Teen Titans and The Vampire love story.:info:.

okay, well i hav these weird phazes that i go through, and this is my Teen Titans phaze. I'm including vampires because that's been my obsession since I read Twilight, so my vamp characteristics will be based on the ones from Twilight.

Created by ElementalAngel234 on Monday, July 28, 2008

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Read the God Dang memo!.....please *< :-) <==Party!!!
Okay, so the info on you is as follows:
Name: Charlotte Cullen(I know it's from Twilight, but it fits a vampire nicely)
Age:758 yrs old
Looks the age of: 15 yrs old
Been a Vampire for: 743 years
Looks: Since vampires are the most beautiful species eva, Charlotte is drop dead GORGEOUS. She has natural golden hair, and striking green eyes, but when she's hunting/fighting, thirsty, or the maddest anyone has ever seen, her eyesglow a crimson red. Also, her fangs only come out when she's hunting, fighting or mad(basically she's full on vampire when her eyes go red). Also, her body is perfection: perfect hourglass shape, perfectly delicate, so on. And not to mention, her skin is sooooo pale and ice cold like a perfect slab of perfect marble stone. So overall, she is perfection.
Vampire Characteristics: So if you've read Twilight, you'd already know, but for those of you who don't, here it is. Vampires are impossibly fast(good for catchingspeedy prey), andstronger than virtually anything(good for catching large prey). Also, their skin is impenetrable from anything(and i mean anything) except werewolf teeth/claws, and fire. So vampires are bullet-proof, and the only way to kill one is to have a werewolf to rip it to shreds then burn it. Also, vamps are unaffected by sun except that their skin glitters like their body is covered in sparkling red gems. That is the only reason they can't go into the sun, as they would expose themself, but they can go out on overcast or rainydays. Another thing is that vampires have a heightened sense of smell and vision, like a cat. My vampire in particular is very much like a cat(or rather a lioness), with feline grace. Also, being like a lioness, my vamp can roar, growl, hiss, purr,etc. cat noises. And she doesn't really need other powers, cause she already has super strength and speed and sense of smell/sight and can be vicious like you've never seen(if I feel like givin her powers l8r, I'll give her some stinkin powers). But also, she carries around a special dagger on a strap strapped to her right leg that is for killing werewolfs since vamps &werewolves are mortal enemies bent on killing the other race(mostly werewolves tryin to kill vamps cause they think all vamps are bloodsucking, evil monsters). Two more things, vampires never sleep & are always awake, and there has been a war between werewolves and vamps for as long as they existed and it will seem like it is coming to an end!

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