Jeff Hardy love Story ~?~

So, this is a new chapter to the Jeff Hardy story,sorry i've been so caught up in the newest Matt Hardy one called DX's Partner In Crime And The Stealer Of Matt's Heart.. Check it out.. and the story left off when clubbing with Greg,Matt,Greg's new girlfriend,Shannon,and John.. Jeff was suppose to arrive later and I hadnt seen him since him and I went out 6 yrs. ago we'll say.. I only seen that we went clubbing becuzthis lame new format cut off alot of the chapter in the story..Oh,and btw.. I spell you-yu.

Created by RaiLuvsMattHardy4Ev on Saturday, July 05, 2008


Greg opened the barz door for his girlfriend,then Shannon and Matt tried running in at once but the gaurd stopped the guys to frisk them.. I laughed softly at Matt's face as he got frisked.. I watched on as Shannon was trying to run in but the guard had to keep hold of him.. I went up to the guard and Shannon.
"Shannon if yu keep acting like this im driving yu to yur apartment... frisking isn't getting murdered"I laughed.
"Then why can Greg's girl go in without getting frisked?" Shannon asked in a matter-o-fact tone.
"Chicks dont get frisked,Mooreon.." I laughed softly.
"But yu will,miss...yu look very suspicious.." One of the guards said.
"Fine by me.." I say softly and look away,I hated when people frisk me cuz I look suspicious.
"As yu were saying? Shannon asked.
"I just hate being frisked cuz I look suspicious somehow.." I say softly.. Matt hugged me while Greg finished getting frisked.. then I was up.. I took a deep breathe.. the guard went to check my shoes so I made my knee go up fast and it hit him in the face.
"Sorryyyyyy" I say with an innocent smile.
"Mhmm...." he said softly.
"Please dont make that noise when yur friskin me.." I say in a snobby tone.. he nodded his head.. he then checked my sleeves of my jacket.. then I hurried and kicked him in the nuts.. then I,Matt,Shannon,And Greg ran in before the guard got up from the ground...
"Cant believe ya'll need to be frisked when yur famous" I say softly.
"Its not easy at all......hey, where's Blair?"John said lookin around..then we spotted her at a table calling our names..well,not mine.only Greg Johns and Shannons. I grabbed John and Matt's hands..then walked over and shannon was behind me..Greg was infront of John Matt and I. we slowly sat down..
"We were wondering where yu were..." John said softly.
Shannon smiled evily and said "ima go find a chick to get laid.."
I nodded my head in disappointment at him.
"What, Adrinaline?" Shannon asked.
"Yu disappoint me Shannon" I say.
"Same here" Blair butted in.
"It's just one night..." Shannon says.
"A one night stand? No Shannon..stay away from chicks like that If its only for one night!" I say.
"Why?" Shannon says, "Yu dont tell me what to do"
"Okay..think of a book--" I start.
"Oh,don't be changing the subject" Shannon says.
"I'm not.AsI was saying...Think of a book.. To a guy,love is only a chapter.. to a girl... Well,Its the whole book...If they really start to like yu they'll feel miserable when yur gone.." I say softly.
"How do yu know?" Shannon asked.
"Oh, I know.." I glanced over to John...Shannon saw.
"No wai.........yu and John??!" Shannon asked.
"Huh?!?? Uhh....." I say.
"Yeah..we did...once...But thats in the more questions about it..." John says.
"When was it?" Shannon asked.. I bit my lip.
"No need to say when...just not recently... not even in the past month.. lets just say he was on a visit to his house and its when I was back in Newsbury,Mass. for a model photoshoot... They hated me and hated how I was I quit..and I was out celebrating.." I say softly. I covered my mouth, greg gasped.
"Yu were with Shannon at the time dude........." Greg said..I looked to the ground.
"I wasnt even drunk....I guess it's cuz I was mad at Shannon fer hittin on Candice Michelle........" I say softly.. Shannon was so upset at the point....
"That was only a promo....................." Shannon said with a deep breathe.
I looked to the ground. "But,don't get mad at John fer it...he didn't know I was with yu...." I said calmly.
"yu whore......" Shannon said softly. I looked at him,that had really downed my mood.
