A Ninja's surprise!?!? part 1 (for guys, bleach, Soi Fon)

Wooh!!! I haven't written in a while and I actually haven't written at all. Actually i have but i deleted them so yeah... Any way since there isn't much for guys on here i decided to make a guy series for every bleach girl *besides yachiru and unimportant ppl*. Second chapter contains lemon so yeah... On with the story... Note: SHIT!!! The second chapter thats connected to this one isn't complete. Ignore that one plearse..... *on purposely spelled that wrong. just saying so you don't think im a dumbass*

Created by xToushiroxHitsugayax on Wednesday, July 09, 2008



"Nani?" Soifon said in a displeased manner. "You are going to the real world to do some arrancar investigation. But you have to fit in and attend the highschool there." the old sotaichou of soul society chuckled. "It was a request by Yoruichi-sama..." Soi fon stayed silent about Yoruichi's request. "Don't worry. Our substitue shinigami is over there and so is Yoruichi and Urahara. If you need help just talk to any of them." the old coot chuckled to himself. Soifon just sighed in irittatioin.
~At the Urahara Shop~
"Hey there Soifon." Yoruichi said in her usual tone. "H-hi Yoruichi-sama." Soifon stutered nervously. "Haha Soifon, you never changed." Yoruichi said laughing. "Anyway I already enrolled you at the Karakura High School. I figured you needed a boyfriend so I put you in school!" "Y-Y- YORUICHI-SAMA!" she said with a slight blush in her cheeks. "Don't worry it won't be bad. I heard there was this cute guy over there and he has some shinigami powers so you don't have to worry. If you have kids your child will have shinigami abilities." "T-THATS NO-NOT WHAT I'M TAL-TALKIN- TALKING ABOUT YORUICHI-SAMA!!" saying while as red as Renji's hair.
The sorta argument went on for hours.
~The next day *at high school*~
"Today we have a new student again. Its kind of weird how alot of people are getting enrolled an taken out of our class so often" the senei announced. Ishida and Ichigo groaned. While Rukia and Orihime were happy about it. "Her name is Soifon." she said happily. Rukia and Ichigo facial expressions changed when they heard her name. Rukia started twitching and Ichigo almost fell out of his chair. Orihime, Chad, and Ishida noticed it had to be soul society related so they started paying attention. Soifon walks in and she almost stops when she sees Rukia and all the other soul society ryoka.
~During Break~
Soifon was just sitting at her desk while talking to Ichigo and the others. *This is where you come in* "Umm... Soifon. Hi, my name is Chihiro Ito. Uhh... Welcome to Karakura Town." you say nervously. Soifon thinks for a moment and blushes when she realizes where she has heard that name before.
~Flash Back~
"Don't worry Soifon. Kurosaki and the others aren't the only one who know about shinigami and everything else. Urahara has been secretly training this boy he thinks he's been keeping a secret. His name is Chihiro Ito. He's pretty cute and understanding. Plus he's really strong and is at captain's level." Yoruichi says. Soifon just stays silent. "I promise you. I'll come to your wedding when your both get married." Yoruichi says chuckling. Soifon dosen't say anything and just looks like a tomato.
~End of Flashback~
"So your Urahara-san's student" Soifon says eyeing you. " H-How do you know?" you say nervously thinking you accidently spilling the secret somehow. "Don't worry kid. Everyone in this group knows about it. Were part of Soul Society." reassuring you. You sigh, knowing you weren't acting like an idiot somewhere. "So you came because of the arrancar?" you ask finally getting serious. Then this talk goes on until its time for class again.
~Next Day at the Forest~
You were training with your zanpactou, Tora. Her name ment tiger. The forest was your best training place when you weren't with Urahara. You sat on a branch and started thinking. You sensed some one coming and you hid. You didn't know excatly who but you it felt familiar but you still didn't trust it just in case. You charged at it and next thing you know, kunai have pinned your clothes to a tree and your shirt was cut to bits showing your six-pack. "AHH!!" both of you realizing it was each other. You didn't realize the reitsu was Soifon's and you just charged at it. "I'M SORRY I DIDN'T KNOW IT WAS YOU!!" you say stuttering turning into a new breed of tomato... "I-Its ok. I just acted on command. Sorry." she says looking down realizing you have a six-pack. "Let me help you down." She walks over still blushing. You were pinned to a tree and your feet were off the ground. The embarassing part is that she was too short so she had to climb on you. Once she pulled off the last kunai, gravity pulled you both down and she hit the ground while you were on top. Once you both opened your eyes you both were just silent staring into each others eyes. You both tried to get up but your feet were tangled and you fell and she was on top. It was more akward since your shirt was cut to bits and her hand was on your six pack. You both started to lean in when a familiar voice was heard. "SOIFON!! YOU FOLLOWED MY ADVICE!! " Yoruichi said popping out of a bush. "AHH" you both scream and quickly stand up. Soifon was so surprised she jumped into your arms and her arms were around your neck. Yoruichi kept laughing and she stayed in your arms. You both kept staring at each other until she wanted to get down.

~That Night Out Side of The Urahara Shop~
"Your staying HERE?!" Soifon said in surprised manner. "Well... my parents are out of town for a while and Urahara- sensei said i could stay here..." you say nervously while blushing remebering what happened that afternoon. She starts to come closer and you start to back up. You get to the fence and she is still coming closer. You get backed up all the way as possible. You give up and kiss her. You two kiss passionatly then you both start playing with each others tounge. "DISGUSTING!!" Jinta yells from the enterance of the shop and runs back in. You two look at each other and sorta laugh.
~The Next Day In The Forest~
"Thanks for training with me. But you have to admit, you couldn't stop a kunai to save your life." Soi Fon says giggling at you. "Oh... Is that so. Prove it." you say raising an eyebrow to her. "Fine I will" she says.
~Thats When It Happaned~
~To Be Continued~
Character Info:
Name: Chihiro Ito
Zanpactou:Tora (tiger)
Bankai:Namida, Tora (tear)
Personality: Cute, sensitive, serious when needed, goof off, laid back, and smarter than you look.

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