FMLYHM: A shaun morgan story

Created by untouchablehatred on Monday, July 28, 2008


God its so fucking hot in here Saranta let out as she leaned back in the big chair she was sitting in, if it gets any fucking hotter I will have to strip down complety, Shaun just looked over at his girlfriend and smiled, I wouldnt mind seeing that, Come on you guys I dont wanna see that shit John said as he look a sip of his drink, Shaun walked over to his girlfriend and picked her up and sat down in the seat she was sitting in, he then placed her in his lap, Shaun grabbed the remot for the cd player and hit cd 1, the song FMLYHM started playing, Shaun smiled and looked at his girl and begain singing fuck me like you hate me, COME ON Shaun you know what this song does to me, he smiled and just whispered in her ear come on baby come undone, Saranta just squirmed in shauns lap, moaned and dug her nails into his thigh, shaun smiled again and picked her back up, turned her around so her knees were on either side of him and begain kissing her, Come what the fuck you guys I dont need to see this John said as he got up and walked out of the room into the kitchen, Shaun run his nails up his girlfriends back and looked into her eyes and said Bedroom, Saranta giggled as she wrapped her arms around her boyfriends neck as he picked her up, walking by the kitchen door shaun looked at John and said DONT BOTHER US, saranta just giggled as she wrapped her legs around Shauns Waist. Shaun opened the door to their bedroom and stepped in, their bedroom has an AC, the cold air against their skin felt so good, Saranta moaned as the cold air touched her skin, Shaun layed her down on the bed he grabbed the bottom of her bondage pants and pulled them off of her, she just giggled, he looked down at his girlfriend, she was so fucking hot, she was just wearing her bathing suit, he crawled up and began kissing her, saranta wrapped her fingers in his hair pulling him into a deeper kiss, shaun begain running his fingers down her legs, he lightly dug his nails into her inner thigh, shaun ran his other hand up to the top of her bathing suit top, saranta moaned as shauns nail begain digging into her thigh harder, shaun grapped the top of bathing suit top and begain untieing it. Saranta gripped the top of shauns whitebeater and pulled it over his head, she then brushed the hair out of his face and begain kissing him again, shaun untied the front of her bathing suit top and pulled it off releving her beautiful breasts, he smiled as he went down and took her left nipple in his mouth, saranta let out a loud moan, shaun look her nipple in his teeth and softly begain biting on it, shauns hands wondered down to her bathing suit bottoms and he slide his hand in the side of them and begain teasing her, saranta let out a louder moan as she wrapped her fingers in shauns hair, shaun twirled his tounge around her nipple as he inserted his finger inside of her, oh my god shaun saranta let out as ran her fingers thru her boyfriends hair and begain pulling softly, shaun pulled the string on the sides of her bathing suit bottoms and pulled them off and threw them across the room, he just looked up at his girlfriend and gave her this evil smerk and he goes down and takes her clit in his mouth and sticks a second finger in her and begains pumping them in and out of her, oh my fucki-- shaun omg saranta let out as her boyfriend begain pumping his fingers in and out of her faster and harder, twirling his tounge around her clit shaun pulling his fingers out of her and came up and stuck them in his mouth and sucked on them, saranta just looked at him and smiled and pulled him into a deep kiss, she loved tasting her self in his mouth, saranta ran her tounge along his bottom lip tasting her self all over his lips, without warning shaun slide into her, oh my god she let out as shaun begain sliding in and out of her, then he flipped her so she was on top and slapped her ass, come on baby fuck me like you hate me shaun softly sang as he slapped his girlfriends ass again, shaun grabbed his girlfriend by the hips and begain trusting up into her, saranta threw her head back, omg shaun oh yeah fuck me right there shaun begain digging his nails into her hips as he begain trusting her up harder, shaun then without warning flipped her so she was on bottom, shaun twirled his fingers in his girlfriends hair and begain trusting into her deep and hard, oh my god fuck fuck harder harder shaun saranta let out as she dug her nails into her boyfriend back, shaun grabbed her hair harder and pulled her neck to the side and bite down on her neck hard, saranta dug her nails into her boyfriends back harder drawing blood, fuck baby shaun let out as he began getting close, shaun bite down harder on his girlfriends neck as she run her fingers up his back getting the blood on her fingers and licking it off her fingers, suddenly shaun felt a warm liquid in his mouth he looked down at her neck and blood begain dripping down, shaun smiled and pulled his girlfriend into a deep kisses, the taste was so amazing, their blood mixed togeather, shaun begain trusting in and out harder oh fuck fuck fuck fuck shaun let out as he dug his nails into her sides, fuck fuck fuck baby im gonna cum shaun said as he thrusted in and out of her a little harder, he felt her tighten up around him, sending him over the edge, he grabbed her by the hips...fuck fuck omg omg baby shaun let out as he spilled him self inside of her. Shaun collapsed next to his girlfriend and wrapped his arms around her.
I love you so much baby Shaun said as he wrapped his arms around his girlfriend tighter and kissed her on the neck, I love you too hunnie saranta said as she wrapped her arms around her boyfriends arms as they fell asleep.

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