THE RED MOON (a Dino Cavallone love story): Date with Dino: chapter 5

Will Dino manage to propose Akari?? Oh and this sorta lemonish.

Created by princezukoluo on Monday, June 30, 2008

--DINO'S P.O.V--

"So, Akari, where do you want to go?" I asked softly. "Before I answer your question, let me ask you something. Why are you showing me your handsome mode?" Akari asked. "I thought it might work" I said. "Oh so you're planning on kissing me? Sorry but, you're not that experience enough to touch my lips" Akari said, "Anyway let's go to the amusement park. I want to ride on the Jupiter Roller Coaster". "WHAT?!" I yelled. "Got a problem?" Akari asks as she shows her death glare to me. "No not at all" I said as I tremble in fear.

I LOVE to spend time with Akari but the thing is I'm scared to ride on Jupiter Roller Coaster. It just so high that people say you can actually see the Planet Jupiter. Akari is the bravest girl I ever met. "Ne, Akari. Where do you want sit on?" I ask to Akari in nervous and fear. "the front seat" said Akari. "WHAT?!" I yelled. "Got a problem with front seats???" Akari asked. "No not all" I said.


"Isn't that just fun?" Akari asked. "YOU'RE NOT SHOWING THAT YOU'RE AMUSED!!!" I yelled in protest. "Oh well, I'm hungry. Let's eat" Akari said. "DID YOU LISTEN WHAT I'M SAYING?!" I asked in a annoyed way. "NO" Akari said in a simple way.

LATER THAT NIGHT>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

"SO, where are you taking me to, Dino?" Akari asked. "Watching Fireworks" Dino said. "Hmm, Dino, I have a question" Akari said nervously. "What is it?" I answered. "Why are you wanted so badly me to take me out?" Akari asked with her cute questioned face. "Something about the future of the Family" I answered. "Future?" Akari said, "You're gonna hire new members?". "I think you're missing the point" I said as I sighed and smiled. I take out the ring and show it to Akari and I kneeled down. "Akari, under this night and starry sky will you marry me?" I said as smiled. "Does my brother knows about this?" Akari questioned me softly. "I see" Akari replied, "Well, then stand up, baka". Akari pulled my face down and kissed me softly. She hugged me tightly, and I hugged her as tight as I could showing that I won't let her go for the second time.

BACK AT THE BASE..............

I carry Akari, whose fall asleep, in bridal style. I put her in my room. She open her eyes and I sit down in the bed and looked at her. I leaned and I kissed her.........


Dino leaned and pushed Akari softly to the bed. He continued to kiss her. He bit Akari's bottom lip asking for entrance but Akari doesn't gave in, Dino quickly grab Akari's breast and thus making her gasp. Dino enter her mouth and touched every inches. "'s stop this" Akari said in pain. Dino didn't listen to her instead he starts to open her shirt off and rubbing Akari's breast. "Just moan my name and moan, Akari, I know you want to" Dino said in seductive way. "I-I won't!" Akari said as she blushed even redder. "If that's your reply" Dino said as he pinched Akari's nipple making her scream as pain is written in her face. Dino starts to suck on Akari's left breast and messaging the right breast. Akari quickly took Dino's left hand away from her breast and pushed him away. "What's wrong?" Dino asked. And then he's in shock, tears were running down Akari's cheek. "Dino, let's stop this, I-I'm not going to disappoint you but I'm not ready yet" Akari said as tears continue to running down through her cheek. Dino hugged Akari. "I'm so sorry" Dino said ashe bursh off Akari's tears, "you're okay?". "yeah" Akari said but she fainted.


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