Is This Love? (Sasunaru) Chapter 1

Ok I've been wanting to write this for a while so please tell me what you think.

Created by HeadInClouds13 on Thursday, July 17, 2008

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"Oh just shut up!" Naruto yelled as Sasuke smirked.
"Dobe." Sasuke said under his breath.
"What?!" Naruto screamed as his eyes turned red. Sasuke looked at him and his smirk grew wider.
"Dobe." he said again. Naruto's hands turned into tight fists and he charged Sasuke. Sasuke moved to the left to avoid Naruto but Naruto knew he was going to do that and swerved to the right. His fist made contact with Sasuke's face with a loud smack. Sasuke flew through the air and hit a tree that was surrounding the clearing. Naruto smiled triumphantly as Sasuke slumped down, holding his face.
"YOU ASSHOLE!" he shouted as he continued to grip his face.
Naruto smirked and began to walk away but suddenly he went flying into a nearby tree. When he was able to stand he looked over to see Sasuke standing in the middle of the clearing and smiling, although it looked like he was still in pain. Naruto started to run at Sasuke but before he made contact he was grabbed by the back and stopped with his fist in the air.
"What happened this time?" Kakashi asked as he held Sasuke and Naruto away from each other. They struggle to get free but Kakashi had a firm grip on them.
"He wascalling me weak." Naruto scoffed as he folded his arms and looked away from Sasuke. Sasuke did the same and turned away from Naruto. Kakashi rolled his eyes and dropped them both on their butts.
"Ow!" Naruto yelled as he rubbed his butt. He looked up at Kakashi with his brow furrowed and Kakashi just chuckled before disappearing. Sasuke got up and stuck his hands in his pockets. He took one last look at Naruto before walking away towards his house.
Naruto watched the raven walk away with a bit of a sad expression. Although Sasuke and Naruto were always fighting, it was the only time Sasuke ever acknowledged him. Being acknowledged by Sasuke was all Naruto wanted. More than anyone knew.
Naruto sat there a minute more and then got up and headed home. He walked past the memorial stone and stopped for a minute to look at all the names of the fallen shinobi. He bowed his head before walking on, through the woods, and into the town of
Konoha. He walked past his favorite ramen shop and past his old ninja academy. When he reached his door, he pulled out his key and put it in the door. He stood there with his hand on the key as his mind wandered.
It had taken him some time to get used to the fact that he was in love another guy. And when he had finally accepted it, he couldn't believe he hadn't noticed it before.But what was even harder to accept was thefact that he had fallen in love with his best friend. Sasuke was like no one else. He tried to make it look like he had no emotion and that he didn't care about anything, but Naruto had walked in on him, more then once, crying. But there was just so much aboutSasuke. He was powerful, beautiful, and his eyes sparkled when he tried not to laugh.
Naruto sighed and turned thekey, opening the door to his apartment. He was so sick of coming home to a dark and empty home. But it was all he ever knew. He couldn't imagine having a family and then loosing it. But still, being isolated for his whole life, Naruto was beginning to wonder if he would ever be accepted by the people of his village. He knew the only way to get people to accept him was to become hokage and even then, not everyone would change their minds.
Naruto plopped down on his couch and grabbed the remote to flick through the channel. Suddenly there was a loud and frantic banging at his door. He looked over at it quizically before standing up.
"Naruto! Naruto come quick! It's Sasuke!" Naruto heard Sakura scream as she continued to bang on the door. Naruto froze for a second before sprinting to the door and banging it open. Sakura stood there, crying and out of breath.
"What happened?" Naruto asked as he looked at his friend.
"Come on." she said and she grabbed his hand, leading him into the night.

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