Valo(Light) in paradise and true love can be twisted.. part 1-- meeting Ville

This is my first Ville and You story:P hope you like it

Created by villelover93 on Saturday, July 26, 2008


You sat up in your bed and looked around and a silent knock came on the door and Bam stuck his head in "hey sis!" he said and smiled and came in "shut the fucking door" you said and laughed and he lied beside you "I see that my music have found it's place here to" he laughed and looked at your posters "Yeah bro you realy have good taste, well it's the only thing you have good taste in" you joked and he hitted you with a pillow "MOM! Bam's killing me" and April came into the room "Bam you can lie and talk to her ore go back to your own bed" she said and Bam hidded under you cover. Yes Bam is you brother, you are turning 18 in september and is the youngest member of the Margera familiy and alos the youngst in Bam's "crew" you love HIM but every time Ville is here, Bam takes him out and you have never met Ville Valo, but this time you knew that Bam would let you meet him. "hey when is Ville comeing next time?" you asked "ummm today" he said "What?! when?" you said "5 hours ore so, he's staying in my room so no peeking" he said and you pushed his head away and he fell out of the bed. Bam had gone to the airport with his friends and you had two hour to look nice for him, you had locket both your bedroom door and bathroom door. You just have had a shower, dried your hair, brushed it, brushed your teeth, and was about to put your make up on "well let's my look nice" you said to the mirror and started, you got out and over to your clothes ".ehh....." you said and dragged them out, after a while you ended up with tights, a mini skirt, a pink "pure desire" t-shirt with skulls on then you heard a car in the drive way and many people were talking and looked out and saw Ville walking beside Bam and he looked up at you and you ran in again, took up your remote and turned Linkin Park on and soon Bam came up "hey would you mind Melissa!" he yelled and you stuck your head out "my room, my music, and I never listen to you" you said with a smile and he went in "hey put me down" you said and he lied you over his shoulder and went down "you let me down now! Bam let me down!" you yelled, and the guys looked up "well that Ville is Bam's sister" Ryan said and he came down the stairs and dumped you on Ville's lap "for god sake Bam!" you said rubbing you breast and turned and looked right into Ville's face and blushed "ooooo" Raab said and you jumped off "I'm so sorry" you got out "don't worry love" Ville said with a smile, you stood there for two seconds befor you ran back up, and closed the door "I rubbed my breast into Ville Valo's face" you said outlound and screamed and Bam looked up "yeah I pissed her off" Bam said and Ville looked up.

Later that day some steps came in the hallway and you had HIM on and a soft knock came on the door "Come in! It's open" you said and Ville came in and you did't look up befor he made a sound "so I see you like us" and your look froze on the page in the book, Ville's dark voice fylled the room soon the sent of ciggarette fylled the room "umm yeah I do, Bam's work" you said and looked around and saw that the heartagram were all over your room and he stood by your bedside "you don't have to ask to sit in this house Ville..." you said and felt the bed move when he sat down and you looked up and looked right into Ville's blue eyes and felt the warmth fyll your body "well I see that you found my sister" Bam said and leaned on the door step "Bam get your fat ass out off my room, you are breathing my air up" you said and looked at your brother but he just walked out and closed the door after him "that's how I tell Bam how much I love him" you said and made Ville laugh "I see you let your breast go" he said and looked at you "dude I'm so sorry that I rubbed my own breast up in the face of my brothers best friend I'm so sorry Ville" you said and lied back in the bed "why? they look good you know" he said and lied beside you "you pig" you laughed and hitted him with a pillow "ahh help she's killing me!" Ville said and fell out of the bed and you laughed "you are a pistol you know" he said and hitted your arm "ahh I'm telling Bam" you said pretending to be a little kid "BAM!" you screamed and Bam came up "what?" he asked "Ville's hitting me and beeing mean" you said and ran over to your brother and Ville fell down on the floor "hey you kids play nice"Bam said and pushed you back "well I guess that we have to be here all night" you said and tried to open the door and ot was locked form the outside "Bam you can't let me say here with Ville alone" you said "hell yeah" he said and left "I'm getting to bed, good night" he said and so did the adder ones to, "well I have have a spare bed if you want?" you said and Ville sat up "ok" he said short and you got to behind the dresser it was a bed that you made fast, took out a chair and one top of the closet and took down a cover and two pillows and made his bed "here you go" "Thangs love" he said and took his clothes and you turned "Darling I'm not a woman, I have no boobs just boxers on" he said and you turned and saw Ville standing in his boxers and a t-shirt it was Spounge Bob on them and you started to laugh so hard that you fell down on the bed "yeah I know" he mumbled and lied down in his bed, and without thinking about it you took your t-shirt off and turned to back to Ville, took your skirt and tights off, clipped your bra off and threw it on the floor and took up a Element t-shirt and dragged it over you head and walked back to your bed "wow you have a cute bra" he joked and you blushed and looked at Ville "so love what's your favorite clothing store?" he said "umm I get most of my clothes form Bam, Element, Volcome, Etines yeah all kind of thing, ore else I like the little hard rock store down town and H&M" you said and he lauged "well good night Ville" you said "Good night Melissa" he said and turned in his bed as you turned the light off.

"You woke up and no Ville was there, you opened the bathroom door and he lied on the floor and his chest were not moving, you tried to move but your feet was glued to the floor" "Ville!" you screamed and sat up quick and he turned the lights on and looked at you "What's wrong?" he asked "I just had a nightmare" you said and looked at the bathroom door "What was is about?" he said "you" you said low "You died, I tried to save you but the I was glued to the floor" you said and looked at him "oh honey" he said "can you sleep next to me?" you asked "Yeah sure" he said and climed up in bed and lied dwon beside you, turned the lights off, you turned and lied your head on his naked chest and felt that he was alsleep again and you driftet away to...


aww<3 what a cute first meeting.. sorry that it's short, so part 2 will be longer I promise

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