Slave{{A Sesshomaru One Shot}}

one shot xD

Created by silverthewolf on Saturday, July 05, 2008


Name: Kasai Seishou
Age: Appears around 18 human yrs/500 demon yrs
Looks:aaaaaaaaaaaaafirexDaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.jpg(Ignore gun)
Personality: Firey,hates being ordered around,angered easily,has a soft spot for kids,caring to kids.
Race: Dog Demon
Transformed looks-kasai.jpg
You were sitting at the edge of a lake,thinking.SUddenly,you sensed people nearby,along with some demons.YOu got up and ran,but apparently not fast enough,because you were grabbed from behind.YOu struggled,but someone hit you over the head,very hard,knocking you out.Your body was lifted up and placed on something cold.
A few hours later,you awoke to whimpering and you immdiatly saw around 20 other girls in the same 'room' you were in.
You: Where are we?
Girl: We're going to be sold as slaves!
Your eyes widened and you immediatly went crazy.You were angry,and it took 10 men to get you under their control.
Man: Alright,your first up since your so fiery.
As soon as all but one man let go of your chains,you started thrashing around again.THey dragged you to the stage and up it,then they all stood behind you so people could see you.
Announcer: As you can see,this one is fiery.DO we have any bids?
You continued to thrash around,growling.Bids were going higher for you,but you were unawares.
You were getting angrier by the second.By now you were shaking with rage,and your ankle,wrists,waist, and neck were hurting from the chains.Suddenly,you heard 'Sold!' and you were being drug from the stage.After being dragged for a minute,you suddenly found yourself standing in front of a man with long silvery white hair-SesshomaruxDxD.jpg.YOu were still struggling,and when he grabbed your chains and everyone else let go,you increased your struggle.YOu could tell he was a dog demon,but you didnt care.He dragged you outside,pulling you along for about 2 miles,and then he turned around.YOu continued to struggle.
You: LET ME GO!!!
His eyes narrowed.SLAP!You heard the impact,felt the sting.You went crazy.Flames surrounded you and you transformed into your full demon form.YOu were snarling,and the chains were still around your 4 paws,as wells as around your neck and stomach.The man reined you in,pulling your head down so it was level with his.He stared at you coldly,and you opened your mouth,snarling.
Man: Shut up.You are mine now,so you will do as I say.Stop struggling.
Something about his calm demeanor and the way he said those words to you made you stop struggling.You slowly transformed back into your normal form.YOu glared at him feircly.He glared back,and something about him seamed to demand for respect.
Man: I am Lord Sesshomaru,and you will addressme as Lord Sesshomaru,and nothing else.YOu are to take care of Rin.If anything ever happens to her,you will be held responsible,and punished severly.Now,lets go.
You growled,but followed along grudgingly.After about 30 minutes,you made it outside a clearing nad your chains were taken off.
Sesshomaru: I dont want Rin to see you chained up,so I am taking your chains off.Dont try to run,because if you do I will kill you.
YOu believed him,so you stayed put.As you saw a little girl rush towards Sesshomaru,then your eyes softened a bit.She ran up and hugged his leg.You presumed thiswas Rin.
Rin: Lord Sesshomaru!Your back!
A little ugly green imp cam up next and you still stood behind Sesshomaru.
Imp: Lord Sesshomaru!Your back!Who is the person behind you?
Sesshomaru turned to face you and raised an eyebrow,clearly asking your name.
You: Kasai Seishou.
Sesshomaru: She is going to be taking care of Rin while we travel.
Rin: Are you a demon,too,Kasai?
You: Yes.
Rin: What kind?Half demon?
You: No,Im not a filthy half breed,im a dog demon.
Rin: Ooh!Like Lord Sesshomaru!Your really pretty!
You: Thank you,as are you.
Rin: Thank you!
Sesshomaru: You are going to protect Rin with your life,and you are to teach her a few things.You will also be cooking for usand anything else we need.
You didnt want to agree,but you thought of Rin and you decided that she would probably be better off with you,so you nodded.Sesshomaru started into the clearing,and Rin and the imp followed him,so you did too.As you got to the center of the clearing,youlooked around.
You: Is there anything that needs to be done,Lord Sesshomaru?
Sesshomaru: Its around tiem we eat,so cook,then you need to clean and wash some clothes.
You nodded and then looked through what they had,which was little,so you decided to go catch fish to add to the meal.
