Midnight Kiss: A Zutara Fanfiction

Created by xtragicxdeathx on Tuesday, July 29, 2008



It was a short while after midnight when Katara woke restlessly from yet another dream. As she tried to remember some of the other parts of the dream, the details slowly started to slip away. But that was a good thing, Katara thought. What she could remember was that her mother was in it, but that was a very bad thing. This was one of the only dreams she didn’t want to see her mother in, all because of a certain fleet of Fire Navy ships that were in her dream as well. And not just any Fire Navy ships, these ones had flags with Sea Ravens on them, the dreaded symbol of the southern raiders. The Southern raiders were a part of the Fire Navy who conducted savage attacks all over the Earth Kingdom and the South Pole, where Katara and her family lived as a part of a Water Tribe village. Katara had learned only a short while ago that the retired leader of the Southern Raiders, Yon Rha, was responsible for Katara’s mother Kaya’s death. Yon Rha had led the Southern Raiders to Katara’s village a decade ago in search for the last Waterbender of the South Pole. Yon Rha had confronted Kaya in her home and asked where the last Waterbender was. Kaya had told him that she was the last Waterbender in and effort to protect Katara, the real last Waterbender of the Southern Tribe. Yon Rha had then murdered Kaya mercilessly. Katara had learned about all of this from Yon Rha himself after she confronted him. Her original plan was to kill him but she couldn’t find it in herself to do it. But ever since she had found out, she has been picturing her
mother’s final moments in her dreams.

Katara decided that she wasn’t going to lay there with those horrible visions floating around in her head. She shot up out of bed suddenly, vaguely thinking that she needed some fresh air to clear her mind. She opened the bedroom door and walked through the silent hallway to the front door. Once she was outside, she walked a short distance to a stretch of seashore that wouldn’t be visible from any of the windows of the beach house she just left. Katara found a place on the sand, sat down, and began gazing at the many stars twinkling overhead while a small tide washed back and forth over her bare feet. Staring at the stars did seem to clear her mind of her mother, but she also began thinking of other things…

Katara was so deeply in thought that she didn’t even notice Zuko walking across the beach toward her until he spoke, “Katara?”

Katara snapped out of her thoughts at once and leapt to her feet, startled. “Zuko?! What are you doing out here?”

“Shouldn’t I be asking you the same question?” he responded coolly.

“I was just…” Katara began, pondering her answer as she dropped back down on the sand and Zuko sat down next to her, “thinking, I guess.”

“Oh really, about what?” Zuko asked.

Katara thought for a few seconds before she came up with an answer that was only half-true. “My mother,” she told Zuko.

Zuko opened his mouth to try to say something reassuring probably, but closed it again. They both stared out into the ocean for a moment before Zuko finally spoke. “I’ve been thinking a lot about mine too.”

Katara touched the charm on her mother’s necklace that she always wore, and, still looking out into the ocean, began to cry silent tears. Zuko noticed almost immediately and put a comforting arm around her shoulders. He apparently still couldn’t find anything to say to Katara, but she didn’t care because Zuko was one of the only people who understood Katara’s situation. But she wasn’t just crying about Kaya though, she had another reason: something that she didn’t want to tell anyone about, but at the same time, she did want to tell someone about it. The only person she wanted to talk about it with was sitting right next to her. But that was only because it was about him. It involved Aang too, but after last night, Katara wasn’t sure Aang was the right person to discuss this with. Katara was still so confused about it all. After a few more minutes of sitting there, Zuko’s arm still around her, tears no longer rolling down her cheeks, she decided that now was as good a time as any. She was about to bring up the subject, but Zuko beat her to it.

“Do you like Aang? Zuko asked, trying to sound indifferent. The expression on his face was unreadable.

“I don’t know. I’m so confused right now.”

Zuko took his arm off Katara and stood up. “It’s a simple question. Do you like him or not?” he asked angrily.

Katara stood up to face him. “Why do you always have to be like this Zuko?!” she exclaimed, commenting about his anger. “And what does it matter to you if I like him or not?”

Zuko spoke in a much softer tone this time. “I mean, I don’t care either way,” Zuko added defensively. “I’m just wondering.”

He gave her a meaningful glance with his golden eyes as they both sat back down. Katara breathed out, “Okay, what if I do? But what if I like someone else even more? That’s what I’m so confused about.” Katara sighed.

“Well, who’s the other person?” Zuko asked trying to sound indifferent again.

“He’s just this guy.” Katara smiled to herself as she continued, “He puts on a tough front but I know he’s sweet underneath.” Katara sighed again, still not looking at Zuko but he smiled slightly beside her. “But I don’t know if he and I can be together.”

“And why can’t you be together?” Zuko asked with the same slight smile. Katara wasn’t sure if Zuko had caught on or was just being arrogant, but she still continued.

“That’s the complicated part. I suppose we could be, if we tried hard, but those around us would be expecting our relationship to fail. Some of the people might judge us or be angry if we got together, but I wish we could be. I think I might even be in love with him.”

“Well, if you’re in love with him, who cares what other people think?”

Katara looked up at him, slightly shocked. “But those other people are my closest friends, and they are his friends too. I really wish I knew what to do.”

“Well, why not have a relationship in secret?” Zuko suggested. Katara was now sure by the look on Zuko’s face that he definitely caught on or he was completely clueless. But either way, she thought his advice was good.

“Yeah, I guess we could. But there’s only one problem: I don’t know if he feels the same about me.”

Zuko smiled to himself before turning to Katara and saying, “You should tell him. I think you’d be surprised by what answer you get.” They both looked at each other for a moment before Zuko continued. “I think I might know who you’re talking about.”

“Are you sure about that?” Katara said almost teasingly.

“I think so, but if not he’s probably just some jerk somewhere. So who is he?”

“He’s you, jerk.” She pushed him gently back into the sand and one hand holding his face she kissed him softly but passionately. Tears stared rolling down her face again. Zuko’s eyes were wide with shock: not from knowing she liked him, he had already suspected that, but from the sudden kiss. But he slowly closed them and began to kiss her back while the stars twinkled above them.

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