Seto Kaiba | NO TOUCHiE! | One-Shot

Ahaha yay my first Kaiba story, it's based on my rp with girl72. But I did a little rearranging of the scenes and added a bit more of my own so they would work together... hm.. it's so wordy >_>;; Anyway, hope you enjoy! :D Rate/Msg me

Created by RubixRin on Tuesday, July 29, 2008


“No touchie Seto Kaiba!”

The CEO immediately jerked, his right hand involuntarily dropped to his side as he cleared his throat, face flitting back into his usual stoic expression. But that soon faded as he let loose a sneeze… for the 186 times today.

Kaiba heavily sighed as he grabbed another box of Kleenex, his fifth box of the day by the way, took out a thin new sheet of white tissue and blew his nose to his heart’s content as the blue-eyed girl walked in, closing the hefty double doors behind with her feet since her both of her hands were occupied; one with a glass of water and another with a small pouch.

“I don’t want your germs to infest all over my box.” Rin said sarcastically but still was telling the truth. She did not want to get down with the flu like him. The girl placed both objects down at his desk and crossed her arms, smiling broadly. “There’s nothing in that box, now hurry up and take your medicine!” Kaiba was still glancing at that box when she had finished.

Ah, yes. That box.

It was just a simple ordinary wooden box with no interesting decorations on the outside whatsoever. There was no lock to secure it’s secrecy as well. Rin would always carry that thing around, well, starting from last week anyways. She had left it at the couch in his office momentarily to get his medicine, and the CEO just wanted to take a small peek at it when she returned five seconds later!

’Nothing in that box? Tch, yeah right.’ “I do not need to take useless pills that the doctor prescribes. I will get better eventually,” Kaiba said gruffly.

“That’s what you always say. But hey, how many times have you gotten down sick this month?” Rin pretended to think hard, even counting her fingers just to tick him off. “Hmm aha! Four times!” She held out four fingers to rub it in.

The brunette groaned as he sneezed again. She was right; he was getting sick more than ever lately. But who could blame him? It was winter and the flu season as well. The two started bickering back and forth; usually Kaiba would deliberately insult her or call her really ugly names just to get him off her back but it was no use. Rin was use to it. In fact, she didn’t really care if he called her any names; she has a gazillion tricks up her sleeve to get back at him.

“But who would run the company if you’re down Kaiba? Surely you wouldn’t want me to run all the stocks and phone calls because I’d mess up BIG time, and surely you wouldn’t want Jiro to do it?” Rin said slyly.

Kaiba cringed at the mention of Jiro. He was another brunette with stunning grey eyes and a remarkable architect, always gets work done in time. Even though Jiro is a remarkable young man, his personality sure isn’t remarkable at all. He was egoistical, arrogant, and not to say an insolent jerk. ’Hm, sounds kinda like me’ He thought.

But that wasn’t the only reason the CEO disliked Jiro; it was because the blue-eyed girl standing before him has some sort of relationship with the architect. Kaiba remembered Rin telling him how she and Jiro were friends before she moved here from U.S. Well they sure didn’t look like they’re on friendly terms now, considering how Jiro was always insulting her and give rude remarks on her designs.

’Wonder what happened between the two…’ “Fine fine! I’ll take these stupid pills, now just go-“

Kaiba’s sentence was immediately cut short when someone else entered the office, someone known as Jiro. He strolled in confidently with an A4 folder in hand, grinning smugly. “Here are the drawing plans for Kaiba Land USA,” he said, setting the folder down at Kaiba’s desk.

Once again Kaiba sneezed with the tissue over his nose then waved his hand dismissively. “Very well, you are excused for the rest of today.”

Jiro curtly nodded and glanced at Rin, snobbishly crossing his arms. “It’s a pity that you have to stay after to take care of Mr. Kaiba AND give up your position to let me do the upcoming designs for Kaiba Land USA, isn’t it?” He spoke each word with emphasis trying to provoke the girl.

“It’s alright. Besides, it’s just one small project that I can work it off with some other upcoming plans. I have better things to do anyway,” Rin replied casually, eyeing the wooden box to her left and smiled.

The grey-eyed brunette snorted and left without another word. Rin carefully watched him leave with a soft glare, which Kaiba noticed. “What’s in that box?” he inquired.

“Nuthin!” Rin grabbed the wooden box and hurried out of the office before Kaiba could pry off anymore questions.


Few weeks later at Kaiba Corp. the brunette CEO was typing at his desktop furiously with a mug of black coffee by his side. Occasionally he coughed once or twice, but he was being a good kid taking his medicines every eight hours a day. Rin was sitting at a nearby desk, keeping an eye on him and drawing a brief sketch for remodeling the lobby. Since her back was to him Kaiba eyed the mysterious box every once in awhile from behind his laptop.

’I must know what is in that box!’ Kaiba‘s hands were itching away from the keyboard just wanting to touch it. Why does Rin carry that thing with her at all times? It was as if it gives her some special protection. No one hides things from the Seto Kaiba! He must know what’s in it!

