Together Forever: A Pokemon Love Story: Part One

Hi! This is my first Pokemon love story and I hope it's not too crappy! Let me fill you in on the details that aren't as clear at first. The "you" in the story is Sierra Oak (who yes is related to Prof. Oak, but you find out how later), who is a Pokemon researcher. Her partner Pokemon and best friend is a Teddiursa. Enjoy!

Created by TeddyLuver227 on Sunday, July 06, 2008

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"Okay, Teddiursa let's try that Focus Punch again!" you say, pointing to a rock. Your small, bear-like Pokemon nods, and jumps into a Focus Punch attack. "Teddiursa!" it cries as it shatters the rock into tiny pieces.

"Great job Teddiursa!" you exclaim as you hug Teddiursa.

Teddiursa was your very first Pokemon. You found it in the woods long ago, where it had been abandoned since it had touched an Everstone, making it unable to evolve into Ursaring. Nobody had wanted a Teddiursa that didn't evolve. But you had taken it in, and you and Teddiursa were the best of friends now. Another unique thing about your Teddiursa was that it hated Poke Balls. (like Ash's Pikachu) So normally it just sat on your shoulder or walked alongside you.

"What do you say we take a little break and have some lunch?" you ask, pulling out a small picnic basket.

"Teddi" agrees Teddiursa, it's stomach rumbling.

You laugh and the throw up two more Poke Balls. "Come on out guys!" you call. "Lunchtime!"

Out of the Poke Balls burst your other two Pokemon, Swablu and Ponyta. You open the picnic basket and you and your Pokemon start to chow down on rice balls. Suddenly something nudges your foot. You look down and see a Zigzagoon hopping anxiously around you.

"Hey little guy" you chuckle and pull out your laptop. Since you are a Junior Pokemon Researcher, you always carry your laptop with you. After you looked up some info on Zigzagoon, you put your laptop away.

"Goon! Zigzagoon!" squeals the Zigzagoon earnestly.

"What's that?" you ask. "You want to have a battle? All right!" As a Junior Pokemon Researcher, one of your many jobs is to battle with wild Pokemon to increase the wild Pokemon's skills.

"Okay Teddiursa!" you say "You're up!" Your Teddiursa jumps in front of you and growls. The Zigzagoon crouches down too.

"Okay Teddiursa use Fury Swipes!" you yell. "Teddiursa!" cries Teddiursa and jumps forward, it's paws shining. It jumps on the Zigzagoon and scratches it.

"Zigzagoon!" shrieks the Zigzagoon as it prepares a Hyper Beam. You are taken by surprise.

"Wow!" you think. "This guy knows Hyper Beam!" Suddenly, you snap out of your reverie and yell "Teddiursa! You use Hyper Beam too!" Your Teddiursa's Hyper Beam collides with the Zigzagoon's, creating a big explosion.


"Whoa!" cries Ash, looking at the explosion from your battle from far away.

"What's that?" asks May, trying to get a better view.

"Looks like someone is having a battle" says Brock knowingly.

"A battle?!"exclaimsAsh. "I am so there!" Ash starts to run towards the direction of the smoke.

"Me too!" cries May, running after him. "

Wait Ash! May!" shouts Max.

"What?" they ask, skidding to a stop and turning around.

"We have no idea where the smoke is coming from" says Max. May rolls her eyes. "Sure we do" she answers, pointing. "It's coming from over there" Max giggles in spite of himself.

"Okay" he agrees. "Let's go!" The four of them start to run towards the smoke from the explosion.


You shield your eyes and try to see as the smoke clears away. There! Your Teddiursa and the Zigzagoon are locked in hand to hand combat.

"Okay Teddiursa Ice Beam!" you cry and Teddiursa fires an Ice Beam. The Zigzagoon dodges and uses a Headbutt on your Teddiursa. Teddiursa falls to the ground but gets upimmediately. The Zigzagoon darts in front of a bush.

"Teddiursa!" you shout. "Ice Beam, one more time!" Teddiursa shoots an Ice Beam at the Zigzagoon, but it dodges out of the way. At the last second, a boy bursts out of the bushes, shouts "I win!" and then gets hit by Teddiursa's Ice Beam. You stand there, dumbfounded. Then, a brown haired girl with a red bandana jumps out of the bushes.

"Hey no fai-" she begins but then stops when she sees the boy frozen in the ice. "What happened to you Ash?" she asks, looking him over. Then, a small, black haired boy and an older boy with brown spiky hair emerge out of the bushes.

"Hey Ash" cracks the little boy. "Chilling out?" The others laugh, including you.

"Hey" you say walking up to them. "Sorry about that" you add nodding to Ash. "Just a sec. Ponyta!!" Your Ponyta trots up to and looks around. "Pontya can you use Flamethrower on that boy?" you ask. Pontya nods and unleashes a stream of fire from it's mouth. Ash melts and gets up, soaking wet. "Sorry" you giggle, looking at him dripping from head to toe.

"It's ok" he mutters, shaking water out of his hair. "You okay Pikachu?" he asks. Then you notice his yellow Pikachu, who is also very wet.

"Pikachu" it says, and shakes water out of it's fur getting Ash wet all over again. You laugh.

"My name's Sierra by the way" you say.

"I'm May" says the girl. "And this is my brother Max" she says, pointing to the little boy.

"My name's Brock" says the older boy.

"My name's Ash" says the guy who you soaked. You cover your mouth to keep from laughing.

"Sorry" you apologize again.

"No problem" he said. "I was feeling like a swim" he cracked. You laughed at his corny joke.

"Nice to meet you" you say. "What are you guys doing in Petalburg Forest?" May nods to Ash.

"Ash wants to go to Petalburg City to challenge the gym leader." Max nods excitedly

"That's our dad!" he adds.

"Cool" you smile. "I was just helping this Zigzagoon train by battling it" You turn around to see the Zigzagoon playing and wrestling with your Teddiursa and Ash's Pikachu.

"So you're a Pokemon Researcher?" asks Brock, looking interested.

"Uh huh" you nod.

"That's really neat" piped up Max. "Do you know Professor Birch? He's like my all time hero. Well my second all-time hero. My first all time hero is-"

"Shut it Max" Mayinterrupted. "No one wants to hear about you all-time heros" Max scowled and opened his mouth when Brock stepped in.

"Come on guys, no fighting" he warned.

"Are they always like this?" I whispered to Ash, who was standing next to me.

"Mostly yeah" he whispered back. I smiled and sat on a rock. Suddenly I had an idea.

"Do you guys want to come to dinner? I know this really good restaurant in town" you say.

"Awesome!" exclaim May and Max.

"Thanks Sierra" says Brock. "

No problem" you smile. "Teddiursa come on!" you call and your Pokemon race up to you. You call back Ponyta and Swablu into their balls and Teddiursa hops on your shoulder. Pikachu jumps onto Ash's shoulder and the five of you head to your house.

Well I hope you liked it! I will write Part Two in a little bit!

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