Female Saiyan (Vegeta Love Story) Chapter 1

This is a Vegeta love story for fan girls. It does not follow the shows actual plot or anything. It was made from pure bordem.

Created by Axel-Jack-Zolo-Lover on Wednesday, July 09, 2008

“Let me go you faggot!!” I yelled as a light blue alien dragged me across the floor of a space ship. The ship was very large. I was in hand cuffs that restrained my abilities. “Let me go or I will slit your throat open and shit down it!” We passed by loads of other aliens that looked alike. Then there was a group of human people, a group of three. I only got a moments glance at them before I was pulled through a door. The alien pulled me in front of him. There was a chair facing away from us.

“Frieza, my lord, this is the pest that was flying around here.” He said pushing his green hair back. The chair turned, there was a short gray and purple alien with a tail.

“Zarbon you idiot, that is a girl.” Frieza said in a high scratchy voice. “What we picked up was a Saiyan.” I stayed quite. I may need a place to stay but I was not keen on staying here. I was on my own like most other Saiyans.

“So what shall I do with her?” Zarbon asked.

“Kill her” Frieza instructed. My heart jumped. Zarbon put his hands on me to take me somewhere to kill me.

“Wait! How do you know I’m not a Saiyan.” I said, trying to avoid being killed.

“You are a female, and you don’t have a tail.” Frieza said calmly, then he smiled “Unless you would like to prove it.” He said, his voice was really beginning to annoy me. I looked to Zarbon, he let me go. I put my hand on the back of my shorts and found the hole right below the belt. I then moved my tail out of the hole. I waved it around, Frieza and Zarbon both gasped.

“How is that possible, there are no female Saiyans.” Frieza stuttered. How wrong he was.

“My name is Ricki and I am the only one!” Then everything began to spin and darken, then turned black.

I bolted awake in my bed, my heart racing, cold sweat dripped down my forehead. My breathing was heavy. I hated when I had that dream. It was when Frieza press-ganged me to work for him over a year ago. After they found out I was the only female Saiyan he had to have me. I got out of bed and went into the shower. It was always the same on the ship. Train, eat, sleep and sometimes free time. Then there was times when we were sent on missions. In which I was checked on periodically. As I finished up I came out and switched into my baggy shorts and the tank top I wear, along with the Saiyan armor. Frieza doesn’t care for how I don’t wear the skirt and shirt assigned to me for under the armor. But he has learned I won’t fight in it. He nearly had to kill me to find out. He put me in the arena and told Zarbon to shot at me. I wouldn’t fight back in the skirt. I ended up with a few severe wound. All were gone except for the one on my right shoulder. It just would not go away. I brushed my hair into a ponytail and glanced at the clock. It read 9:01.

“Shit” I muttered. I was suppose to be down in the mess hall with the guys at 9 to have breakfast and make plans for the day. I grabbed my scouter and put it on, then I ran out the door. I sprinted down to the mess hall in a matter of minutes. I quickly grabbed something to eat then looked for the guys. I spotted a bald head, I smiled. It was always easy to find Nappa, his bald (shiny) head was easy to spot. I went over and sat down. Everyone was there, Nappa, Raditz, Vegeta and me. When you looked at us the ones that looked like they would be the ring leader were actually not. The leader was actually Vegeta even though he was the shortest besides me. As I sat down they began to antagonize me.

“Look who finally decided to get here” Raditz said smiling.

“What took you so long Ricki, did you have to do your hair?” Vegeta asked, pretending to fuss with his hair.

“Oh stop it, you guys know it only takes me five minutes to do my hair. Unlike you” I retaliated, pointing to the three of them. “I mean, you Vegeta, you could take a half an hour trying to gel that cone of yours.” Nappa and Raditz began to laugh “And you Raditz, it would take you forever to comb that hair piece of yours out” I smiled Vegeta and Nappa were now laughing hysterically. Then they stopped.

“What is sad is that it is probably true.” Nappa commented.

“Yes, well, you probably spend your time shining and buffing it” I told him. Raditz and Vegeta began to Laugh. They died out.

“Even this early in the morning she is still on the top of her game” Vegeta said, snickering. I grinned as I sipped my coffee, my tail rested on my shoulder. All of us had tails, we were all Saiyans.

“So, what is the plan?” I asked.

“I say we train” Vegeta voiced. We groaned.

“That’s all you want to do Vegeta” Nappa said. We nodded. He shrugged. Then I got an idea.

“I think we should spar” I said with an evil smile. They too smiled, then Frieza came on the loud speaker.

“Attention everyone!! It is time once again for ‘The Games’ Which means we will need participants. Sign up in the loading dock if you think you are any good. The winner will go against my brothers best. Salza the commander of the armored squad. That is all.” Then there was a click. We all looked at each other with devious grins on our face.

