Ville Valo's Daughter info/Part 1

So this is my new Ville Valo story. Not what you expected is it?

Created by villevalogod on Monday, July 28, 2008

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name- Bridget Valo
age- 16
Location- Helsinki, Finland
History- You never new your dad. But your mom said that he moved out when you turned 3.She won't tell you his name either. You and your mom fight a lot. Yo have went as far as a restraining order on her.You thought thatyouweren't even related to Ville. You have threeawsome friends that are trying to get you to ask your mom where Ville lives. You do drive.
Mom- Machel Valo
History- She dated your dad for 5 years. Then she concieved you and things started going down hill from the time of your 2nd b-day. She will not date anybody else even thoughyou tried to get her to.
She is also an alcaholic.
(start of story)
Bridget- Mom.
Machel- What?
Bridget- What are you doing?
(then the phone rings)
Machel- I got it.
(you still look at the caller id and it says Ville Valo)
Bridget- Don't fuck things up mom.
(to Machel)
Machel- What do you want Ville?
Ville- I want to see my daughter.Why haven't you let me see her?
Machel- I had forgot you.
Ville- Let me guess your already married again?
Machel- No. I don't date anymore.
Ville- Can she live with me?
Machel- Yes. I don't want her to take care of me her whole life.
Ville- Okay.
Machel- I'll break the news to her and then I'll have her visit you.
Ville- Okay. You sound a little drunk.
Machel- Is it that noticable?
Ville- Yeah.I'll let you go and please tell her?
Machel- Okay.
(she hangs the phone up and Bridget comes down the stairs)
Bridget- Hey mom. How did it go?
Machel- He hasen't contacted me since I don't know when.
Bridget-He's an ex?
Machel-Bridget I need to tell you something and don't think I don't love you.
Bridget- Yes?
Machel- (Bites her lip) Bridget,(sighs) Villeis your father.
Machel- I'm handing you over to him. I don't want you wasting you life taking care of me. He wants you over therein three hours.
Bridget- Mom!!!
Machel- Go pack your bags. Don't argue.
Bridget- Now my friends will be happy.
(shegoesup stairs andpacks what clothes you have which is three other shirts and pants and then she heads downstairs)
Machel- Here Bee.(hands her a piece of paper) This is where your dad Lives.
Bridget- Just think I had a crushon my own dad.
Machel- He knows your coming.
(she walks out of the house and to your camaro and put in a him cd)
Bridget- My dad is a rockstar.
(she starts the car and starts to drive and gets lost andyou pull in to a sex shop(don't get the wrong idea)and ask for directions)
Anita- Ah that's my sons place.
Bridget- Well then hello grandma.
Anita- Your Bridget!
Bridget- Yes I am.
Anita-Kari come here!! Meetyour granddaughter!!!
Kari- Coming. I don't have a grandaughter. Who' sthisBridget Ville occasionally talks about?
Anita- Youronly granddaughter.
(then he arrives and sees Bridget)
Kari- Bridget!!! Come here.
(Bridget walks over to Kari and gets wraped in a hug)
Bridget- He is expecting me.
Kari-Okay I'll write you some dirrections.
Bridget- Thanks.
(he gives her the dirrections and she goes back to thcamarro)
Bridget- Welllets see here. Turn Left on (insert Finish street). OhI see it. (and that is the way the drive there went)
(three hours later You got lost some)
Bridget- Well here I am.
(gets out of the car and slowly walks to the door and on the way thereLindy and his kid sees you)
Lindy- Let Me guess your a fan?
Bridget- No. i'm his daughter.
Lindy- Your his daughter? I imagened you a little younger. Mabe 16?
Bridget- I am 16. Well here goes nothing.(she reaches up to the door handle and quickly withdrawsit)
Lindy- What are you scared of Bridget?
Bridget- Of what he'll think of me.
Lindy- He's been so ankshush(sp?) to meet you.
Bridget- Thanks for the info.
Lindy- Your welcome.
(you open the door and walk in)
Bridget- I'm home Lucy!!!
(Ville's poit of veiw)
(Ville hears someone say something and it sounds like a female voice)
Voice- I'm home Lucy!!!
Ville- She's here!
(he then starts running down the stairs until he gets to the railing then he slides the rest of the way down Facing the inside of the stairs)
Lindy- Ville stop acting like a kid.
Ville- I'm not acting like a kid. I'm surprised my daughter even wanted to see me. More speciallylive with me. I wonder how Jonna is going to take this?
Bridget- Who's Jonna?
Ville- Jonna is my......(looks at Bridget)....Fiance.
Bridget- Your getting married again!!!
Ville- (looks down) Yes.
Bridget- Where's my room?!!!!
Ville- (doesn't look up) Up the stairs. Three doors down on the left.
Bridget- Thanksdad.
Ville- Were takingyou to dinner tonight.
Bridget- (sighs) What time do I need to be ready?
Ville- Around 2ish.
Bridget- Okay.
(she goes to her car and grabs the backpack and comes back in)
Ville- Need help with your lugage sweety?
Bridget- I got it. Um.... I need more clothes.
Ville- I'll send you with myFiance and if you want me to I will come.
Bridget- I want you to come.
Ville- Okay. (looks out the window and sees Jonna) Her she is.Lets hope she don't take this thewronge way because I told her you would be about 4 feet shorter.
(then she comes in and sees you and looksat Ville then to Bridget)
Jonna- Your cheating on me!
Ville- If I was cheating on you then I wouldn't have her here.
Jonna- Well thentell the truthVille. She couldn't be your daughter shes to tall.
Ville- It is.
Jonna- Your Lying!(she then starts punching Ville)
Ville- Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bridget- Get off of my father you bitch!!!!!!!!!!!
Jonna- Don't you ever call me a bitch!!!!!!! You Lover stealer!!!!!!!!!
(then Ville getsup)
Ville-Jonnastop beatting my daughter up.
Jonna- You lied you said you didn't have any kids!!!!
Ville- I haven't seen her since the day she turned three!! Bridget go upstairs please.
Bidget- Okay dad.
(5 hours later you dicided to go down stairs to spend some time with your dad)
Bridget- Dad?
(Ville turns around and sees Ville has a black eye)
Bridget- Dad!!!!!!!
Ville- I have a black eye and we leave to go tothe resteraunt in an hour.
Bridget- Come with me.
(he follows you to your room)
Bidget-Dad sit on the bed.
Ville- What are you doing?
Bridget- I am making the black eye less noticable.
Ville- Bridget can I ask you a question?
This is what your room looks like. So this is also what the black eye sceen looks like minus the black eye and benni

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