You: Lord Sesshomaru,may I go catch some fish?
Sessomaru: Hn.Fine.
You bowed and followed your nose to a nearby river.You saw all of the fish swiming by and knealed by the side of the river,not noticing that Rin,Sesshomaru and the little imp had followed you,but stood in the trees cover.You watched the water intently,and occasionally your hand flashed through the water,and you had a fish or sometimes tw in hand.You threw the fish you caught next to you.Afteryou had caught plenty,you grabbeda nearby stick,washed it in the river then sharpened one end to a point using your claws.After sticking all of the fish on the stick,you stood up and walked back to the clearing.Sesshomaru and the others were standing near the two-headed dragon.You quickly bowed,then went to work building up a fire.
You: Lord Sesshomaru,would you rather stew or just regualar fish?
Sesshomaru: Fish.
You: Miss Rin,what would you like?
Rin: Stew please!
You: What would you like,Master-?
Imp: Jaken.Fish will do.
You nodded,then set to work.You sharpened 3 sticks,and then split the fish among the three sticks.After one stick was completly done,you took it out of the fire,and cut up the fish,plucking outthe bones at a lighting fast speed.YOu had also set some water on to boil,and it was now doing so.YOu quickly got together ingrediant and made a broth.YOu then put in some vegetable and finally,added the fish just as the rest of the fish were done.
You: Here you go Miss Rin,your stew.
YOu quickly grabbed the two remaining sticks of fish,then walked around the fire,bowed and handed on to Sesshomaru,then the other to Jaken.You sat back down on the opposite side of fire again.
Rin: Arent you going to eat Kasai?
You: No,not just yet.
Rin: Why not?
You: I dont want to.Dont worry about me.You go ahead and eat,I'm fine.
Rin just nodded,and continued to eat.You stared into the flames and thought back to your childhood days.You didnt even notice when some fish were held out to you.You felt somethingwarm against your hand and looked down at the fish which was hitting your hand.You looked over at Sesshomaru who only nodded,and you took the fish and ate quickly.After you were done eating,you immediatly set to to work cleaning up.Once you were dont with that,then you got the dirty clothes and set to work washing them.
~~Sesshomaru's POV~~
When Kasai went to wash the clothes,immediatly Rin started talking.
Rin: How come Kasai doesnt talk?And how come she's doing all of the chores by herself?Shoudnt we help her?
Jaken: Close your mouth girl!
Rin looked at you expectantly,and you stared emotionlessly back.
You: I dont know why she doesnt talk.No,I brought her here to do all the chores so I could focus on other things,and so you could relax.
Rin: Oh.Okay.
~~Your POV~~
When you walked back with the clothes,you could smell something nearby.It smelled like a half demon,as well as some humans.You picked up your pace and as soon as you entered the clearing,you came up to Sesshomaru
You: Lord Sesshomaru,there are a few humans and a half demon nearby...
Sesshoamaru: I know.Keep Rin back and safe.
You only nodded and soon,a white haired half demon came into the clearing,soon followed by a human girl,then a little demon fox,a monk and another human woman with a demon cat.You growled and stepped in front of Rin,pushing hr back a ways.The group of people didnt seem to notice you.The half demon walked forward.
Sesshomaru: Inuyasha,I havent the time for this.
Inuyasha:Then you had better make time!
Inuyasha then pulled out his sword,and charged at Sesshomaru.Even though he was fast and used many attacks,Sesshomaru was faster and dodged every single one of them.Then Inuyasha noticed you and Rin,and smirked.He changed course and directed his attacks towards you.You saw the attack coming and you quickly used your claws to slash through it,stopping it.Inuyasha continued to direct his attacks towards you,but Sesshoamru was about to hit Inuyasha with his claws.Inuyasha threw one more attack at you,a very powerful one,and you couldnt move out of the way because of where you were,so instead you tranformed into your full demon form and used your own attack to deflect his own,but your attack didnt fully work,so you still got hit.Your body was ripped into,and in the end you could barely see from blood going into your eyes,but you forced yourself to protect Rin.You stood your ground.Making a fire barrier around yourself and Rin,you waited.As more attacks came your way,you once again sent your own.THis time,you succesfully deflected them.You then turned around and nudged Rin back a little bit.When you turned back around,you saw another atack coming towards you.You thought fast and mustered up your own attack,only it was 10 times more powerful,and you shot it back.Your attack dissintegrated his and it caught Inuyasha full force.This time,he ended up running,seriously injured.Sesshomaru came back over to you as you tranformed back.You had huge slashes all over your body,but instead of taking care of yourself,you turned around to take care of Rin.
