Kisshu's Little Fox-PART 14-Knight In A Blue Dress

obviously I don't particularly like the Blue Knight

Created by FightingWolf on Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Recap: Ryou took everyone to the beach, something called Mew Aqua was discovered, and Ichigo and Mint had a bigger fight than usual...but everything's OK now. Oh yeah and by now school has started again.


You sighed as Lettuce hung up the phone and told everyone the news: Ichigo was sick.

Ryou: So, she went and got herself an excuse not to work or fight.

Lettuce: N-no, I don't think that's it.

You: Yeah, we all know Ichigo's not exactly fond of working, but she wouldn't let herself get sick to get out of it.

Ryou made a noncommital sound and walked off while Keiichiro turned to everyone else.

Keiichiro: Why don't we go see her? *^_^*

Everyone hurried off to get items to make a fruits basket for Ichigo.

~At Ichigo's House~

Ichigo: Thanks guys, but *sneeze* you really didn't have to.

Lettuce: We know, we-

Pudding: We wanted to!

Everyone, including Ichigo, smiled and even laughed a bit. Then Masaya came over and your little group left.

~About 10 Minutes Later~

You were sitting against a tree in the park when you felt someone's warm breath on your face. You opened your eyes to see two bright golden orbs about an inch away. You squeaked and jumped back, holding your head as it slammed against the tree trunk.

You: Ow.

Kisshu: Hello to you too!

You: What'cha doin'?

Kisshu: I'm gonna give your little kitty friend some exercise!

He grinned, then kissed you and disappeared. You smiled softly, thinking 'I hope he doesn't hurt Ichigo.'

~A Few Minutes Later~

You decided to see how Ichigo was doing, so you got up and ran to her house. When you got there you heard Kisshu's voice floating around from the back.

Kisshu: *laughing* I didn't know you were a tree hugger Kitty!

You couldn't help but grin as you raced around to where they were. Ichigo was untangling herself from the trunk of the tree below the balcony of her room, and Kisshu was floating up by her window, laughing. Then Ichigo spotted you and gestured for you to come with her as she ran. You shrugged and followed, and Kisshu flew after both of you.

It wasn't long before you realized how much Ichigo needed help. She was stumbling along the streets, weakened by fever. You bit your lip.

You: 'She should be in bed, not running from Kisshu!'

Without really thinking about it, you darted forward and pulled Ichigo's arm over your shoulders so she could lean against you. Then you pulled out your power pendent. As a Mew Mew, you'd be stronger and better able to help Ichigo.


You transformed and the two of you kept running until you got to a parking lot. You let go of Ichigo and turned to face Kisshu.

You: How can you make her run like that when she's sick?

Kisshu: *shrugs* It's my job.

You shook your head and turned in time to see Ichigo pull out her own power pendent.

You: 'Can she transform in this state?'


You: 'Huh. I guess she can.'

Ichigo: Mew Mew style, Mew Mew grace, Mew Mew power in your face! *coughs* I guess that wasn't such a good idea.

You: Probably not.

The two of you face Kisshu with determined looks on your faces. You'd hardly started to fight when Ichigo began to slump against a nearby tree.

You: Shit! 'She's in no condition to fight!'

While you were distracted, one of Kisshu's weapons (whatever they were) hit the ground near you, causing you to fly backwards. You hit the ground with a gasp and caught a glimpse of Kisshu's face, his expression shocked and worried. Then a light by the entrance of the lot caught your eye.

Coming out of the bright light was a dark form. It seemed to have large pointed ears, long flowing hair pulled into a ponytail, and an ankle-length dress.

You: 'Oh cool! It's a Cyniclon girl!'

Then the light washed over the figure and you were sorely tempted to cover your eyes.

You: 'OMG...It's a guy.'

Yes he had long blond hair...but his features were clearly masculine. The dress was actually a long blue cloak, and he wore shorts under it. On his feet were ankle-high blue boots. Did this person even know he was a guy?

The guy darted forward and caught Ichigo as she fell away from the tree. He leaped away with her as one of Kisshu's attacks went flying towards them. You staggered up as the guy set Ichigo down on her feet and turned to Kisshu just in time to block a cut from one of the alien's sai blades. They flew into the air, still fighting, and Kisshu's cheek was sliced open, just a bit. You and Ichigo watched the fight until the other Mew Mews showed up. Not long after, Pai and Tart appeared and all three aliens teleported away. The guy in blue spoke to Ichigo and then walked away. A couple minutes later Ryou ran into the lot and right up to Ichigo. She looked up at him, then fainted. The rest of you slid back into human form and went home.

~A Few Days Later~

Everyone but Ryou and Keiichiro was sitting around a table the day Ichigo came back to Cafe Mew Mew, talking about the guy who was apparently known as "the Blue Knight."

You: I honestly don't get what was with his long blond hair.

Sakura: Blond?!

You: *exasperatedly* Sakura!

Sakura: *sheepishly* What? I like guys with blond hair.

You did an anime fall, the everyone did a double-check and stared at her.

Ichigo: So does that like Ryou?

Sakura: No actually. He's...different somehow.

Ichigo: Oh, OK.

You noticed that Lettuce looked a little relieved at what Sakura had said, but you couldn't understand why.

Mint: So, the Blue Knight...who do you think he could be?

Lettuce: *to Ichigo* He said you knew him, didn't he?

Ichigo: Yeah...

Pudding: I have it figured out!

You all looked at Pudding, who was for some reason wearing a black "mysterious" hat and a brown trench coat, both of which had appeared out of nowhere.

You: So?

Pudding launched into a monologue of how Ryou was the Blue Knight and how he had come around the corner as himself just minutes later. When she was done you all stared at her for a minute. Then Ryou walked into the room and she jumped in front of him, immediatly demanding that he tell everyone that he was the Blue Knight. He stared at her for a moment, then denied "the charges."

Pudding began to cry over her crushed theory and Lettuce tried to comfort her as Zakuro turned to Ryou.

Zakuro: But you would tell us, wouldn't you? I mean, if you were the Blue Knight.

Ryou: Of course.

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