“I have to go check something down at the lobby,” Rin said suddenly causing Kaiba to look up. “For the columns, you want granite or marble?”

“Either one is fine.” Kaiba replied, not paying attention to what she was saying but on the box. Rin smiled before getting up and leave. But Kaiba, on the other hand, got up as well, only to the box. He was going to find out today! Today for sure, no exceptions! Just as Rin placed her hand on the doorknob Kaiba’s hand extended out for the box. And then—


The girl jumped and tackled Kaiba before he could even put a finger on it. The CEO let out a scream before he went crashing down. With adrenaline pumping through both of them they wrestled and pulled each other away from the box. It was like a rampage. But before either of them knew it, Kaiba, being much taller and bigger than the petite Rin, was on top of her. “I’m your boss, you’re my employee, and I demand do know what’s in that box!”

Blushing at the awkward position the two were in Rin sighed in defeat. “Okay okay! Just let go of my wrists so I can go get the box!” Kaiba blinked a few times before realizing he was pinning her down with both hands on her wrists, rather suggestive position no doubt. His faced flushed as he let go quickly. Brushing herself off Rin went over to her box and took out an object and tossed it to him.

“A yarn?!” Kaiba’s left eye twitched as he examined the thing. It was just some ordinary dark blue colored yarn, fuzzy and soft to the touch. So much for expecting something more exciting!

Rin rolled her eyes sarcastically. “Yes, a yarn. You happy now?”

“What do you do with a yarn??”

“It’s my special yarn. It gives me protection to harmful distractions surrounding the atmosphere!” She smiled gleefully, showing him her box full of different shades of blue yarn. By now Kaiba’s lips were twitching as well. This girl was definitely a weirdo beyond words!

Kaiba was about to say something along the lines of “Are you insane?” when all of a sudden Rin’s cell phone started going off. “Oops! Excuse me!” She gave him an apologetic look before answering it. “Hello, Rin Igarashi!” She answered the call happily as usual. Kaiba watched her smile dropped seconds later to a frown, her sapphire blue eyes widening as the phone slipped from her hand.


Sirens were the only thing being heard among the neighborhood. Polices were coming in and out of room number 243- Jiro Nekoi. Rin and Kaiba watched as the ambulance pulled up and four medical operators lifted the stretch bed into the car, a white fabric covering what seemed to be a shape of a person. “We believe this was the cause of his sudden death,” one officer said as he handed Kaiba a small orange bottle.

Kaiba examined the pills in the bottle carefully, his eyes narrowing to small silts. “And I thought he was taking too much aspirins… they’re ecstasy.”

Rin shuddered and sauntered away slowly, her feet dragging her to a corner as she crouched down, burying her head in her hands. Her body trembled as soft sobs emitted from her throat.

“You knew about this?”

The girl looked up as Kaiba made his way to her, the bottle still clenched in his hand. She shook her head slightly as tears profusely ran down her cheeks. “I didn’t know he was using drugs… but the reason I’m here… is because his mother died not too long ago, and since my mom and her mom were good friends… she asked me to keep an eye out for Jiro.”

Kaiba stared down at her, his expression remained unmoving. “So that’s the reason you came to Japan, to Kaiba Corp. for the same job position as him so you could keep an eye on him?” He said, voice slightly off for some reason. Rin didn’t say anything else so he assumed it was a yes.

“I… I should’ve noticed it sooner...” She broke down into another cry as Kaiba could do nothing but watch.

Another two weeks passed by and everything was back to normal, well, sort of. Jiro’s office was cleaned; his belongings were stacked away in boxes. Rin was wrapping tape around the last box; soon all of them would be shipped back to his home in California. She walked back to her own office, sighing. Before she had thought that once she made sure Jiro was okay, she would return home. But Rin had no intention to do that anymore; she actually love the job she was offered here, being able to work with him as one of the top interior designers was all she need…

“At least I finished my last project in time…” She muttered, glancing at the wrapped box sadly.

It began snowing later that afternoon as Kaiba stopped his work and gazed out at the gigantic glass window. He checked the calendar by his desktop, December 23rd. Since his cold got better he decided that tomorrow he would give his employees a day off. Heck, it’s Christmas Eve! And besides, he felt pretty worn out; death of one of his best architect has been a big issue since he would need a replacement. Well he didn’t really need to find a new replacement, for he already knew who the person would be…

Kaiba sighed, watching each snowflakes fall from the outside while pulling out a tiny box from his desk drawer. It was a crimson box with gold floral pattern designs all around, along with a silvery white bow tied at the edge. Actually telling his employees to have a day off tomorrow was because he had some plans for himself, and the certain blue-eyed girl whom he had not caught a glimpse of her for the past few days. He had to admit, he missed seeing her bright happy face walking into his office at least five times a day, and her cheery voice…

“Seto there’s a delivery for you.” Mokuba trotted into the CEO’s office with a gift in hand and placed it on his desk. As soon as he turned around the shape of the gift caught his attention. The present was neatly wrapped in a silver and gold paper with a red bow around it.

