SasoDei fanfiction story

The pairing is SasoriXDeidara, and I will MOST LIKELY make a smut chapter. Oh, and Sasori is NOT a puppet in this fanfic...I know, shoot me. Enjoy!

Created by deidarafan123459 on Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Sasori sighed, pulling his puppet towards him on the table, and looking at the damage it had suffered. 'Damnedbrat messed up my puppet." he murmured to himself, starting to repair his damaged puppet. He sighed, remembering the blonde's little 'game'. Sasori had been working on his puppet when Deidara came up behind him, placing a bomb on Hiruko. He had asked Sasori one to many questions, setting the redhead off. The blonde only smirked and formed thehandsigns, and Sasori's precious puppet had been damaged greatly.
Things had been peaceful the last few minutes, with Sasori working on his puppet, and Deidara nowhere in sight. Of course, all that had to end when the door was opened roughly, to reveal Deidara. Sasori glanced back at him, a scowl making it's way onto his face. "What do you want, brat?!" he asked. "Haven't you done enough damage for one day?!"
Deidara sighed, looking down. He walked over to Sasori. "I came to apologize, Danna." he said.
"Tch." Sasori scoffed, turning back to his puppet, and turning his back on the blonde.
Deidara looked at him. "Danna,I really am sorry!" he said again, looking at Sasori.
Said redhead ignored the blonde, and continued on his puppet, causing the blonde to sigh, and almost tear up.
"Danna, listen to me, un!" Deidara insisted. The blonde continued apologizing for bout ten minutes before it started to annoy the Akasuna. "DANNA!" the blonde nearly yelled.
Sasori growled, pushing his chair back and standing to glare at the blonde. "WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT?! I HEARD YOU THE FIRST TIME, SO YOU DON'T HVE TO RAMBLE ON!" he yelled.
Deidara jumped back at his Danna'ssudden outburst. This was thefirst time Deidara had ever seen Sasori lose his cool, and it scared him. "D-Dann--
"And enough with the 'danna'I have a name, and it's SASORI." Sasori spat.
Deidara blinked, and his eyes filled with tears. "I j-just wanted t-to a-apologize, Sasori, un..." he said quietly.
"And I just want you gone! I was fine without a partner!" Sasori said spitefully, not really realizing what effect that would have on the blonde. He realized what he had said, and sighed. "Deidara, I--
"Shut up, Sasori, un!" The blonde growled, glaring at Sasori with tear-filled eyes. "If you want me gone so badly, consider it done, yeah!" he yelled, storming out and slamming the door behind him.
Sasori sighed, shaking his head. He looked out the window, and realized it was snowing again, adding to the four or five inches already on the ground. He shook his head once more. "I suppose I have to go after him..." he murmured, though in his mind, he was worried for the blonde. 'He shou;dn't be out right's much too cold, and if something happens...wait, why am I worrid about that brat?! Ugh, I must be going soft..." he thought, grabbing his Akatsuki cloak and throwing it around himself.
Deidara sighed, walking further out into the snow. "I-I shouldn't h-have l-left my c-cloak, u-un..." he murmured, shivering. The blonde continued to walk until he stopped, unable to go any more. He sighed, falling to his knees in the snow. "W-W-Well....D-Danna s-said he d-didn't wa-want me th-there..." he said. "I-If I'm dead....then he-he'll get his wish..." he thought, starting to grow dizzy. He attempted to stay awake, but failed, and fell face-first into the snow, freezing.
"Deidara!" Sasori yelled, trying to find the blonde. "DEIDARA!" he yelled again, then sighed, walking on. A few moments later, he came upon something. His eyes went wide, and he rushed over to his partner.
~Yaaaaa, gonn cut it there ;) Well, rate...if you don't, I won't continue.

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