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Part 2! Sorry it took so long! Well here it is, enjoy!

Created by XoStrawberryBlonde14oX on Wednesday, July 09, 2008

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Chapter Two: Camp Rock

As if things couldn’t get any better, when you pulled into Camp Rock, you were amazed! People where dancing around and doing cartwheels. A few where banging on anything possible with drumsticks. It looked so cool! You couldn’t wait for it to start.

“This…is so….cool!” You shouted. You quickly turned around and grabbed your bags out of your family’s blue highlander.

“Do you need help?” Your dad asked, getting out of the car.

“No!” You snapped. He looked at you sternly. “Dad, seriously, its social suicide to have your parents walk you somewhere!” His face remained un-amused. “Daddy…I’m a big girl now I can get myself settled in…” You grabbed his hands and looked at him softly.

After a few seconds of attempting to stare you down he sighed and threw his hands up. “Alright, whatever. But you better be sure to e-mail us and call when you get the chance. Especially-”

“I know, I know, Logan’s’ birthday! I wouldn’t miss it!” You smiled innocently. “Now go.” You pushed him back into the drivers’ seat of the car.

You began to walk onto the camp grounds and turned around just in time to see your dad drive out of the parking lot. You turned around and began walking forward, even though you weren’t paying attention to where exactly you were going at all or what to do. You looked around at all the different cabin numbers, trying to decide which one you liked best. It didn’t help that you knew, absolutely no one! But to top it off, you weren’t very good at making decisions.

“Hey, you need help?” A girl asked. She seemed to just pop up in front of you so you jumped back startled. “Whoa, calm down. It’s not like I’m gonna kill you.” She stated. She had long brown hair, it was wavy and she had tan skin. She wore a pink t-shirt with a black tank-top layered on top and a lot of different accessories.

“Yeah. Sorry.” You pulled your hair back behind your ears. It was a natural habit when you where embarrassed.

“I’m Caitlyn, camper today, top selling music producer tomorrow.” (Okay, so it’s the exact same thing she said to Mitchie, but I couldn’t find a way to re-word it.) She put her hand out.

“Hi, I’m Khyle.” You grabbed her hand and shook it, assuming that’s what she had intended. “And yeah…I’m a little lost.”

She smiled. “Figured. You have a place to stay yet?” You shook your head ‘No’ and she motioned for you to follow and walked off.

She led you almost to the entire opposite end of the camp and into the back woods. Right before you were about to question on where she had taken you, you noticed a tiny cabin right on the lake. ‘Whoa…’ you mouthed, because you couldn’t quite get the words out. It was so cute and right on the water! You followed her up the steps and into the cabin. Inside there was two beds, two desks, and two dressers. “Fit for two people.” You thought sarcastically, adding to the train of ‘two’s’

“Make yourself at home.” Caitlyn said flopping down on a bed over in the far left corner. “It’ll be nice having someone to room with. I’m usually the only one out here. I don’t think Brown intended for anyway to find this cabin.” She opened up a lap top and began typing away on it.

You began to pull out your belongings and shove them in the hazelnut colored dresser that was right next to your bed. You were happy with the bed you ended up getting. The head of it was up against a window that looked out over the water and you could look up at the sky if you were to lie on your back. Perfect for watching the stars. “Brown?”

“Yeah, he’s the camp director.” She replied, not looking up from her laptop.

You walked over and peered over her shoulder. “What’cha doing?” You asked curious.

“Syncing a drum beat to my recording.”

“You record songs?” You asked plopping yourself down on the floor next to her bed.

“Kind of…” she began staring down at you. “I play the key board. Very well if I do say so myself. But I record that and then find drum beats and chords that match it.” She looked up at you and you stared down at her laptop screen in amazement. “What about you?”

“Huh, oh uh, I….sing….and write songs….” She raised her eyebrows questionably. “Well, I write songs and then sing them. After that I play the other parts and synch them together, sorta like you!” You replied. You headed out towards the back door.

“Wait, you mean, you write the songs, sing them, and then add the drums, and guitars?” She followed you outside. “Whoa, that’s amazing…” She said the last part more to herself.

“Well…not really.” You sat down on the edge of the small dock. Caitlyn looked down a little disappointed. “I just can’t do the guitar part…..I don’t know how to play and I haven’t found the time to learn.”

The brunette looked up. “Well Khyle, I hate to break it to you but this is Camp Rock, where you’re almost guaranteed to learn guitar. No more guitar-less music for you.” She said sarcastically and stood up. You laughed and stood up with her. “C’mon let’s go get something to eat, I’m starving.”


You and Caitlyn walked into the dining room to find it filled with kids. You were able to snag a couple of drinks and chips from the table before getting shoved out of the way. You and Caitlyn had struck up a nice conversation about all the people here at camp and she introduced you to Lola. And as soon as she was about to mention the T.Twins, (-_-‘) the doors to the dining room slammed shut and everyone went dead silent. In walked in two tall girl’s one blonde and one brunette. About the same age as you and Caitlyn.

