Leland Chapman.*1

Created by XHelloBeautifulX on Saturday, July 19, 2008


okay i had to make this story cause i need to get it out of my system.
it fine if you dont like who im writing about or the story, i just
need to get it out of my system, nad im gettin on nick jonas story after this;]

alrght this story is about leland chapman, from dog the bounty
hunter, i was watching the show last night and forgot how
cute leland was. soo here it is.

name:Madison Lowe(low).
looks:you have black hair,with blonde highlights all over. you have light green eyes. your thick(not fat not skinny).you have all the right curves, you do have boobs & an a butt(sorry i had to)your very comfortable with yourself.you have a tatoo on your lower back that says your name.you have 'rip mom' on your left hip bone.
backround: you live with the chapman's right now.your mom died and asked beth as her diein wish to take you in, to keep you away from your brothers & dad. your dad use to beat you alot and your mom and your brothers would help beat you when your dad was beatin your mom. your mom got sick and passed away,and thats when she asked beth her and beth have been best friends since they were little.you get along with all of the chapman's, your like one of their kids. you have a crush on leland and have since you met him,you's flirt and fight like yous are together.your really close with lyssa you tell her everything along with beth. your basicly close with all of them.(i think thats it. ill add more later. lets start)

"Madison. give me back to controler"Leland said.
"Leland.no"I said laughin and changin the chanel.
"Madison. this isnt funny anymore"he said still trin to get it.
"Leland. stop sayin my name.and you have to leave soon anyway"I said placin my feet on his lap.
"That;s why I want to watch something. before i leave"he said finally gettin the controler.
I gave him a dirty look and watched whatever he had on,I kept lookin over at him to make him look at me givin him dirty looks.
"stop lookin at me with that look!"he said trin to act tuff.
"what look. I'm not even lookin at you"I said playin it off.
"you were just givin me dirty looks."He said lookin straight in my eyes,I felt a spark
but it was over when Justin walked in the room and sat on top of me(yah i put justin
in the story cause i like him)
"Justin fat-ass get off me"I said i said hittin him.
"woah girl dont call me fat. you got some curves"he said laughin, I gave him a dirty
look and got him off me & walked to the other couch and sat there with my arms crossed over my chest and stared at the tv, five minutes later i still didnt talk.
"Ohh come on. I was just kiddin"Justin said frm the other couch.
"Having curves is sexy."he said once again makin leland laugh, I shot him a glare
and went back to starin at the tv a few seconds later Leland was right in my face
"Madison."he said snappin his fingers in my face.
"Leland get out of here"i said pushin him only to have him grab my arms and fall to the ground with me on top of me.I loved every moment of it till the whole thing just then the Chapman clan was standing there lookin at us like we were crazy.
"Well I think we walked in at the wrong time"Duane Lee said makin himself & everyone else laugh.
I glared at him and got off Leland and started chasin him,I caught up to him and jumped on his back we walked back to the house when he dropped me on the couch and Bonnie jo jumped on me.
"Oof"I said as she started laughin, I smiled back and started tickling her.
"Alright. Madison you have to come into the office with us."Beth said.
"Do I haveeeee tooo"I said sounding like a little kid.
"Yes you do. now move it"She said hittin my thigh with a folder she had(in a jokin way)
"look at those thighs"Justin yelled and then him & leland started laughin and then running
"THEIR SOO RUDE"I yelled and walked out the door with lyssa next to me.
"i bet you liked bein on top of a certain someone"she said nudding me.
"ew i dont like him."I said rather quick.
"sure."she said gettin in the car. I never told anyone that i liked leland and im sure it was obvious at some times. but i tried hard no to show it i couldnt help it when we flirted.
"im not gettin in the car withJjustin or jerk Leland"I said crossin my arms infront of me.
"ohh fine"Duane lee said picking me up over his shoulders and takin me to ride with Dog,Tim,and his self,I smiled as i saw Beth take off with Leland,Justin, and Lyssa....


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