Sasuke X Reader One Shot

3rd one shot Enjoy!!!!

Created by KinaOokami on Monday, July 28, 2008



You were walking around when you saw Sakura on a bench.You looked ahead of you to see Sasuke leaving.You were mad...You continued on your walk and stopped a feew feet behind Sasuke.

Sasuke:[Name]....What are you doing here??

You:Taking my usual night Walk....What about you..Why you leaving??

Sasuke:........None of your Business......

You:Of course...Once you leave ill be treated the same..Like we never became friends....Or was that just a lie??

Sasuke:Being your friend wasnt a lie...

You:Realy?Thats not what i heard...

Sasuke:What are you--

You:Kakashi told me that you were pretending to like me just like the rest of the village...

Sasuke:[Name].."You push him to the ground while tears make way to your eyes.

You:I know your going to Orochimaru....So ill just get this off my chest..Ever since you became my so called friend...Ive fallen in love with you..I know you dont feel the same..So when/If you do come back.......Dont talk to me....Just dont...You start walking away from him until he grabs your nkle making you fall on your stomach..He gets on top of you.

Sasuke:What i told Kakashi was a lie...I care about you a lot...I would never lie to you..And ever since the day we started hanging out....I....I...

You:You what?

Sasuke:I couldnt get you outta my mind.....[Name].....I love you....

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~End FlashBack~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

You always believed people..But when it came to Sasuke not really liking you..You just completel;y ignored them...You knew that they were wrong..You hoped Sasuke fullfilled his dream...As you started to walk around the village you saw that everyone was gathered around the gates...You jumped on a roof to see why.Then you saw the love of your life walking in the gates.You were excited but then kinda hurt...You didnt know what to do...So you jumped off the roof and went home without looking back....You closed the door and went into the living room and lied down on the couch....Looking at the blank tv..


You sit up and look up at Sasuke.Just like you use to whenever you were always caught in a fight.


Sakura and Ino were beating you up for hanging with their Sasuke-kun...Sakura ino and Sasukes other fan grls were punching you and punching you..You fought back but only got beaten up more..

??:Hey!Stop it!

Sakura:Uh...Sorry Sasuke-Kun..All the girls ran off.

Sasuke ran over to you and stares down at you with his cold expression.You just look up at him with your innocent wolf eyes.His cold expression softened and he picked up bridal style and took you home...

@@@@@End falshback@@@@@

Sasuke:Youve changed...[Name]-Chan....

You:So have you Sasuke-Kun....Sasuke sat beside you and gently caressed your cheek and you closed your eyes at his touch.

Sasuke:Im sorry [Name]-Chan...

You:Its okay Sasuke-Kun....Sasuke stops caressing your cheek and you opened your eyes.You two stared t each other but didnt relise you were leaning in..And before you knew it you two were kissing for the first time...You pulled away for air he looked at you and smirked nd whispered in your ear:Your red as a cherry...You blushes a darker shade of red and looked away.He turned your face so you were facing him again.

Sasuke:You look cute when you blush...You blush more and push him off the couch..

Sasuke:What was that for?

You:For making me blush...

Sasuske:Well then maybe i shall use tickle torture on you...

You:No Sasuke dont you dare!You jumped over the couch and ran all over the house with Sasuke chasing you..

Yea it kinda sucked..Sorry...
Tell me what you thought please!

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