“Here comes Pride and Joy, what a grace to be in there presence.” Caitlyn added sarcastically.

“I think you mean too much pride and her trusty minion.” Lola corrected. You snickered.

“Why is this such a big deal? They’re just people.” You were now very curious, but kept your voice to a whisper.

“That’s Tess Tyler and Mitchie Torres. Everyone looks up to them! You hurt them, people hurt you. Despite Mitchies’ blooming experience with Tess last summer, it seems she’s taken up to being her pawn. And the blonde, that’s Tess Tyler, TJ Tylers’ daughter.” You stared at the blonde in amazement. “She’s been all around the press lately. Especially since she hooked up with Shane Gray from connect three. He blew off an entire concert last weekend to hang with her. A lot of people think it’s just for the attention. But in my opinion, they both just want the label of rebellious teenage celebrities.” Lola informed you and shoved a chip in her mouth as Tess and Mitchie stopped in front of you three.


“Caitlyn…” The two snarled at each other.

“So Caitlyn seems like you’ve picked up another street rat. Just one more to add to your collection of nerds.” Tess directed towards you.

“What?” Caitlyn asked confused. Mitchie and Tess simply walked off laughing.

“That was rude!” Caitlyn looked at you. “I didn’t get it, but it was still rude…” You smiled innocently. She sighed and smiled. Giving you one of those you’re-crazy-but-I-gotta-love-yah looks.

Forgetting about the encounter with Mitchie and Tess, Lola and Caitlyn introduced you to a lot of other cool people. You were praying that they would know someone who played guitar really well and could teach you. But most of the people you met where dancers.

Some of the guys all started dancing and pushing you around, trying to have fun. “C’mon, don’t pick on the new girl.” You pleaded sarcastically. Then one bumped into you and you stepped back crashing into someone else. Your drink spilt everywhere. You turned around apologizing like crazy until you realized you had bumped into Tess! Everyone was quiet and the blondes’ mouth hung wide open. “Oh-no...” You heard Caitlyn mumbled.

Oh-no was right. Tess screamed at the top of her lungs and everyone looked away except for a few. “This! Is my new outfit! What the heck did you do!?” She shouted and glared at you.

“Well….it kind of looks like I just spilt soda on you...” You stated simply.

“I KNOW THAT!” She shrieked again and a man ran into the cafeteria.

“What is all this commotion about?” He asked, directing it to Tess’ screaming.

“Great. Khyle run! Run now, run fast!” Caitlyn asked and shoved you out the door.

You bolted as soon as you heard girls shouting behind you. ‘She dumped her drink on Tess!’ ‘She just ran out!’ ‘We gotta get her!’ Different voices all shouted behind you. ‘Oh this is a great start!’ You thought. You heard people running towards you, so your first instinct was to hide, so you jumped and slid behind a bush. ‘Where’d she go?’ ‘I’d like to dump a soda on her!’ They all ran past. You let out a sigh of relief. “I am not moving from this spot until camp is over!” Though your mind was quickly changed as soon as someone else joined you in your hiding space. Shane Gray!? “I take that back!” You stood up, but quickly sat back down when you saw the girls where no more then two yards away from you. “Never mind.” You said.

The boy stared at you. “Are you okay?” He said in an I-don’t-really-care tone.

“At the moment no, not really.” You replied and wiped some dust off your shirt.

“First-day?” He asked you nodded and he laughed. “Good job, screwed up in the first two hours of camp.” You glared at him.

“How do you know that I did anything?! Maybe I’m sitting here because…I want to!!” He looked at you with that ‘Really?’ type of sarcastic look. “Alright so I dumped some soda on your little girlfriend by accident! But does that really have to result in being chased by a flock of screaming pawns?”

He chuckled and whistled. “Smooth move. Spilling your drink on Tess Tyler makes a great first impression.”

“Oh yeah, well why are you down here? I’m pretty sure a hot-shot rock star like you wouldn’t be sitting under a bush during his leisure time.”

“The might not have been pawns, but I still got chased by a ton of screaming girls.” He replied. You narrowed your eyes at him and thought really hard to come up with a come-back. You loosened up and sighed.

“Darn, I got nothing for that.” You laughed a little and he seemed to laugh as well.

“Well what do we have here? I found both of my little stow-aways at the same time.” You both looked up to see none other then the famous camp director. He grabbed you both by the back of your shirts and pulled you onto your feet. “You!” He said pointing to Shane. “You’ve got a class to teach. Get to it!” He said and pushed him away. “And you!” He said now looking at you. “My office, now.” He pointed to himself and then in the opposite direction. You rolled your eyes and he pushed you away as well.

Okay, well that’s all for now! Sorry it took so long to get this part posted! I’ll try to step it up! That’s all for now! It’s summer so I got time! I’ll work on part three tomorrow morning! (Bye the way, don't think I'm a terrible person by making Mitchie a terrible person! Just wait around and see!)

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