Blue eyed love ~Sir Aaron One Shot for MijiTaka~

Here you are! A story of the LOVELY GORGEOUS SMEXY SIR AARON

Created by UraharaSteph on Sunday, July 27, 2008



Sir Aaron, A fine Pokémon trainer and loyal companion to the queen, rose from his bed with a sleepy smile. As the morning sun glared through the window, Aaron shielded his eyes from the golden rays, giving out a short yawn. He got out of bed to find Lucario sleeping peacefully in his own rest spot. Aaron slipped on his top, tying together the strings, making it secure on his body. He took up his cape and swung it around his neck. The ends of it flew out as he tied it around his neck. He slid his hands down it pushing it out into the air, settling it for him to feel comfortable. His hands made their way into snuggly warm blue gloves. He pulled them tight and wriggled his fingers around. A wooden staff with a crystal sitting on top, belted with steal, was suddenly grasped in his hands. Aaron spun around, letting the air play with his hair before he top off his outfit with a strange, yet very cool blue hat. It pushed down a strand of his hair, causing it to fall diagonally across his face. His sapphire eyes narrowed and became more serious as he pledged to the queen in his mind. They lightened up once again as he smiled, turning his sight on the sleeping Lucario.

“Hey sleepy head. Rise and shine.” Aaron's voice swiftly traveled through the fine air, wrapping its self around Lucario's ears.

At his masters cool, the strange pokemon began to stir from his slumber. Kneeling down in front of Aaron, he bowed his head, shutting his eyes in honer.

“Master, I must have over slept. I apologize.” Lucario contacted Aaron through telepathy.

Aaron made his way over to his loyal partner. He knelt down on the floor with him and petted his head, causing Lucario's eyes to stare at him. Aaron shut his eyes and once more smiled.

“Everyone over sleeps now and again Lucario. Don't worry about it OK.” Aaron reasured.

“But Master” Lucario was cut off by Aaron's face tensing into seriousness.

“I am not your master, I'm your friend. Please stop calling me that, it makes me feel.” He shuddered at his own thought for a moment. “It makes me feel sort of old.” He laughed a little looking at Lucario who didn't see what was funny at all. “Come on. Better go and see the Queen. She asked me to come straight to the palace balcony as soon as I rose from my bed. You're coming with me to.” Lucario nodded and followed Aaron out the door.


“Sir Aaron.” The blond lady turned her head to great the sir. He knelt on one knee, Lucario copying.

“My lady.” He whispered, shutting his eyes.

“Please arise Sir Aaron. You're here because I have a request for you.” The Queen stated, watching as Aaron returned to his original height.

“Of course Madam. I live to serve you and your wishes.”

The Queen encouraged a sweet looking girl to stand in front of her. She looked to be only two or so years younger then Aaron. His eyes gaze upon her for the moment. Her black braided hair fell half way down her back. Her smile was indeed enchanted, but was corrupted by nervous a little. Her body was dressed with a light blue tank top, and a black jean caprice. Her hands wore upon them, dark blue fingerless gloves. Her outfit was complete with a blue messenger bag.

“Aaron this is Mura Kinken.” The Queen explained, giggling at Aaron's stare of surprise.

Mura Bowed her head quickly. Nervous about being around people of such high importance.

“Aaron Sir. Er, Sir Aaron.” She bowed her head quickly again. “It is a pleasure to meet you.” Mura's shy little voice, went straight over Aaron as he was still studying her appearance and alos staring into her pale blue eyes that twinkled in the morning sun.

“Sir Aaron?” The Queen questioned, snapping him back to reality.

“Huh, Oh yeah.” He bowed his head in return, knocking his staff into a slanted position. “Sir Aaron. Loyal to serve the Queen, and here to be any assistance to you.” He pulled his head back up smiling. As he did, he noticed a small creature, what seemed to be a pokemon, peer it head around her legs. He studied the creature quite close, realizing it looked very similar to Lucario. “A Riolu?” He asked, knocking his head to the side.

Mura looked at him, a little too shy to look him directly in the eye with an answer. “Yes. He's one of my 4 pokemon that I keep by my side at all times. He isn't able to battle yet, but I can tell he is egger to grow and learn how to fight.”

The Queen moved forwards a little, about to reveal why she called Aaron to the balcony. Her lipstick red lips smiled and she began to speak.

“Sir Aaron. Mura is a new servant of mine. I was wondering whether you would be able to accompany her around the palace for a while, until she gets the gist of where things are and where she is permitted to go.” The Queen's eyes turned onto Lucario. “Perhaps Lucario you would help little Riolu here out with fighting techniques. Go easy on him please, he's just a little one.” He smiled and looked over at Riolu who simply replied to her glance with a 'Riolu?'.

“Yes my lady.” Lucario and Aaron said in perfect unison.

“This shall star immediately. Lucario, take Riolu to the training grounds now. Aaron, her chamber is 12, take her there now and give her a quick tour if you wouldn't mind.” Aaron smiled and nodded his head signaling Mura to attend his side.

