Scream Me Something Beautiful [[Pete Wentz]] {Yo, Dude Don't Treat Your Girl Like That} (09)

So I had a sudden strike of inspiration for this story. No matter how stupid that sounds its how I'm going to explain it. Rate/Message/Banners please

Created by radtastic. on Tuesday, July 15, 2008

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"Where are we?" I asked a little skeptical and afraid.

"You're scared." He laughed and I let out a nervous chuckle to make it seem as if I wasn't.

"Well where are we." I said trying to keep my voice the same tone throughout the whole sentence and praying it didn't crack.

"Oh, it's just another room here. We all figured it be safer if you were away from everyone else." He said and then I realized they were probably going to lock me up down here and I'd die from hunger and being bored.

"I understand." I said sitting on the floor and he looked at me funny. "What?" I asked quickly figured I get the most conversation I could before I was all alone.

"You know it's just till morning you have to stay down here right, and me and Ryan are going to be here to make sure nothing happens." He said and I felt a sudden sense of relief flow throughout my entire body.

"Oh, okay." I laughed a bit and so did he but then Ryan walked in and he went back to asshole Pete again.

"Was Pete being mean?" Ryan asked sitting next to me on the ground.

"No." I said after a moment thinking of everything that had just happened.

"Oh, that's a first." Ryan mumbled but I still heard since I was right next to him and Pete threw a dirty look his way.

"Shut it Ryan." He went and sat down on a chair and then I realized this room actually did have chairs, so why was I sitting on the floor.

"Why are you on the floor anyway?" Ryan asked and I jumped up quickly.

"I didn't see anything to sit on when I first walked in." I laughed looking down a bit and then we went and sat by Pete.

Sure I wasn't alone but this was still boring. I didn't feel like making conversation since I knew I would just be making conversation with myself most of the time. So of course it was unbearably quiet the entire time. Until of course when I finally had fallen asleep against my own will.

"Finally." I heard Pete say and it was the last thing I had heard before going to sleep.


I woke up at about 3 according to my phone and I realized I was on the sofa now. Someone must have moved me. I thought while getting up. I walked into the kitchen to see a note on the counter with my name written in big letters.


Hey we all went to the store! Yay for the store I know right. Hehes well we decided to let you sleep okay. So be back in a little while if you wake up and want us to pick you up anything just call mkays.

- Ally!

That girl has problems, I thought to myself while laughing.

"Well it's quiet in here for once." I said out loud knowing that no one would here me.

I couldn't find anything to do. It's so boring here so I went exploring. I looked threw the rooms and browsed threw file cabinets with more papers then I think I've ever seen in my life. Tons of information on different vampires, lots of leads to where some might be hiding. I was amazed by all of this. I mean a world I thought could only real in a book or a movie was standing right in front of me and almost forced me to be apart of it.

My thoughts were disturbed by the sound of a car pulling up. So I hurried and put everything back how I found it and jumped onto the sofa to make it look like I was still sleeping. They feel for it.

"She is so lazy." I heard Ally sigh.

"Well I mean unlike you she didn't sleep all night." Joe laughed.

"So she still should get up and hang out with us." I could tell Ally was standing above me now since her voice was closer then any of the other ones.

"Let's just let her sleep and then you can wake her up later." Andy said he still probably wanted payback since I woke him up last night.

"Oh fine." She sighed walking away. I rolled over and was hoping maybe I could get back to sleep but it really wasn't working that well. So I just kept moving around trying to get comfortable hoping it would work until one time I actually did.


I woke up again but this time it wasn't on my own.

"GET UP Cammy!" I heard Ally yell and then she jumped on top of me. I heard a few laughs from behind us but decided to ignore them.

"What time is it?" I asked groggily and confused.

"It is," she paused looking at her phone, "seven thirty and you my dear friend has slept all day." She laughed getting up and pulling me onto my feet.

"Leave me alone I want to go back to sleep." I whined trying to get back on the sofa.

"No go change and wake up." She pointed towards the room she was staying in since I had put all my bags in there for now.

"Fine." I said like a little child not getting what they want to their mother, who would think that Ally would be the mom though, I sure didn't.

I came back a few minutes later changed and more awake then I was but still tired. "Happy now?" I asked turning towards her.

"Why yes indeed I am." She smiled her famous haha I win be mad smile and I rolled my eyes turning to the guys.

"So what's up for tonight?" I asked and Patrick shrugged his shoulders then began to talk.

"We don't know you got any ideas?" he laughed and then something got my attention.

"Crap!" I yelled and Ally started laughing.

"I was wondering how long it would take you to realize." She smiled slyly and I wanted to slap her.

"You couldn't of just reminded me? Now I'm going to be late and fired by the big fat man!" yes I know its mean but that's the only way Ally remembers my boss, as the big fat man.

"What are you two talking about?" Joe asked he apparently was the only brave one to try and figure out what we meant.

"Cammy forgot she has work today." Ally laughed as I was heading for the door.

"I'm going to get you back later just wait." I said and we shot each other glares but then started laughing and then before I knew it Pete was next to me.

"Can I help you?" I asked looking up at him.

"You can't go to your job alone." He said in a mean voice and I knew that the nice Pete was long gone even though him being nice only lasted like twenty minutes.

"So your coming with me?" I asked knowing the answer.

"Yeah." So we walked out the door and I lead the way to my job. It was the longest walk of my life but when I said we should get the car he turned down the offer. Maybe this was his way of saying "Should've went the normal way home." I thought about it for a while and knew that was why so I started to try to walk ahead of him. Only to fail.

He was much faster then me so I stayed a little bit behind after that. "You are so slow." He complained after maybe three minutes of me walking slower then him.

"Would you just calm down not everyone walks as if they were running." I rolled my eyes and tried walking a little slower until he grabbed my hand and started making me keep up to him.

"Yo, dude don't treat your girl like that." Some dude on the side of the rode said coming up to Pete.

"Were not together." I smiled at the guy hoping he would leave it at that.

"Okay but sti--" he started then Pete just walked faster ignoring him and soon we were away from that guy and at my work.

"You're late." My boss said as I walked in and I was only late by about 10 minutes which surprised me so much.

"Oh, uh sorry. I'll just stay and extra 10 minutes or something I guess." I shrugged hoping that he would just fire me.

"Okay." He said walking his merry little way to his office full of food, *Note to self- Tell him about Jenny Craig*

So I stood behind the counter surprised that my boss didn't say anything about Pete. He just walked around pretending to be a costumer though so everyone that walked in just walked past him like he wasn't even there.

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