Dragons and Demons-A Vincent Valentine Love Story

Created by vvfan on Wednesday, July 02, 2008

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You stumble forward through the night. Most people would consider you crazy to be alone wandering through the woods with nothing more than a wooden tanto knife for protection, but you wouldn’t throw away the wooden katana-like blade for the fabled Masamune. Besides, you weren’t alone. You never are.

Unable to take another step, you collapse near a clearing with a crystal clear pool in the center. That last monster you fought took a lot out of you.

Suddenly, the sound of battle met your ears. Looking up, you see a red cloaked man wielding a three barreled gun fighting a monster like the one you fought earlier. The familiar curving ram horns and shaggy fur that rivaled armor of the beast sent shivers up your spine. And the claws! The beast stood on two legs, the long arm hanging past the knees and long claws almost ten inches long. The feet were hoofed and goat-like. The tail was long and forked, like the tongue that always hung out of the mouth. The monster’s seemed to keep their mouths perpetually open, revealing five inch teeth that were probably kept them from closing their mouths. The eyes were red and had no pupil. This one was even bigger than the one you fought earlier, about 6’2”.

The cloaked man caught your attention and held it. He had long black hair that looked like it hadn’t seen a comb in years and was kept out of his face by a red headband that matched the red of his large tattered cloak. Both of his hands were covered in black gloves, but the left one was covered in a golden clawed gauntlet. Beneath the cloak, he wore a black outfit with numerous buckles. His feet were covered in the same way the left arm and hand was, with gold interlocking pieces.

But it was the eyes that caught you the most. His eyes were the exact same bright red as your own did when you were angry.

The beast decided that it had had enough of being shot at and swiped at the man. His gun sailed away and landed in the water.

Your knife suddenly emits a gentle glow and transforms into an imitation of the lost gun. You eye it. Your knife usually changes into the weapon best suited to a certain scenario and apparently it thought his gun was the best. You stagger to your feet with the aid of a tree, take aim, and fire.

Vincent’s POV

The monster I was fighting knocked Cerberus out of my hand as I was getting ready to shoot. It went sailing and landed in the lake.

Suddenly, a gunshot goes off. The beast howls in pain and clutches its face. Blood fell from an eye. More gunshots go off and the beast reluctantly backs off, but didn’t flee.

A girl with long, dark, reddish-black hair and crimson eyes charged the beast with a gun identical to Cerberus in her hand, firing off shots as if she’d done it all her life. She wore a tattered black hooded cloak, but currently had the hood down. She also had on black boots, black leather pants with a chain on either leg, and a shirt that was hidden by the cloak. She held the gun upright when she got closer to it and, to my amazement, it transform into twin katana. She stabbed the stunned creature, which had also never seen a gun become two swords before either, into the chest. It made a gurgling noise and she pulled the swords out and retreated before it fell on her.

Your POV

You yank out your twin katanas and retreat from the beast before you. It makes an unearthly sound before collapsing. You wipe the disgusting blue blood on the creature’s shaggy grey fur. As soon as the blades are clean, they become a single blade again and return to the wooden tanto form. You fall to your knees, surprised that you’re even conscious. The man you rescued appears at your side in an instant. “Are you alright?”

“Yeah. Just tired, that’s all.”

“What are you doing out here on a night like this?”

You shrug. “I could ask you the same thing.”

He hesitates. “I’ve been staying nearby here and heard rumors of strange monsters from the townspeople. I decided to check them out for myself.”

“Well, as you can see, they’re true. I’m just out here because I have no better place to be.”

He cocked his head to the side. “What do you mean by that?”

“Exactly what I said. I make my home wherever I need to, setting up areas in which I will stay a few days before moving on.”

“I see. I’m Vincent. Vincent Valentine. And you are?”

“I’m __________ (your name here).” You slowly get to your feet and stumble on your first step. Vincent catches you in his arms before you hit the ground.

“Are you alright?” he asked, voice full of concern.

“I’m fine. I just had a run in with one of those things earlier. He got me pretty good.”

Vincent’s POV

I looked down at the girl in my arms. “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine. I just had a run in with one of those things earlier. He got me pretty good,” she said. I felt something warm and wet on my arms and looked. Despite the lack of good light, I was able to see the crimson blood that also soaked the back of her cloak.

“You’re hurt,” I said as I gently set her down.

“Nothing I won’t recover from.”

I held my hand over her back and a green glow issued from it. She tried to twist around but flinched and settled down as I used a Cure 3 on her. Slowly, the skin flowed back together, sealing the wound and cleansing it of any signs of infection.