As Aaron and Mura trotted down a massive hallway, with marble flooring and portraits scattered all over the place, Mura found herself utterly amazed. She kept by Aaron's side at all time fearing that one step away from him could get her completely lost.

“Here it is. You chamber Mura.” Aaron stated, coming to a halt at a large oak door. He slipped the key into the door and gave it a twist. A clicking sound filled the air and the room was free.

They both entered. Mura amazed at the beautiful room. Every ornament just spelled out, 'Expensive' and every piece of furniture look specially designed for that particular room.

“This room is amazing.” She whispered.

“Ha, you should really come and see mine.” He giggled softly in his throat. Mura looked up at him, wide eyed at his words. He turned to her and his features switched into a shocked expression. “No no I didn't mean anything like that, I just meant my room is pretty cool aswell.” A nervous laugh slipped through his teeth. Great now shes going to think I'm a pervert or something. Thats the last thing I want from a new comer like her. He thought to himself, taking a quick glance around the room.

Aaron began pointing things out and demonstrating how they worked. Mura couldn't help but admire his style. His blue hair leaking from under his hate, his sapphire like eyes scanning over everything, analyzing everything in great detail.

“And obviously thats the bed where you sleep. Is there any questions Mura?” Aaron asked, finishing off his tour of the room. She shook her head, her braided hair flicking from side to side. “GREAT! Now let me show you where the food is kept.” He laughed as his stomach growled for breakfast.


A few weeks went passed and everything was going great for Mura and Riolu. Lucario had been doing an excellent job in helping Riolu grow strong and witty. Aaron and Mura was getting along quite well. It was coming to the time where Mura didn't need Aaron to baby sit her around the palace anymore, but the two had became very close.


Mura's laugh filled the air. “Oh please Aaron. You don't need to lie to me you know.”

“But Mura, you are really pretty. In my eyes you're gorgeous!” Mura's face was blushed for a moment and she turned away.

“You say the most silly things Aaron.” She said, still hiding her blushing cheeks from him.

He came and sat beside her on her bed. He put down his staff and grabbed her arm, not tightly, just enough to make her look at him in the eyes. The two pairs of blue eyes connected together. Aaron's face was soon painted a little pink as heat rose to the surface of his skin.

“Mura, I can be silly at times but believe me, my words are dead serious. You're gorgeous, you're stunning, you're body is perfect.” Mura's face was flushed with a darker shade of red. “But that's not all thats great about you.” His handed cupped her chin, turning her back to face him. “You have the greatest personality I have ever witnessed. Your laugh is brilliant, your jokes are hilarious and, and.” His words were suddenly choked as he looked deeper into her eyes. “You have the most beautiful eyes...”

Mura turned away and stood up. “That's enough Aaron. You're gonna make my face explode from the...” She sighed. “Aaron, you say all these great things about me but I'm not entirely sure you have seen yourself. Your gorgeous hair, and your sense of style. You make me laugh so much and you wipe away my tears when I cry. Recently I don't know what I would do with out you.”

Aaron stood up, coming to her side. He was a bit taller then her so he placed his hands on her shoulders, once again turning her to face him. “Mura what I'm trying to say is that I really don't want to leave your side ever. You think after tomorrow that my duty of caring over you till you got the gist means I can't ever be with you anymore? I could never leave you now. From the moment I laid my eyes upon you I was stunned and amazed. I never go upon looks but at that moment I fell for you Mura.” His voice turned to a whisper at the end of his words. Mura widened her eyes, looking at him in shock at his words. “What I'm really trying to say here Mura is that I really l-l-l...” his words were chocked again and he turned his head slightly, tightly shutting his eyes gathering his thoughts together.

Mura placed her hands on his cheeks turning his face to hers. “Sir Aaron, what are you trying to say?”

He opened his eyes at the sweet sound of her voice. “What I'm trying to say is that I l-l...” Why can't I say it? The words are there but my speech is chocked. When ever I go to say that word, the heat of a blush gets to me, making me swallow my voice.

What he's trying to say is that he loves you.” Lucario's voice bounced from the door. Riolu Popped his head between his legs smiling up at his mistress.

“Is this true?” She asked, joy causing a quiver in her voice.

“Yeah it's true. I love you Maru and I could really see you as a wife in the future. But the thing is, could you ever picture walking down the isle to meet me?” His voice was filled with nerves, she could tell.

“Of course I can Aaron. As long as you ware that sexy hat, of course I can picture it.” Maru smiled, her eyes blurred by joyous tears that she held back. Aaron inched his face closer, a smile playing his lips. He kissed her gently combing his fingers through the braids of her hair. He pulled away and placed the hat upon her head. It fell over her eyes which caused a giggle.

“Course I'll wear the hat.” He smiled.


I would like to say it was a happy ending. Lucario sort of became a dad to Riolu teaching him how to fight and even teaching him the secrets of the hidden power aura. Aaron and Maru got married. However, a year and a half later, a war broke out. Aaron fled during the battle and never returned home to Maru.


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