Sesshomaru and Kagome Love Story (Girls Only)

This is my first fiction ever so don't go to hard on me.This story is about Sesshy(Sesshomaru) and Kag(Kagome) falling in love.But Inu (Inuyasha) goes to hell with Kik(Kikyo) leaving Kag heart broken but can Sesshy fix the broken heart of a meer mortal or will she die from heartache.I do not own any of the characters from this story.

Created by SesshyLover7485 on Saturday, July 26, 2008

DamnPervert.jpgKagSesshy.jpg As Kag was walking to the well to go home becauseshe had a test in one week that would determine what courses she took in highschool.As she came to the sacred tree she saw Inu and Kik together and that made her upset,angry and in other words compltetely confused.But then she saw something that made her run away Inu was agreeing to go to hell with Kik.Kag watched helpless as Inu was in hell now and she had no reason to stay in this era anymore.
"I guess I go home now and never come back seeing as Inu is gone forever",she stated sadly.
But then something happened that would make Kag even more sad and depressed.She jumped in the well and landed hard on her bottom.So she climbed ou as usuall and noticed that she was still in the Fudal Era.So she tried about 5 more times and decided to go back to the village but what she didn't realize was that someone was watching her, also she had sprained her ankle the first time she jumped but never noticed it because her heart used to be dying slowly every time she saw Inu and Kik but now it was dead.When she tried to stand back up she let out a yelp of pain and realized that she would have to sleep there that night but then her stalker walked up to her her and finally spoke.(In thsi fan fic Sesshy has two arms ok.Also Thanks for reading.)
"Priestess why haven't you gone back home",Sesshy said.
"Why do you care Sesshy?I thought that you hated humans more than Inu.well tough luck fornow because he went to hell with Kik and is never coming back.Because of him I can't get back home the well has been sealed for some reason,"Kagome questiond/stated/yelled.
"I care because you could get eaten by rouge demons if you stay out here and I won't have your death on what little conscience I have,"Sesshy spoke in and of course emotionless tone as usuall.
After much debating sesshy finalyy got Kag to come with him until her ankle was better.When they reached the camp site where Rin and Jaken were, Rin started to ask a thousand questions to Kag and Jaken just complained about having to bring another pathic human along.As soon as Jak(Jaken) said pathic human he had a fist sized rock implanted in his haed because Kag heard every last word of it.Kag may have been human but it hurt way more than usuall because of Inu going with Kik to hell.
"Het Rin do you wanna go to the hot springs with me for a bath and to get away from all of Jak's complaining,"asked Kag.
"Sure if it's okay with Lord Sesshomaru that is,"Rin said.
Sesshy gave a nod and the 2 girls were off to bathe talk and do whatever else at the hotsprings.When they gor there it was quiet and peaceful just as Kag had expected from a hotsprings.They got in and melted away in the heat and comfort of being at peace for the first time in a long time.All og a sudden Kag started to cry and finally told Rin what was wrong after over an hour of trying to get it out of her.rin was shocked that Inu wopuld do that to Kag and right in front of her eyes.Just then Sesshy was getting worried back at camp so he went to go get the girls.
"My lord I might not go to the hoesprings while they're still in it because that Kagome girl has a very good arm and will throw anything around at you if you look.Sometimes I have a feeling that she can be more frightful than you my lord,"Jak said witha worried voice and worried expression on his face.
"Jak silence,"and with said Sesshy left camp to look for the girls.
Sesshy found them and Kag was still crying her eyes out but when she looked up to see that Sesshy was watching them in the springs she was throwing everything in sight at the demon and unforunatly for him she had the best aim in the world and he got hit with everything that Kag threw.When she ran out of stuff to trow Sesshy knew that Jak was right and started to leave until he heard Kag go back to crying her eyes out.Then Sesshy just kept on staring until she told him what was wrong and he could not hide the look of shock on his face anymore than Rin could.Then Kag got out of the springs not caring if Sesshy saw but he saw that she was getting out and turned aroung.She quietly thanked him then went to sleep when she returned to camp.
Meanwhile back at Keade's village everyong was peacefully speeping.They thought that the reason that inu had not come back was that he was at Kag's.But they were all wrong but of course no one knew it.
(1 Week Later)
Kag was enjoying tranelling with Sesshy's group it was quiet most of the time but she at least got time to think.When she was thinking one day Sesshy noticed a sad look on her face as though she was sbout to he asked her why she looked like she was about to cry.
"Why do you look like you're about to start crying Kag,"Sesshy asked?
"I'm about to cry because it's been over a waeek now and all of my friends are going to be worried about me.May we go and visit them so that they can know that I'm safe,"Kag answered/questioned.
"We are close to the village that you used to be staying in so we might as well...,"Sesshy was cut off by Kag and Rin both hugging him so tightly thathe couldn't breathe.
When they got to the village all of Kag's friends started asking to many questions and Kag faked fainting to show that she couldn't handle it all.She told everyone what had happened and that now she couldn't get home because her heart was broken.Then she asked everyone to come with her and Sesshy.It took a lot of thinking but when shippo agreed everyong except Keade agrred to come.They left the next morning for Sesshy's castle.It tokk them a few days but when they got there everyone got new kimonos and everything else.Sesshy had even gotten Kag a special bow with matching arrows and a kimono that would protect her from anything that came her way so that she would not die.
2 months past and Sesshy and Kag were now dating.Kag's heart was healed completely.So one day she decided to bring everyone back with her to go to school and live her life for a while but Sesshy would only let her go if she promised to wear her kimono at all times no matter what anyone else said and she agreed.They went to the well and next thing you know it everyone is in Kag's time with a thousand questions being asked.Kag told everyone else to answer them for her.So everyone explained about Kik and Inu going to hell.
The next day they all went to school.The teacher thought that Sesshy's swords and everyone elses weapons were fake.That was until Sesshy cought one of the boys picking on Kag in an instant he had a sword at his throught.the teachers saw and thought that they were reahesing forplay,luckily for the boy Kag told Sesshy to calm down and put away his sword because then he could get charged or worse for hurting someone.In the ned Sesshy left the boy with a warning.All of Kag's other friends were shocked as they tried to throw the hirikotsu but it ended up only an inch or two in front of them because of how heavy it was.Then San(Sango) threw it and it made a hole in the wall that Sesshy paid for in what could only be called a tonne of gems.Everyone in the school thought that Sesshy was a normal gut but it was not so.That night under the sacred tree sesshy perposed to Kag and she said yes.
Two months later they were walking down that aisle and then got married in demon terms as well.They had 17 kids.9 girls and 8 boys.Miroku and Sango had thier wedding the same day so it was a double wedding.San and Mir had 8 kids.4 girls and 4 boys.The rest of thier lives were peaceful and yes they did destroy Naraku,so Miroku lived a long life.Also guess what Kag became a demon.Don't ask how she was one all along.
I put the pics to show the psiring in this story and just to let you all knoeI HATE KIKYO!:(

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