{Demon Arrange Marriage Story} When you hate the sound of laughter >Part 58 Because of your foolishness

Created by BloodyBuTtTerFly on Monday, July 28, 2008


"You have bonded. What do you think the rings are for" he hissed and she took a step backwards from him. "That's a marriage bond. I mean an emotional bond" she said trying to get him to understand. "Your JOB as a good wife is to make sure he is working" he said and took a step towards her. "His JOB is to work and take care of his family. And your job is to make sure the family and everything else dose NOT brother him so he can WORK IN PEACE" he said and she felt her knees go weak. "But shouldn’t he have a life with his family" she asked, "HIS LIFE IS TAKING CARE OF HIS FAMILY" he yelled and closed his eyes in order to calm him self down. "But" she said quietly and before she could finish her sentence there was a loud slap sound heard. When she opened her eyes she saw that she was on the floor in the hallway. She held her cheek in pain and looked up at see Mr. Rosenfelt's hand still in the air from striking her. "You will learn your place" he hissed and lowered his arm. She looked to Knox for help but he had his head low and didn’t look up. "Now be good and go away so Knox can get back to work. He has a lot to make up for because of your foolishness" he said and waited for her to say something back.

Not wanting to be hit again she quickly got to her feet and ran as fast as she could up to there room and locked the door. She stayed there for a moment breathing hard, still in shock from what had just happened. Tears fell down her cheeks as she slumped to the floor. She couldn’t believe that Mr. Rosenfelt had hit her and Knox did nothing about it. After calming her self down she pulled her self back up to her feet. "A bath" she said quietly to her self knowing it would help calm her down more. She went into the bathroom, making sure to lock the door behind her and got a bath started. She slowly took off her costume and got into the tub once it was warm. Letting out a long sigh as she sunk lower and lower into the water. She took in a deep breath and closed her eyes, replaying the events that had just happened. Remembering how uncomfortable she felt and seeing that Knox felt the same way. She wondered if his father had ever hit him. That would explain his actions of keeping his head low and pretending not to be there. She felt bad for Knox for having to deal with that, no wonder he shuts his emotions off nearly all the time. For the rest of her bath she tried to relax and not think to much. She knew that she would need to talk to Knox about what had happened and soon. She just hoped Mr. Rosenfelt would leave soon or at least be out of the house for a few minuets so they could talk.

When she got out she took her time in getting ready for bed, still trying to think of what to say to Knox. She fell asleep quickly being very tired from crying. But kept waking up with nightmares. At around 3 in the morning she couldn’t take it more and got up. She tip toed down to Knox's office, being very careful just in case Mr. Rosenfelt was still up and about. When she reached Knox's office she put her ear up to the door and listened carefully. All she heard was someone typing away, nothing else. Thinking that Knox was alone she slowly opening the door and looked in. Happy to find just Knox, she slowly stepped in and quietly closed the door behind her. She looked up to see Knox still working and slowly walked over to the front of his desk.

"Knox" she said quietly and he looked up, eyes wide. "Mist what are you doing here" he asked keeping his voice low and looking behind her. As if he expected his father to coming running in and take her away at any second. "We need to talk" she said also keeping her voice low. "Misty I cant I have all this work to do" he said while shaking his head as he looked at all the papers around his desk. "Knox we really need to talk" she said and he shook his head again. "Misty I have so much to do" he said looking at his work and not her. "But Knox" she said feeling like she was going to cry again. "Can we do this another time? I really have a lot to do" he said still not looking up at her. "Its now or never" she said and he looked up at her. "Quickly" he said glancing behind her at the door again.

"Do you want me here" she asked and he looked confused by her question. "Knox" she asked, "yes, you’re my fiancée" he said and she shook her head. "Do you want me here because you like me or just because I'm your fiancée" she asked and he took in a deep breath. "You know how I feel about you" he said and she nodded. "You know I cant be in a relationship like the one your father wants us to have" she said and he glanced at the door at the mention of his father. "But I know you like to work" she said but paused when he shook his head. "Its just something that needs to be done" he said and she nodded. "Look Knox I have been poor and I've been rich, so to speak for a while. And I rather be poor and be happy then live rich and be miserable" she said and he looked down at his desk. "Knox you know how I feel about you, right" she asked and put her hand on the desk. "I know" he said and looked back up at her. "I'm sorry, but if you are going to turn into your father I cant stay. Not because it would be bad for me to live like that but because I wouldn’t be able to stand seeing you turn into him" she said and a few tears fell. "I wont turn into him" he said and stood up sounding angry. Hearing him upset made her flinch and she took in a deep breath to calm her self. "You already are" she said quietly not daring to look at him. "I have a lot to do right now" he said quickly ignoring her statement, and sat down. "You should go back to bed" he said as he started to flip through papers. "If things stay this way I'm calling Jinx to take me away" she said quietly and headed towards the door.

She had excepted him to say something but nothing. So she opened the door and left. She tired to go back to sleep but again kept waking up to nightmares and just gave up. She wrote a bit in her dairy and read a bit until it was breakfast time. Remembering that there Saturday dates were now no more she called Vince up. "I'm sorry Vince but we will have to cancel Knox's and my lessons" she said, "is something wrong" Vince asked sounding concerned. "Did you two hurt your self's at the dance" he asked, "no the dance was wonderful. We had a lot of fun and even had a crowed gather as we danced" she said, "wonderful" he said sounding happy for her. "So if I may press, why no more dancing" he asked and she sighed. "Lets just say Knox as gone back to how he was when we first met and shows no signs of coming back" she said sounding sad. "Oh Misty I'm sorry" he said and she nodded, even thought she knew he couldn’t see her. "Are you two going to be alright" he asked, "I don’t know" she said and there was a knock on her door. "I'm sorry Vince but I have to go" she said, "that’s alright. I hope thing work out between the two of you" he said and they both hung up.

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