Yon Garfias

Created by lisayon on Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Yon Garfias:
Real name:Yair Jonathan Garfias
B.Day:1 may 1990
Asossiated bands:*Silverchair (2003-present)
*Overflow-Crowds (2007-present)
*The Mess Hall (As producer)
*The Veronicas (his ex-girlfriend's band)
Asossiated acts:*Lisa Origliasso (ex-girlfriend and bandmate Overflow-Crowds)
*Atom Willard (bandmate Overflow-Crowds)
*David Kennedy (bandmate Overflow-Crowds)
*John Blake (bandmate Overflow-Crowds)
*Richard Ashcroft (bandmate Overflow-Crowds)
Yon Garfias known as Yon,bonr at Estado de Mexico,Mexico (May 1 1990).
He started to play in Silverchair in July 2003 recording his first album with the band 'The Best of...'recording just 5 songs.
His second album was 'Diorama' recording thewhole album and traveling with the band all the tour to be suspended by Daniel's arthiric.
When the band was in the hiatus,he and his bandmate,Chris Joannou they were producers for the independent band 'The Mess Hall'.
For the Year 2006,Yon and Ben Gillies announced the new album from Silverchair:'Young Modern'.
He recordered whole album.
Now he is in a band with his ex-girlfriend Lisa called Overflow-Crowds with members as Atom Willard and David Kennedy from Angels & Airwaves,Richard Ashcroft from the Verve.

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