“Well?” Mokuba arched an eyebrow at his brother’s sudden intake of breath. “Open it! I wanna see who it’s from! A secret admirer! You always have a bunch of secret admirers!”

Kaiba snapped out of his thoughts before nodding and undo the bow, then the wrapping papers. He gasped when it revealed the same wooden box Rin would always carry around with her. The CEO had an instant thought that this would be some kind of prank: a box full of colorful yarns with a goofy note attached inside. But as soon as he lifted the lid open his literally melt on the spot.

Inside the box was a navy blue scarf, knitted to perfection with few light blue yarns at the edge to add details. He gingerly held up the scarf and a note fell from between the folds. Judging by the familiar handwriting it was from Rin. He picked it up and reads:

Hey Kaiba,

I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you this sooner but I bought the plane ticket at the last minute so—everything was rushed at the last minute! I apologize to have to leave at such inconvenient circumstances. Jiro’s body has been cremated and needs to be delivering back to his final resting place, his home. I don’t know when I’ll be back ‘cuz there will be a lot more to take care of once I land at my destination… so, Merry Early Christmas!

P.S. hope you like the scarf I made, it’ll keep you warm at all times so you won’t get a cold thateasily anymore~


“Seto where are you going?” Mokuba asked as Kaiba shot up from his seat putting on his coat, grabbing his keys and began to head out towards the door.

“Tell Satoshi to take you home today, I'll probably come back late.”


“Ahh, how long do I have to wait?” Rin huffed sitting down at the waiting room. Unfortunately for her, the flight back to U.S has been delayed to two hours later. Feeling sleepy she closed her eyes, intending on taking a little nap so time would go by faster.

Rin…! She could faintly hear someone calling her name. It echoed a few times so she thought it was a dream. ’Wait, no… there is someone calling my name!’ Rin fluttered her eyes open and looked around, her blue eyes locking with other equally blue ones of Kaiba. Her mouth dropped slightly; what was he doing here?

“How can you just leave without properly informing me first?” Kaiba said in uneven breaths as he walked up to Rin. He looked like he was in a hurry for he was still panting. When you’re driving at 90mph on the road? Yeahh. Rin blinked a few times before looking away sadly.

“I know. I should’ve but it was all in a hurry…” She trailed off, noticing the navy blue scarf around his neck. “Hey! You’re wearing it!” Her frown flitted back into a smile immediately. If he was wearing it, that means he likes it!

He nodded slightly before looking around. “Shouldn’t you be on the plane already?”

“Oh they delayed it to two hours later. I’m going to be late sooo bad…” Rin sighed exasperatedly.

Kaiba arched an eyebrow but didn’t question anymore. “Good, because you forgot some things.”

Now it was Rin’s turn to arch an eyebrow. “I forgot some things?” she inquired not remembering what she had forgotten. She had checked off everything there was to bring in her luggage and shipment of Jiro’s belongings. Kaiba smirked as he reached into his pocket, pulling out a small crimson box. Rin opened her mouth but nothing came out; she sure did not remember about having a tiny crimson box that belongs to her.

“What is it?” Rin asked, and just as she was about to reach for it Kaiba drew his right hand away, holding the box high in the air out of her reach. “Hey!”

“Remember? No touchie!” The CEO smirked even wider as he mocked her voice. Rin pouted in discontent as she tried reaching for the box again, but in return the brunette just held it up even higher. It sucks being 5’5 and him being 6’1! “Not until I tell you what’s the first thing.”

“Whattt? What what what??” Rin demanded eagerly with puppy dog eyes hoping that he would tell her. Kaiba simply smiled at her childish actions. His left arm reached out to her waist, pulling her close to him. He brought his right arm down to support her back as he leaned in, his lips bestowed upon hers.

Rin blushed a gazillion shades of red, shocked at first, but soon closed her eyes and enjoyed the everlasting kiss by wrapping her arms around his neck, deepening the kiss as he pulled her closer, completely enveloped against him. So much for the everlasting part, because they soon parted due to lack of air. By now people passing by were watching with wide eyes, some around their age giggled at the scene while older adults scowled something about teenagers not having manners in public these days.

“I—you—we--,” Rin stuttered, her face as red as a tomato. Kaiba was still holding her close as he placed the box in her hands; she held her breath as she opened it, revealing a silver heart shaped locket with her name and the first initial of her last name carve in the front. Rin was absolutely speechless.

“I was thinking to give it to you tomorrow since it will be Christmas Eve, but guess not.” Kaiba said as he pulled her to an embrace. Rin sighed in bliss as she rested her head at the crook of his neck. A few minutes of silence passed by as Kaiba spoke up again. “I’ll take my jet.”


“You said that this plane won’t fly until two hours later? We’ll take the jet then, it’ll be much faster,” he paused for a moment before continuing. “I’ll come with you.”

Rin stared at him as if he was nuts. “But what about your company?”

“Already got it settled. Besides, I want to pay Jiro one last visit. He was still my best architect.” The girl smiled and nodded happily as Kaiba ran his fingers through her ebony hair with another peck on her lips. He then took her hand gingerly in his, making their way out of the airport.


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