You: Are you okay Miss Rin?
Rin: Im fine,thanks!But what about you?You look pretty badly injured!
You: Im fine.Are you sure you're okay?
Rin: Yes,but you got hit full force by Inuyashas attack!
You: Im fine.I shouldnt be allowed to call myself a demon if something as weak as that attack stopped me or slowed me down.
Sesshomaru watched you the entire time,expecting you to ask him to rest so you could tend to your wounds,but you didnt,which surprised him.You just continued on working,making sure not to get blood on anything.Once everything was done,you walked over to him and bowed.
You: Is there anything else you need me to do,Lord Sesshomaru?
Sesshomaru: Yes.I need youto clean yourself up so that your ready to travel in the morning.Dont protest,just do it.Go to the river and bathe and tend to your wounds.
You merely nodded,surprised,and then took off towards the river.Once there,you slowly looked around,then checked the airfor scents of people nearby and once you were sure nobody was here,you slowly took off your clothes.Once you entered the river,you foud it was quite cold.You gasped a little,but quickly got used to it.After you were done washing your wounds,you stepped out of the water,ready to bandage your wounds.You gasped as arms wrapped around your naked body.A demon put his head next to yours and you could smell his putrid breath and see his green face.YOu growled and grabbed his wrists,which were around your waist and working there way down,and ripped his hands and arms away from your body.At the same time you turned around,and you kicke him in the gut,then broked his wrists.He was on the ground,furious and whimpering,so you decided to end his misery and you snapped his neck.You growled and stepped back into the river to wash yourself again.Once that was done,you bandaged yourself then got dressed again.Hurrying back to camp,you thought of how disgusting that demon had been.As soon as you stepped into the clearing,Sesshoamru came striding up.You met him halfway and bowed.
Sesshoamru: What took you so long?
You: Im sorry,Lord Sesshomaru.
Sesshoamru: YOu didnt answer my question.
You: -sigh- A demon came,so I had to kill it.
Sesshomaru: Hn.Come we're going to sleep.
You only nodded and followed Sesshomaru back over to the campfire.Jaken and Rin were sleeping so you were as quiet as possible.You jumped into the lone tree in the midle of the clearing,which was right next to where Rin slept,and settled down.A few minutes later,you heard whimpering and you looked down.You noticed Rin was sweating,whimpering and tossing and turning in her bed.You jumped down and knelt by her side.Stroking her hair,you sang her a lullaby quietly,and you didnt think Sesshomaru herd,but he did.Soon Rin was settle down again and you jumped backinto the tree.You drifted in a peaceful slumber,yet still aware of your surroundings.
~~FF 6 months later~~
It has been 6 months since you became Sesshomaru's 'slave'.At first you hated it,but now you are content with it.YOu and rin have become close,and whenever she is having nightmares,you always come to her and she almost always askes you to sleep with her when she has one.You have always protcted Rin whenever you were attacked,while Sesshomaru fought.You had to admit,there was an attraction to Sesshomaru by now,but you pushed it back.You still held in your mind a motto from your father-Love Makes Us Weak.Youwere currentlycleaning while Rin played only a few feet behind you.Suddenly she screamed and you turned around in an instant.She was being carried off by giant insects.You growled and killed the one that had grabbed her,but more came.You grabbed Rin and held her close to you once you smelled the poison from the bugs.Making sure she couldnt inhale the poision,you jumped away,but were pursued by the insects.Sesshomaru had left for a while to track someone called Naraku.Suddenly,all of the bugs grabbed you,adn started to fly of with you.YOu couldnt risk killing them,they would only release poision which would kill Rin,so you tryed to struggles free(I am quite aware that the bugs dont release poison,but its my story so in here they do xD).Rin was calling for Sesshomaru,and you were struggling to get free.Sesshomaru appeared in the clearing a moment later and saw you all.