“I’m in” I exclaimed, instantly transmitting to the loading dock. Me and the other Saiyans could transport instantly. I was the first to appear, I went over to where to sign up and Vegeta, Raditz, and Nappa appeared close behind. Others came to. The four of us were the first to sign up. I looked at them as we walked around the loading dock.

“So, we have one week till they begin. Which is next Friday. I say we begin sparring and training.” I suggested.

“Good idea Ricki. Lets start with sparring” Raditz said, looking at me. We nodded and then someone bumped into me.

“Watch where your going” I exclaimed as I looked to who it was. It was Zarbon.

“Pathetic bag of flesh” He cursed ”So you think your good enough to fight us. Ha, your even more idiotic then I thought.” I grew very angry.

“Why you little -” I was cut off. Vegeta stepped in front of me.

“She’ll see you at the qualifying rounds” He said closing the space between him and Zarbon.

“I’ll see you there.” He snarled venomously. I hardly noticed, I was stunned by Vegeta, his act of defense to me. It confused me, he never used to do that. I tried to shake it off as Zarbon left. The four of us then headed towards the sparring area. We transmitted there.

“Okay Raditz, you go against Ricki, Nappa your with me” Vegeta instructed. We nodded and I went over to Raditz who smiled.

“Lets get this started” I said getting into a fighting stance.

“Agreed.” He complied, getting ready to fight. Nappa and Vegeta had already began. We dashed in and I went for punches. He blocked and then went for a kick, it landed and I was thrown into a wall. I hit it, then immediately got up and launched at him. I got in and punched him a few times. He was thrown into the air. I smiled and rushed him, I did a powerful punch combo and as he was going through the air again I charged a cannon and shot him. He fell to the ground. He got up and started at me, shooting. I transmitted to the side and he went by me. I grinned as we came to a surge of punches and kicks. Then I ported behind him, my head near his ear.

“Have you forgotten a big weakness of Saiyans, their tail” I said as I placed my hand on his tail. I gave a hard pull and slammed him to the ground. I then jumped down on his chest, as he yelled from his tails pain. As I slammed down I grabbed his foot and then threw him into the wall. He then lay on the ground. He just hardly got up.

“Fool.” I murmured. I then sent a volley of Ki blasts at him. Then he was on the ground, I went over to him and smiled.

“You win” he said grudgingly. I nodded and helped him up to his feet. I looked to Nappa and Vegeta who had been watching us. I saw Vegeta look at me.

“I won. So now its you and me.” He said, I smiled.


“Then lets begin” He said, Nappa and Raditz moved to the side to watch. We got ready. He nodded, saying he was ready, so did I. Nappa told us when to go.

“GO!!” He yelled. I stayed where I was and he charged at me. I reeled back to punch him, as he neared he disappeared. He appeared behind me as I turned around. We then locked into a combo of punches and kicks. Then transmitted behind him, kicking him in the back. He was thrown through the air and as he flew I moved in front of him to knock him to the ground. As I got nearly ready he disappeared as I tried to hit him. He appeared behind me and while I was open he jumped back and shot me with a cannon. He yelled.

“GALICK GUN!” I was knocked to the ground. I quickly got up. I yelled to him.

“It’s going to take a lot more then that!” Then I began to charge my Ki. He charged at me and as he got closer I released a small barrier bubble around me. He crashed into it and was knocked down. I began to charge and reached full power. I smiled as I went down to Vegeta. He got up and noticed I was at full power. I stunned him and then used my full power.

“Super Explosive Wave!” I exclaimed. He tried to protect himself but the giant dome of power went right through it. It was a 10 hit. He fell to the ground, I laughed. Even though we were friends I would not go easy on anyone. I loved my power. He got up.

“You think that will be enough, think again” He said charging at me, I ported to the side slightly and as he went by me, when his side was next to me I turned and kicked him, he grunted and as he fell he turned and shut small blasts at me. I blocked them and while I did he ported behind me. It caught me off guard and he punched me towards the ground. As I fell, I stopped as I saw him charge his Galick Gun cannon. I too then charged one up and we released. They collided and we held them out, seeing who would weaken first. It was held for a while and sweat began to form on my brow. I gave it a final boost of the power I had left and it looked good then it rapidly came back at me, Vegeta held out and given it a small boost. It hit me and I was knocked to the ground. Vegeta fell from using to much power. We laid there for a minute. Finally I got up, I went over to Vegeta, he couldn’t even get up. I hoisted him up taking his arm over my shoulders. His eyes were open.

“I say it’s a tie” I stated. He gave a slight nod and I smiled. The Prince of All Saiyans actually succumbed to a tie. Then his whole body went limp, he nearly dragged me down with him. Nappa and Raditz raced over.

“Is everything okay, that fight was intense.” Nappa said.,

“He used too much energy. Help me get him to his room” I instructed. Raditz picked him up and Nappa and I walked in front, leading to Vegeta’s room.

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