"Uh,come'on Adrien.. lets go dance..Shannon didnt mean it...besides...Jeff is on his way and he doesnt know yur here so.... yu gotta be happy fer him" Matt says.
I looked at Matt next to me, "That sounded so wrong." I say.
"Oh, ew, ADRIEN" Matt says.
"That sounded wrong,too..besides the ew..but it made it sound like oo" I say softly.. he chuckled and shoved on my shoulder playfully. I giggled and he stood up and held his hand out to me..I took it happily and walked to the dance-floor hand-in-hand with him.. I didn't LOVE Matt..and I still had feelings fer Shannon...and I really didnt know if I had feelings fer Jeff since I hadnt seen him since the last time I was with in..together..but we split cuz he got angry about something and yelled at me and he lost his temper and hit me fer it when it wasnt my fault....since then him and I havent talked and when I would see him on tv,i'd hide behind a pillow..It was a jumpy hyper song, Riot by Three Days Grace... I smiled about it and was just rockin out to it with Matt...Soon I felt someone against me but behind me..i knew it wasnt Matt so I turned to see Jeff.. I smiled softly..i didnt want to smile..
"Hey,whats up Jeff-erz?" I asked cheerfully.
"Nothin,just came here.. I was wonderin why Matt was dancin with yu...yu dont care about him anywayz..." Jeff said... I slapped him.
"I do care about yur brother..i just dont Love him,Love him.. him and I are only friends" I say.
"sure..and I freaked britney spears" Jeff says..he was pretty heated about me slapping him..
"I'm tellin the truth! Just cuz I was a model and quit makes me a whore?!" I screamed.
"No! The fact that I KNEW yu and John had a one night stand is what makes yu a whore" Jeff says.
"Whoa-whoa..Jeff yu dont talk to a woman like that.." Matt says.
"That's a woman?! SheiittI thought she was a creature" Jeff said..I went to slap him but he caught my wrist and twisted it and had it against my back..I had been mumbling in pain.
"Jeff,leave her alone!" Shannon shouted behind him.
"So what am I suppose to do! Let her get away with what she did?!!"Jeff asked.
"That was 2 months ago...and I didnt know what I was doing!" I shouted..
"But yu were sober,Thats all that matters!" Jeff shoutz.. I flipped backwards and had his arm twisted behind his back,too.. and then I kicked him in the back so he flew frontwards and ran into an unused table.. he turned around quickly.
"Paybacks a bitch" Jeff said calmly.. he darted after me and I jumped to the side... shannon wrapped his arms around me and I looked at him..
"What the? i thought yu'd be the last one to help me from getting killed" I say softly. Jeff shoved Shannon and grabbed me by the head and began kissing me roughly.. I pulled away in shock..
"What the fuck are yu doing?" I asked.
"I love you" Jeff said softly, "And I hope yu love me back" Jeff said.. I just looked at him in the eyes...
"I" I say softly.. It was true..I did like Jeff again... the kiss brought back the feelings I had fer him.
"But no one night stands with Matt...kapeesh?" Jeff asked.
"Duh!" I smiled.
He smiled and hugged me...we turned and seen everyone at the table just...watching Jeff and I.
"Move on with ya lifes!!" I screamed jokingly.
"hunny,what are yu doin????" Blair asked disappointingly..
"What?? There's nothing wrong with Jeff" I say in a snobby tone.. I hated when people dissed Jeff..I always took it really personally...something Blair didnt know..
"He's abusive towards yu...." Blair said.
"Nuh-uh!!! I love him and yu can't change that!! It's true,Yu can't control who yu fall fer!!" I say.. John stood up and hugged me.
"I agree totally" John lied... John glanced at Jeff ..
'dont yu hurt her or im comin after yu..she tells me everythin' John mouthed to Jeff behind my back.. Jeff nodded.
"Seriously Jeff" John said aloud and shoke his hand, "In no way at all" he continued..
"Don't worry,I love this woman" Jeff says.
"So NOOWWW im a woman" I joked. I knew what John was sayin to Jeff.. I rolled my eyes...

this is where I stop cuz its 6:19 AM here and im goin to bed cuz I havent yet..buh-bye!!

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