When the glow faded, she rolled over and sat up. “Thank you,” she whispered. Her voice sounded choked.

I shrugged. “It was just a Cure magic. Was that the only one? There’s also blood on your shoulder and stomach.”

She looked down as if just realizing her condition. “I guess it happened when it grabbed me. I wonder why that one I just killed was easier than the other one?” she said as I used a Cure 2 this time on her. She suddenly sat straight up. “Your gun! You need to get that before it gets ruined!”

The green glow faded as I finished curing her. “Wait here, I’ll be right back.” I walk over to the water and wade in until I reach the area where Cerberus landed. I fished around for a while until I found it.

When I got back to where _________ was at, I started polishing and cleaning the Cerberus while she watched me. “So… where are you from?”

I didn’t look up from my task. “No where in particular. However I sometimes visit some friends at a bar near here.”

She cocked an eyebrow. “A bar?”

“Yeah. Seventh Heaven, Tifa’s bar. The party usually meets up and hangs out there.”

“The party?”

I looked up at her. She had a confused look on her face. “You know, a group of people that hang out together and travel together.”

“Oh. I hadn’t heard of that reference to it before.” She sat in silence for a little while before using Fire in the air between us. The ball of flames twisted and pulsed as if it had a life of its own and cast a gentle heat on us.

I hesitated. Even if I had healed her, I still owed her for saving my life. “Would you like to meet them?” I finally asked.

She looked up and smiled shyly. In the firelight, I realized that her eyes had changed from a bright red to a blue-green. “Sure. It’s not like I have anywhere else to be.”

I gave her a rare smile without realizing it and watched as she unrolled her bedroll before doing the same with my own.

Your POV

The next day

You wake early, as usual. You look around and see Vincent, still as a statue as he surveyed the area. His bedroll was already packed up. You were surprised, because you’ve never met anyone who ever voluntarily got up earlier than you did. Maybe you were more tired than you thought.

“Good morning,” you say to Vincent as he turns your way. You get up and start packing up your bedroll and hope that he doesn’t notice that your hair is now a midnight blue and that your eyes are now dark blue.

“How are you feeling?” Vincent asks.

“Better than yesterday. Are you alright?”

He looked over at the corpse of the monster. Its fur was soaked in blue blood with red splotches here and there blended into the fur. Not all of it was from you and Vincent. Did the thing collect blood from its victims? At least it was dead now.

“I haven’t been alright in over 30 years, but I am physically fine.”

You stare at him and stop what you’re doing. “30 years? But you only look about 26, maybe 27!”

He chuckles darkly. “Physically I’m 27, but I’m really more around 60 (note: this takes place after DoC).”

You continue to stare at him. Was he serious? If so, then perhaps you had more in common than just being exceptional fighters. After all, you appear to be around the age of 19, but you’re really more like 52. (note from writer: yeeaahh, kinda weird, I know. Just read and find out, OK?)

Vincent looked over at you. “You can stop staring at me now.”

You quickly look away and finish putting away your bedroll. You shoulder your pack and stand up. “You have a chocobo?” He gave you a weird look that made your face go red. “I’ll take that as a no? OK, don’t worry. I have extra.” You put two fingers in your mouth and whistle 2 notes. After a short silence, fast footsteps come near you and 2 chocobos, a red and a gold, appear in the bushes. You walk over to them and caress their soft feathered heads. “Hello, Scarlet, how’s a boy, Old Gold?”

Vincent walked up behind you. “You have 2 chocobo who come on call?”

You grin. “Well, it sure is handy at times like these. Besides, Old Gold needs out some more. Who do you want to ride?” you ask, offering him Old Gold’s and Scarlet’s reigns.

He sighed. “If we must go by chocobo then we will, but they’re yours. I don’t know anything about them. Choose the one best for me.”

“Hmmm… how about Old Gold? He lets everyone ride him and doesn’t bite if you make him uncomfortable like my girl Scarlet does.”

Vincent mounted Old Gold and you had to struggle to keep from laughing. You had to admit, Vincent looked out of place on a chocobo.

2 hours later

You finally arrived in Midgar and let Scarlet and Old Gold wander. They always came when you needed them, so you didn’t need to keep them cooped up in a chocobo stable like you did with your others.

Vincent showed you around the city and brought you to a bar with the words ‘Seventh Heaven’ scrawled on a sign above the door. You went inside. It wasn’t very busy at that moment, so you and Vincent got a seat at a table near the counter. Soon, a dark haired woman in a revealing leather outfit with reddish brown eyes came to your table. She smiled at Vincent. “Hello, Vincent! I haven’t seen you in a while. How have you been? Oh! Who’s this?”

