A girl in a house of killers(an akatsuki story) chapter 6

ok now im really proud.6 chapters in one day who awsome. well in this chapter, amaya and tobi aka madara have to keep their love and tobis identity secret. but wen they go on a week long mission things get hot and heavy oooooooo. i do not advocate teenagers having sex,but it was cruchile for the story.

Created by xXxVampireTemptressxXx on Wednesday, July 09, 2008

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Its been about a month since me and madara aka tobi started to date. no one but kisame knows, and he promiced not to tell anyone. that dudes pretty cool. today me and madara are going on our first week long mission, and we were getting ready.
before we left kisame,itachi and pein all talked to tobi about keeping me safe blah blah blah. Before we left my dad gave me a hug. yeah he never gave me one before. hes still getting used to the whole having someone call u dad thing.

we had to godo survalence of the hidden leaf.this time we were gunna kill Ino and shikamaro. we had a hotel room and some money so we could get food.we had to leave now so we could get there before people started to wake up.

once we got their we had about 8 hours till the hotel we were staying at opened so we thought we'd kill ino and shika to get it over with. once that dirty deed was done,we baried the bodys and and headed to the hotel.

once we got checked in we stayed there for awhile and just relaxed. killing people is hard work. we just watched tv and made-out. it was nice.

the next day we took on the apperence of Ino and shika and went walking around the village. people said hi and tryed to talk to us, but we just said we had news for the hokage and we need to go.

once at naruto's office we went in and looked around. he wasnt there yet so we looked at files and papers on his desk.rite wen we were done gathering the info,we headed back to the hotel.

that nite we orderd ramen and ate it in silence. then madara asked me a question. " do u still love me amaya?" "of course why wouldnt i, i cant just stop loving u, u big dummy" i said that as i was giving him a hug. " do u love me enought to make love to me? he asked with his face like 100 shades of red. "yeah i do"

at first it was like a dream. we laid on the bed and started to kiss.madara was taking off his shirt and i was doing the same. then he took my pants off and i tookhis off. now we were making out on the bed just in our underwear. he was about to take of my bra offthen he said " u dont have to do this if u dont want to" ''but i do want to very much so." then we took the rest of our cloths of.

the first moments were kinda akward. it kinda hurt but then waves of pleasure hit and we both got really into it.we were in love and making love. wat more could we want.

in the morning i blushed as i remembered wat we did just acouple hours ago. then i looked over at madara who was now staring back at me." i really love u. u know that rite amaya" madara told me. " do u know that i really love u." i told him back. we kissed and then got ready for the day.

everynite that week me and madara made love. and we also got wat information we needed. once back at the base wegave the info to pein and went to madara's room to rest. my uncle yuri still doesn't have his own room and so i sleep in madara's room.

we took a nap,but were woken up with a loud banging on the door. so madara did wat he usually did. he put his mask back on and threw some pillows and blankets on the floor to look like thats were he sleeps.

i opened the door to see my dad and pein with really angry expressions on their faces. next time i find kisame i'm going to make fish sticks out of him.

well thats chapter 6. i hope it was ok. that was the first love scene i had to put,so i dont know about it. well mesage me and rate please and thanyou

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