Sesshomaru: Kill them,Kasai!You: I cant!When I kill them,they releasea poison and I cant risk Rin getting poisoned!There has to be another way!But suddenly,you were carried off further.Minutes later you were dropped in front of a person with long white clothes and a mask on.You guessed this was Naraku since that was what Sesshoamru had described him as.You snarled and backed away.He laughed evilly and stepped closer to you.YOu snarled and kept Rin close.When he reached out a hand towards Rin,you lashed out.HIs hand was ripped open by your claws.He got angry and slapped you,hard.That was like a trigger.You snarled and transformed int your full demon self.YOu wrapped your tail around rin and put her on your back,where she clung to your fur ferverently.You snarled again and attacked.He dodged a lot of your attacks,but you still hit him a few times.Once he was back a little ways away,you looked behind you at the Miasma.YOu growled and then looked at Rin.
You: Hold on tight and put your face in myfur.Dont lift your face until I say so.
She only nodded and did as she was told.You swiped at Naraku one mroe time as he came closer and then took off.You jumped off the edge of the cliff you wer on,into the miasma.You sped through it at a lightning speed,your tail wrapped around Rin for safety reasons.You noticed that hundred of demons were following you,but you ignored them until they came clos enough for fire from your tail to hit them.YOur fire didnt harm Rin,but it did the demons.After a few minutes,you were out of the miasma and running towards Sesshomaru's scent.You ran full throttle past a group of people,which consisted of 3 wolf demons,the half demon Inuyasha,the two human women,the monk and the demon fox and demon cat.You were stopped by a demon biting your leg.YOu turned around full force and bit into its neck,killing it instantly.Youpicked Rin up with your tail gently,and set her down.You turned around t face her,putting your back to the demons which for some reason had stopped and seemed to be watiing for you.
You: Run,Rin.Run back to Lord Sesshomaru.Just keep running in the direction im going to face you,and you'll come upon Lord Sesshomaru.Tell him where I am and whats going on,okay?Run,Rin.
Rin: O-Okay.Be okay Kisai?Please be okay.
You: Dont worry about me,kid.Worry aboutyourself.Now run and do as I said.
Rin nodded and started running in the direction you faced her.You then turned around to face the demons.You were furious by now,and didnt even notice that the group was still there,but too surprised to attack.You transformed intoyor normal state,and went to fighting.Soon after,everyone from the group joined in.Your ears were pricked for any sign of Lord Sesshomaru as you fougt the demons.YOu killed them easily,but there were too many.You growled and transformed back into your full demon state.You moved the people from the group out of the way,then took a deep breath and your whole body lit up in flames.But the flames were not all ordianry.Some of the flames were orange,some black,somepurple and a few blue.You opened your mouth and a huge ball of fire formed inside of your mouth.It was a mixed ball of flaes containing black,orange,blue and purple flames.You lashed out your tail towards a person who ran forward from the group.ONce the ball was HUGE,then you clsoed your mouth with a snap,shotting the bal through the demons.The ball grew tendrels,and it killed all of the demons as it went through.Finally,all of the demons were dead.YOu growled and stumbled slightly,but kept your balance.Swaying a bit,you turned your head to look at the group of people.YOu noticed that Sesshomaru was walking towards youin the distance.You turned towards him,but you stumbled from energy loss again,and just barely caught yourself.You growled again,then looked at the group.All of their faces held astounded expressions.You trembled slightly,but kept your balance.You slowly transformed into your normal form,and took one step towards Sesshoamru,but your world spun around.Finally,Sesshomaru got there and grabbed your upper arm.
Sesshomaru: Lets go.
You just nodded and stumbled along behind him.You felt that all of the people in the groups eyes were on you.When youtripped and fell,Sesshomaru jeked you up roughly,then set off at a brisk walk again.Unknowing to you,Koga the wolf demon darted forward.(You dont know his name,but im too tired of putting 'the wolf demon','the human' and so forth xD)He stood in front of Sesshomaru in a flash.
Koga: You cant treat a girl like that!Thats disrespectful!
Sesshomaru: I can treat her however I like.She is mine.Now move.
Koga: Nobody owns women!
Sesshomaru: I do.Now move.
Koga: No you dont!They are'nt property!
Sesshomaru: THis girl was caught and sold as a slave.I bought her,therefore she is mine.Now move.
You shrank slightly at the word 'slave',a reminder of what you truly were.
Koga: Thats impossible!Slave dealing was banned!
Sesshomaru: Why dont you ask her?She'll tell you all about it.It might have been banned,but that doesnt stop ayone from doing it still.Move.
Koga: Were you sold as a slave?
You: Yes.
Koga: What happened?Happens?