You raise an eyebrow at Vincent. “Is this who you said owned this place?”

Vincent nodded. “Tifa, this is ______. She saved me while I was in the forest. By the way, the rumors about the new monsters are true. I think that shin-ra is making trouble again.”

A guy with spiky blonde hair that reminded you of a yellow chocobo turned around in his seat at the counter. “What’s going on?” he asked.

“That’s Cloud Strife. He’s a friend,” Vincent told you. “Just updating Tifa, Cloud.”

You glance at Cloud again. He had blue eyes that glowed from mako infusion and a huge sword strapped to his back. He grinned and waved at you. You hesitate and wave back.

The door opened and two men in suits walked in. One’s suit was meticulously clean and cared for. He wore dark sunglasses and his head was shaved. The other one’s suit was open, revealing a white shirt, and untucked. He had goggles that were being used as a headband since they were pushed up to his forehead. He had spiky red hair that was so long, he had put it in a ponytail. He carried himself casually while his partner seemed all about business.

The redhead grinned at Tifa. “’Sup, Tifa? How ‘bout gettin’ an old friend a drink, eh?”

“Reno, I had to cut you off last time! Then I had to kick you out because you got Rude to order your drinks!”

Reno blushed and scratched his head. “Yeah, well I won’t do that again. Hey! Is Vinny back? How ya doin’, dude?”

Vincent glared daggers at Reno and he froze to his spot. “Don’t… ever… call me… ‘Vinny’.”

“Er, you got it, Vinny, I mean Vincent!!”

Vincent sighed and shook his head. Reno took this as a sign that all was forgiven and sat next to him. “Hey, Vincent, my man, who’s the chick?” he said, putting an arm around Vincent.

You draw your wooden tanto and point it at him as Vincent throws the arm off of him. A blue light surrounds the wood and it becomes a real tanto blade. “Excuse me, what did you call me?”

Reno looks your way and the first thing he sees is a tanto blade pointed at him. “Whoa! Whoa! No need to get violent! Sheesh, is today ‘Hate Reno Day’ or something?”

Your blade returns to its usual form as you place it in the holster-like sheath you made for it. Reno relaxes and is soon chatting with Cloud and Tifa as she gets him a drink. Rude just stands by and watches everything going on.

Someone tugs on your cloak and you look down. A little girl with short brown hair and brown eyes looks up at you. A little boy with blonde-brown hair and blue eyes stands next to her. “Hi! I’m Marlene, and this is Denzel. Who’re you?”

You smile at her. “I’m _________. How are you?”

“OK, just bored. Come play with us! Yuffie is supposed to be here with Papa soon, but they’re late.” She grabbed your hand and dragged you off to a corner with Denzel. Fortunately for you, the door opened again and a group of people walked in.

In the front was a huge dark-skinned man with a mechanical arm. A girl with short black hair followed him with an old guy with sun-bleached blonde hair and a cigarette in his mouth. A red creature followed them.

Marlene squealed happily. “Papa!” she yelled as she let you go and ran toward the huge man. You take this opportunity to get back to your seat.

Tifa and Cloud leave Reno to greet the group. “How are you doing, Barret?” Tifa asked

Barret grinned as he hoisted Marlene up on to his shoulders. “Never been better, Tifa!” he said with a smirk.

Denzel tackled the girl. “Where’ve you been, Yuffie?”

“Ugh, Denzel… can’t… breathe.” Yuffie gasped.

“I see you’re still a smoker as always, Cid.” Cloud told the old guy.

“Heh, it’ll take more than you guys to keep me from smokin’, Cloud.”

The red creature spoke. “Wanna bet, Cid?”

“Sure, Red! Let’s see you @$#%*& try and keep me from smokin’. &#%*#! Where’s my lighter?!”

Red XIII chuckled to himself and walked towards Vincent, waving his burning tail. He put his paws up on the table. “Hello, Vincent. Who’s your friend?”

“This is _________. She saved me while I was in the forest. There are some new monsters around there and one almost got me.”

“That’s amazing. I didn’t think anyone could stand against the mighty Vincent Valentine,” Red said.

Vincent looked at Red in surprise. “Since when did everyone start thinking that?”

You start ignoring your surroundings and pull your tattered hood up.

“Hey, ________, do you think you can tell us about the monsters?” You look up and see Cloud and the others watching you. You blush and feel your eyes change colors, from their usual dark blue to a lightning blue. You quickly look down so that they can’t see the change.

