a deep breath she walked through the door, taking off her t-shirt, leaving her dark purple tank top on so she would be cooler in the hot summer air.

Looking around she rolled her eyes, Shane wasn't even there yet, and he had set the time! After about twenty minutes of waiting Lara was about ready to leave and go back to her cabin for the night. As she stood up though, she was stopped when Shane walked through the door carrying a CD case in his hand.

"Sorry I'm late. Nate was convinced I was sneaking into a girl's cabin." Shane explained as he walked over to the CD player and put the CD in.

"Why didn't you tell him you were helping me?" Lara asked, her arms crossed over her chest.

"I didn't think you wanted anyone to know." Shane told her.

Lara couldn't find words to say back to him. She didn't think that Shane would ever do something nice for her. When the music started playing Shane walked over to her.

"So what do you know how to do?" He asked her.

"I can ballroom dance, that's about it." Lara admitted.

"Then this will be easy. Ballroom dancing is just a fancier form of hip hop and usually has a partner." Shane said.

Lara raised an eyebrow at him. Ballroom? Hip hop? Alike? That was a first.

"You're kidding me right?" Lara asked him.

"No, I'm not." Shane said.

With that, her first night of dance lessons began. It was awkward and confusing. They argued some, but most of the time the only sound that could be heard was the music that was playing and the sound of their feet moving. All in all it was two and a half hours of awkward moves, corrections, a few wierd looks, and some arguments.

At the end of the night though, she was back in her cabin, not sure what to think about the rock star named Shane Gray.


Late in the morning, just after breakfast, Lara was walking by the lake when she heard someone playing the guitar. Wondering who it was she got closer and stood just inside the edge of the trees. Shane sat on a bench that sat next to the lake. He was playing his guitar and looked at peace with himself. That was until he heard someone watching him from behind.

"Can't a guy get some peace?" Shane snapped when he turned and looked at Mitchie a few yards away from him.

"Sorry...I...Sorry." Mitchie suttered as she walked over to him with her guitar in her hand.

"You said that already." Shane said in an annoied tone.

"Sorry...I...Was that you playing? It sounded different?" Mitchie asked, coming out of her embarassment.

"Different than my usual stupid cookie-cutter popstar stuff? Sorry to dissapoint." Shane said sarcastically.

Mitchie chuckled and said, "You didn't, I liked it." Making Shane tilt his head to the side in confusion, he wasn't expecting her to say that. "I mean it was good for stupid cookie-cutter pop star stuff."

Shane had a smile on his face now and he laughed breathlessly in shock. "Wow you really know how to make a guy feel better." He said.

"I thought you loved your sounds." Mitchie said, "I mean, you created it here. You are like Camp Rock legend."

"Some legend, I only play the kind of music that the label thinks will sell, that's it." Shane said, sounding disgusted with himself.

"You don't think that song would sell?" Mitchie asked him.

"I don't know." Shane replied.

"Well, you'll never known unless you try." Mitchie said, "And by the way. I know of one girl that would buy that song"

Shane had a smile on his face, the first real one that Lara had ever seen on him, as Mitchie walked away. Maybe she wouldn't have to help Nate and Jason after all. It looked like Mitchie was already well on her way to winning Shane over.


She was sitting across from her sister eating lunch that day when Tess came by with her crew, practically dragging Mitchie along to their table. Tess bumped into Caitlyn and her sister instantly began to appologize. When she saw who it was though she took back what she said. Tess leaned over the table and purposely spilled some of her sauce-less spaghetti off her plate and onto Caitlyn's lap.

"That was on purpose!" Caitlyn cried.

"What? It doesn't matter, anything would make that outfit look better." Tess said back with a grin on her face.

Soon Caitlyn and Tess were having an all out food fight while Mitchie and Lara were trying to get them to stop.

"I can't believe you did that!" Tess cried at Caitlyn as the other girl raised her hand to throw more food at the blonde.

"Neigther can I." Brown said when he walked into the room and saw what was going on.

Brown walked up to their table and pointed at all four of them and then pointed at the door, an angry look on his face.

"I hate it when I have to be uncool." Brown said as he let the girls go out thedoor first and then he followed them out.

In Brown's office they all stood in a line. Lara had a feeling that this was going to turn out bad. When Brown walked in he asked what had happened. Tess and Mitchie immediately started talking at the same time, trying to get Brown to listen to them.

"Hold on! Let's do this the simple way." Brown said, "Who threw the food first?"

Tess smirked, "Well that's easy. Caitlyn did."

Lara's eyes widened in shock, the little blonde really was a bitch. Caitlyn looked at Mitchie for help, but when none came Lara stepped in.

"Excuse me Brown. Can I say something?" Lara said, not looking at anyone but Brown. She didn't want to risk seeing the looks that the other girls were giving her.

"Go on." Brown said, waving his hand as a signal for her to speak.

"Yes, Caitlyn did throw food first, but Tess dumped her food on Caitlyn before. Therefore, Tess made the first move, not Caitlyn." Lara explained.

"That's not fair!" Tess yelled, "She is Caitlyn's sister. She would say anything to get her out of trouble!"

Brown sighed, "Then since you both like to play with food. I have jobs for both of you. Caitlyn, you are going to be working in the kitchen for the rest of the summer."

Mitchie protested for some reason, but then stopped when she saw the look that Brown was giving her.

"Tess you will be picking up trash outside and taking all the outside trash bags to the dumpster for the rest of the summer." Brown finished.

All Tess could do was star at the man with wide eyes and her mouth open. Lara had to laugh, she looked like a bird waiting for a worm to jump into its mouth.


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