You: People catch girls and women,put them in a cage,chain them up then set up a time and date for an auction.When the day comes,each girl is walked up to the stage,or dragged in my case, and she must stand there while people bid on her.
Koga: How high did your bids go?
You: I dont know.I was too busy fighting to get free to pay attention.All I know is suddenly I was dragged off stage and they handed the chains over to Lord Sesshomaru.
Sesshomaru: Your bids started at 500,but went all the way up to over 300,000.People thought you were firey and would be a good sex slave because of that.-shrug-
Your eyes widened and you stiffened.
You: How do you know that,Lord Sesshomaru?
Sesshomaru: I heard everyone talking,obviously.
Suddenly,a chain appeared around your neck,wrists,ankles,and waist.You jerked backin surprise.Sesshomaru held onto the end of the chains.
Sesshomaru: Dont even think about running.You wont be able to.
You were frozen on spot,your eyes wide.The chains reminded you of how you were caught,andwhat you went through.They reminded you of the scars on your ankles,wrists,neck and waist from the chains digging into your skin when you fought everyone to get your freedom back.You hadnt even ben thinking about running,but as those memories flashed across your mind,and more of when you were free,you suddenly didnt want to be a slave anymore.You didnt get why he thought you were going to run,but he had made a mistake by putting the chains on you again,and he apparently knew tht from the look in your eyes.By now,everyone from the group was standing in front of Sesshomaru and you.
Sesshomaru: Dont.
You: I wasnt even going to run!But since you accused me that I was going to,and since you put these chains on me,to remind me of those days when I was captured,I dont think I want to listen anymore!
You growled and he stood calmly.
Sesshomaru: IF you even try to run,I will kill you.
You growled,showing you didnt care.Your body trembled with anger,and suddenly Rin ran up through the crowd.She saw you and froze.
Rin: W-Whats going on,Lord Sesshomaru?
Jaken appeared next to her and shook his head.
Jaken: I knew that one day she would try to run!
You growled and lunged at Jaken,but were pulled back sharply by the chain around your neck,which Sesshomaru had tightened instead of any of the others.You fell back,choking.Everyone in the group looked disgusted,but seemed to be unable to move.
You: Dont you tell me what you knew!You knew nothing!I wasnt ever going to run until he put these damned chains on me again!So dont TALK!!!
YOu screamed the last part,and suddenly Jaken hit you in the face with his staff,and Sesshomaru pulled you back by the neck chain and slapped you.You hated getting hit in the face,so you went crazy.You jerked,thentransformed out of anger.The chains grew along with your size.YOu growled and lunged at Jaken again.Just as you were about to snap your jaws closed over his head,Rin appeared in front of him,holding her arms out,protecting him.
Rin: S-Stop it,Kasai!Stop it!I dont want you to be liek this!You're scaring me!
You went stiff at those words and backed away slowly,trembling.You bowed your head to the ground in submittence,and finally stood next to Sesshomaru again,who looked up at you coldly.He suddenly had out his sword and raised it.RIn screamed and rushed forward as he brought it down on you.You just simply took two steps forward so he didnt cut your neck.Instead,he cut your side.You were bleeding heavily,and he couldnt figure out why his sword didnt go all the way through,but he didnt show it.Rin rushed up to you and held onto your leg.You stared at Jaken with cold and unforgiving eyes,as if it was his fault.Rin was crying,but you continued to stare at Jaken.He shrunk under your gaze and darted next to Sesshomaru.You then looked up at the sky slowly.You were gettinga bit dizzy from blood loss,so you layed down.Rin cuddled into your neck fur,hugging you tightstill crying.Sesshomaru noticed this,and told Jaken to heal you.He asked how,and Sesshomaru told him any way he could.Rin cryed herself to sleep,still cuddling the fur on your neck.Jaken was wrapping your wound,but you didnt care.You also didnt care that the chains had dissapeared.Once the wound had been wrapped up and had stopped bleeding,Sesshomaru walked over to get Rin,but she wouldnt let go of your fur.When he tryed to pry her fingers from your fur,you yelped softly from your fur getting pulled.He gave up and you curled your head around her body.
Miroku: Oh my.That seems so..out of character...
Sango: Yeah...Who would have thought it?
Shippo: Caring?Thats different.
Kagome: Yea...It is.
Inuyasha: The great Sesshomaru actually being kind and caring?I must be dreaming.