“Well, their size varies, but they’re pretty large, taller than me, (you’re about 5’7”) and are covered in light grey fur with goat hoof feet and long hand-like upper paws with long claws. They have goat horns, a forked tail like its tongue and huge teeth. That’s pretty much it.”

Cloud sat back. “So, Vincent, what makes you think that shin-ra made those things?”

“Because they were too determined and my bullets weren’t doing anything against its fur. Besides, it was too smart. It aimed for my gun, not me on the first strike. Anything before that was just it playing with its food.”

You nod. “Its only weakness is its eyes if you’re using a gun. Its fur protects it from anywhere else. I recommend using a sword if you’re at close range. I don’t know what else would be useful against it.”

Vincent nodded. “Even so, it didn’t run, even after an eye shot. Its persistence was unnatural.”

“Reno, what do you know of this?” Reno perked up at Cloud saying his name.

“Hey, man, listen, nothing has been going on that they’d tell us Turks about, alright?”

“Liar,” you mutter.

“WHAT?! You callin’ me a liar?!”

You look him in the eye as your eyes turn red. “You bet I did, liar. So change my mind about you and tell the truth, alright?” you say in your dangerous tone.

Reno stares at you. “What’s up with your eyes, dude?”

Cloud looks at your eyes. “They’ve turned as red as yours, Vincent!”

You look down. “My eyes sometimes change color depending on my mood. When I get angry, they change red. And I get very angry when people lie,” you said, looking up only to glare at Reno. “Oh, and I can tell when people are lying by their voice, and your voice was full with the guilt of lying.”

Reno looked away. “OK, OK, I give in. Yeah, the Sci-Fi freaks of shin-ra are playing with their science kits, but when aren’t they, huh? I mean, they’re always making new things, but I haven’t heard of any monsters being made, ya know?”

Your eyes return to their normal color as he tells the truth. Reno goes on to say that his boss, the president of shin-ra, had been acting odd recently and that everyone in the science department had been on edge, but other than that, nothing has given any sign of someone playing Dr. Frankenstein.

You glance around. Everyone was still staring at you, trying to decide what to think of you and your weird eyes. You glance at Vincent, but he just looks as stony and silent as usual. “What? He isn’t lying this time, I say as your personal polygraph tester,” you say dryly.

Vincent smirked as everyone blinked and looked away.

Tifa smiled slightly at you. “Do you have a place to stay? If not, you can stay here.”

You stand up. “I don’t need a home. I’m happy with the stars as my roof. Thank you for your hospitality.” You make the farewell sign of Mercury’s clan. “’may we meet at the planet’s end.’” You begin to leave.

“Please stay.” You turn around at the sound of Vincent’s voice. Everyone looked at him in surprise. When did he start caring?

You lower your head. “I’ve probably stayed too long. Trouble goes where I go. I don’t want to inflict that on anyone.” Again, you try to leave, but Vincent is suddenly between you and the door.

“I still owe you for saving my life. Until that debt is paid, I would appreciate it if you stayed here where I can find you,” he said slowly but with determination.

You glance away from his red eyes. When he gets angry, they remind you even more of your red eyes and your Danger Mode. “Fine,” you say reluctantly. Vincent nodded and you sat down again.

“What was with the fancy farewell an’ the weird hand language?” asked Cid as Red snarled at him for trying to light a cigarette on his tail flame.

You glance at the old man. He sat at the table with one hand on a mug of beer and the other wrapped around a huge lance. “You wouldn’t understand. You probably wouldn’t believe me, either.”

“Now what’s that supposed to mean?” Cloud asked.

You look at Cloud. “Because your kind has forgotten the old ways. You don’t believe in our kind anymore, we’ve been demoted to fairy tale creatures.”

“And what would that be?” Tifa asked.

You hesitate. “It would be easier to show you, but not now. I can only bring out her full power and recharge on full moons. You’ll understand then,” you say.

Barret swore. “I don’t like waitin’,” he growled.

You lock eyes with the huge man. “Unless you want me to be so worn down that I can’t control her, you’d better wait until tonight. I had to do a ceremony anyways.”

Everyone kept pressing you for answers, but you keep telling them to wait until night. You also recommend that the kids stay inside and Tifa agrees.

When night comes, you go outside. After wandering around with the group for a while, you find an old church that let moonlight shine through a hole in the roof to reveal a crystal pool with flower petals floating in it. You walk in towards a spot filled with moonlight. As the light bathed you, your wooden blade glows, this time white. You take it out and set it on a pew, where it continues to charge its power.

Then the changes begin.

Mercury awakens in your mind and greets you in dragon-tongue. Then she takes over with your permission.

