Total Drama Island (Duncan Love Story) Part 17: Fan-made? Why!?!

Wow. You know the title doesn't give away anything.

Created by NarusisEm1 on Sunday, July 27, 2008

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I got up the next morning. No one else was awake. I got up, got dressed, and went outside. Chris was awake. "Hey Emily. Since you're up can you wake everyone up? I have to take care of something." he said. "Sure Chris." I said. He tossed me an air horn. I smiled. "Time to make your life here miserable Miss Know-It-All." I said to myself looking at the air horn. I went in my cabin. Everyone was still sleeping. I looked at Courtney who was sleeping with a smile on her face. "Aw. She looks so happy and peaceful." I whispered. I put the air horn next to her ear. "That has to change." I said. I pressed down and it went off. Courtney sat up covering her ears. She hit her head on the bunk above her. Bridgette and Sadie woke up. "What is your problem?!" Courtney asked me. "I thought this was air freshener. Oh well. Chris wanted me to wake you up anyway." I said leaving the cabin. I went to the boys' side. I put a pillow over the nozzle to soften the sound. I pushed down. It was loud enough to wake them up but not loud enough to deafen them. "Wake up boys." I said. They smiled and got up. I went to the Screaming Gophers' cabin. I went in the boys' side. I blew the horn. They screamed as they woke up. "Wakey-wakey." I said. I went to the girls' side. I put it next to Heather's ear and blew the horn. I quickly got away from her before she realized it was me. "Get up girls." I said. Lashawna and Gwen smiled. I left. I went to Chris. "All done." I said. "What did you do?" he asked. "I blew it in Heather and Courtney's ears. That's all." I said. "I thought you were part of Heather's alliance." he said. "She doesn't know it was me. Besides so far she has no plan to get Courtney off. So until she does I am not part of the alliance. How do you know that?" I said. "I see everything that happens on camera. I am the host. I have to know what the campers are doing. That's how I knew your fears." he said. "Oh yeah. Thanks. You know you could be a great help. You have all this knowledge of the campers. Any dirt on Courtney?" I asked. "You were her friend. I don't know anything that you don't know so far. I will tell you when I know something new. Only because if you get in a fight or you get a plan it will be very interesting to see." he said. "Thanks again." I said. The other campers came over. "Today's challenge is one I didn't make. A fan of the show made this. They sent in a letter suggesting it too. But since it's a fan-made challenge no one will be voted off." Chris said. "What's the challenge?" I asked. "You will each get the same recipe. You may add your own things to it. Whoever makes the best dish wins." he said. "What do we get if we win?" Duncan asked. "Well see that's the thing. It will only affect that one person. And they get to choose one challenge in the future that they don't want to participate in." Chris said. "So we don't have to do a challenge that time. What if our team loses?" Gwen asked. "You will be given immunity meaning you can't be voted off." Chris said. "So let me get this right. Say I win. I get to choose a challenge in the future that I don't want to do and I don't have to do it. And if my team loses I can't be voted off. What if they vote for me anyway?" I asked. "We'd make them change it." he said. "Oh okay then. What if there is a part that you want to participate in?" Trent asked. "Then you may. But you still can't be voted off." Chris said. "Then let's get started. Give us the recipe." I said. Chris handed out the recipe to us. It was for cake. "What kind of cake?" Owen asked. "Any kind." Chris said. I smiled. "Okay campers. Let's get cooking." Chris said. We went to the kitchen. Everyone started. I watched them. I rolled my eyes. I took out Chris's diary. I read the most recent entry: I found the greatest fan-made challenge. I hope someone makes my favorite cake. Really chocolaty ice cream cake. I smiled. I got chocolate ice cream and made the bottom layer. I put fudge over the ice cream. Then I put another layer of chocolate ice cream and covered it with chocolate frosting. I put it in the fridge. In about thirty minutes Chris came in. "Okay campers. Time to test the cake." Chris said. Everyone cut him a slice of their cake. I got mine out of the fridge and cut one slice. Owen didn't have a cake. He ate it. I gave Chris the slice. Once Chris was done he got up. "The winner is...Emily." he said. "Yes!" I yelled. "I'll be right back." I said calmed down. I went to the cabin. I uncovered Courtney's bed and put down green jell-o. I put the covers back on. "When you pull back the covers you're in for a surprise." I said. I put a bowl full of green jell-o on the covers. I put a small bowl of green jell-o on my bed. I went back to the others. "Okay. I'm better." I said. "Kay. Campers you are free to do whatever you want." Chris said. Bridgette, Courtney, and I headed back to the cabin. I ran in before Courtney got in there and climbed up on my bed. Courtney and Bridgette came in. Courtney saw the jell-o. "Very nice Emily. Too bad it didn't work." she said removing the bowl and throwing it out. "Wow. I can't get you. You're so brilliant." I said sarcastically. She pulled back the covers and screamed. "Emily! You are such a witch!" she said angrily. "Good so I'm perfect for my ogre boyfriend." I said. I dripped some jell-o on her head. She touched it. She ran out screaming. I started laughing. I got out of bed and went outside. I kept laughing. "EMILY!!!" she yelled. "That's my name." I said. I went in the cabin. I listened to my music and spent time with Duncan the rest of the day. I fell asleep on the dock with Duncan. He carried me to his bunk and then fell asleep next to me.

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