You had long since figured out they were talking about Sesshomaru,and you noticed that the wolf demons didnt say anything.You also noticed that Sesshomaru was glaring at them coldly.You lay there for a moment more,then fire slowly came from your body and wrapped around Rin.A couple of people gasped,but you lay there calmly.The fire released your fur from Rin's grip and picked he up.YOu stood up,shook yourself and then set her on your back.She instantly curled her fingers into your fur again,holding tight.You then looked at Sesshomaru and he looked back for a moment,then walked around the group.You followed,limping just slightly,and Jaken ran to catch up.The group watched you leave,a bit sadly,but didnt do anything to follow or stop you.As you got bac to the camp,you gently lifted Rin off of you using your tail,then covered her with her blanket using your teeth.You then transformed back and started doing your uncompleted chores.
Jaken: Im surprised she can stand,let alone do her chores!No human could,if they had been hit with your sword,Lord Sesshoamru!
You: I mean no disrespect,but I am no human.I am a full demon,so you should not be surprised that I can stand and do my chores,Master Jaken.
You kept working quickly as you said this calmly.Once you were done with your chores you bowed to Sesshomaru.
You: Is there andything else you need me to do,Lord Sesshomaru?
Sesshomaru: Come with me.Jaken,protect Rin and take care of her while we're gone.
Jaken: Yes,Lord Sesshomaru.
You were confused but nodded.Sesshomaru gripped your upper arm gently(xO Gently?!?!xD) and led you away.A few minutes later,you arrived at a hotspring.
You: I can wash myself,Lord Sesshomaru.
Sesshomaru: Can you?I doubt you can even take off your own shirt.
You: Yes I can.
You attempted to pull up your shirt,but gasped and winced from pain.Sesshoamru raised an eyebrow.
Sesshomaru: Need help?
Sesshomaru smirke,then came over andpulled your hsirt over your head,making sure not to touch your bandaged wound.He then pulled down your shorts,which you stepped out of.You were blushing like crazy,but he didnt seem to notice.He led you over to the edge of the hotspring,working off your bandages while he did.Once there,he threw down the dirty bandages,then pulled your bra off,followed by your underwear.You immediatly stepped into the hotspring.Unknowing to you,he eased his clothes off and stepped into the hotspring.He sat next to you.
Sesshomaru: Move forward.
You didnt know why he wnted you to,but you complyed.He move behind you and started washing your back.You stiffened at first,but then you relaxed.Once he was done washing your back,he turned you around and washed your front.You blushed heavily,but he didnt seem to care.Then he moved down to your legs.Once he was done washing you,he ordered you to stay in the hotspring,and then wahsed himself.Once he was done,he wallked over to you and placed his hand on your cheek.You gasped slightly,and he put his other hand behind your neck.He pulled you closer to him,and you were blushing very dark red.Your body was now pressed up against Sesshomaru's.You closed your eyes,watiing for him to hit you.When you felt pressure on your lips,your eyes snapped open in surprise.Sesshoamru was kissing you!Your eyes slowly closed and your arms found their way around his neck.He licked your lips,but you stubbornly kept them closed.You felt him smirk against your lips,then he moved his head down to your nck.Suddenly,he bit your neck,drawing blood.You gasped and he took this chance to raise his headup and slip histongue into your mouth.His tongue explored every inch of you mouth.SUddenly,he pulled back.
Sesshomaru: Now you are mine.My mate.
He kissed you again,and after a few minutes,you pulled away and brought your head down to his neck,biting him back,also drawing blood.As you pulled away,you smirked.
You: And now,you are mine.My mate.
Sesshomaru smirked again.He ksised you once more,then led you out of the hotsprings.He admired your body for a moment,smirking,and you blushed a dark red.After he was done,he dressed you,then himself.Suddenly,he picked you up bridal style.You gasped nad blushed.He carried you back to camp and upon entering,Jaken looked up and gasped,his eyes wide.RIn was awake and she grinned,runnign up and hugging you both,while you blushed deeply.
Rin: Now I havea daddy and a mommy!
You blushed and she hugged you again.Sesshomaru walked over and lay you down on his sleeping pallet.Rin ran up and hugged you again.
Rin: I love you Mommy!
You gasped,but hugged her back.
You: I-I love you too,Rin.
Sesshomaru smiled,yes smiled not smirked,then sat down next to you and hugged you and Rin.
That night,you fell asleep with Rin curled against you and Sesshomaru holding you.
~~Hope you liked it!xD~~

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