Your cloak transforms into large bat-like wings that catch fire. You hear Tifa gasp and Yuffie muffle a scream. You try to reassure them, but your changing mouth stops you. You’d be able to speak once the change was done, but for now you’d have to be silent.

Slowly, you transform into a dragon with a tail like Red’s and flaming wings that stood on two legs and had upper paws like hands. Your face is pretty much human, except that you have huge fangs and eyes that seemed to hold fire.

The moonlight seems to call to you, but first you must reassure your new friends. “You see? Within me is the consciousness of Mercury, a legendary creature. Her genes are in my blood, and she has a mind of her own. Now if you’ll excuse me, the moonlight is calling and Mercury wants to fly.”

“Wait.” You turn around, a bit annoyed at the inconvenience. You’re burning hair falls over your shoulders. You stare as Vincent winces and everyone backs away from him, glancing fearfully at each other. What was going on?

Vincent’s POV

As soon as her wings emerged, Chaos started fighting for control. I fought him for as long as I could, but when she started talking about Mercury, I lost control and Chaos broke through.

You’re POV

You stare as there is a sudden burst of red light and Vincent disappears. In his place is an air element demon-dragon. Both you and Mercury are shocked at this.

“Vincent is… Chaos?”

“It appears that way, but who’s Chaos?”

“I haven’t told you? Chaos is the most powerful of the air element. He can use energy waves strong enough to cripple original, full sized dragons. I was supposed to defeat him centuries ago when he tried to awaken Omega too soon, but… I instead fell in love with him and him with me.”

“You mean, you’re that things mate?!”

Chaos smirked at you. “It’s been a while… Mercury.”

Mercury took over vocally. “Chaos, you know that you have to cooperate with your tamer. You’re causing him too much pain for him to have OKd that change.”

“Yeah, well if Vinny Boy would let me out like yours does, and if he’d actually appreciate me, I wouldn’t have to!”

“Chaos, maybe if you’d actually do this little thing called behaving while you are out, then he’d let you out more. Like right now, if you gave him some freedom in your form, he’d appreciate it. Just look at my human.”

“What?! And give up the little freedom I have?!”

“Or you could have to fight for every moment of freedom. Your choice, Chaos dear.”

Chaos blinked and suddenly a different expression came over his face. “What’s going on?”

You take over vocally. “Are you going to fly with us or not?” you ask as you pick up your weapon.

He blinks and flaps his ripped wings. You smirk and fly up after him. You could almost hear Vincent telling Chaos off for taking off so suddenly. You fly up to them and pass them as Mercury yells, “Come on, slowpokes! You’re gonna be late!”

Vincent’s POV

To my surprise, Chaos gave me control. I stare at Mercury/__________ as they/it said, “Well? Are you going to fly with us or not?” Before I can respond, Chaos takes over the wing and soars out the hole in the roof.

“Chaos, you idiot! What are you doing?”

“Nice to see you too, boss. Isn’t it pretty obvious what I’m doing?”

“Oh, when did I become boss, hm? You haven’t given me an instant of control until now, so I have a right to be angry and confused of your intentions, alright?!”

“Temper, temper. Ya know, ya need to keep that in check.”

“Says the one who goes blood crazy every time someone says something that reminds him of blood.”

“Come on, slowpokes! You’re gonna be late!” A flaming dragon flew past us. Chaos took control of the wings and flew towards it. The dragon laughed and spiraled around us. “Come on! I’m flying circles around you! I can out-fly with one talon behind my back! You’ve really slowed down these past few centuries, ya know?”

Chaos soared past her and screamed in joy. “Ha HA!! You can NEVER out-fly the mighty all powerful Chaos! Those who try shall be left in the dust!”

“Must you make everything into a competition?”

“Hey, she started it!”

“Well don’t finish it like this!

Mercury soared past Chaos again. “Chaos, you know the place. Yeah, Vincent, just follow us if you don’t want Chaos to control the wings. Oh come on, let him fly! I haven’t had a good fly in centuries! No, Mercury, not if he doesn’t want to. OK, why are we conversing out of mind? Dunno, maybe we’re crazy.”

“I could’ve told ya that, crazy flames!” Chaos yelled.

“Hey, Chaos, here’s the first reason that you should listen to Vincent and let him be in control!” She flew behind Chaos and pinned his wings to his side. He struggled for a moment and went limp. “Uh-uh. I ain’t fallin’ for that, Chaos. Go on, let Vin-Vin take control.” Mercury added.

“OK, OK!” Almost immediately, the death grip is broken, and I whirl around and snatch her with the gold hand. She laughs and breaks my grip on her.

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