sasuke and sakura chapter 5 part 2

chapter 5 part 2

Created by xmrszxorginalx on Wednesday, July 30, 2008

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Sakura pleaded silently with Ino to answer. The blonde was the least likely to lose sleep over this.

“Sorry to say this Nita, but I think Sakura should be lead. She does have a good voice.”

Nita was highly affronted. “No way! I should be lead singer. Right Sasuke?” She tugged on his arm like a child wanting her favorite toy. “Tell them! Tell them I should be lead!”

The Uchiha pinched the bridge of his nose. Nita was a pain. “Nope. Sakura is a better singer than you, Nita.”

Sakura’s mouth dropped open. “Sasuke-kun…”

The other girl began to whine. “You don’t even like me!”

Sasuke rolled his eyes. “I did, but you blew it.”

Nita burst into angry tears and ran away from the group. They all watched her go. “Kinda harsh, don’t cha think?” asked Shikamaru.

Sasuke shrugged. “She had it coming.”

Neji looked thoughtful. “Hey, isn’t Nita the daughter of that guy…the president of Konoha HealthCare?”

Everyone stopped and thought, groaning once they made the connection. “Just think what she could blackmail us with.” Sakura thought aloud. They all dreaded the possibilities. One thing was for sure; they hadn’t seen the last of Miss Nita Hamilton.

“Uh, Sakura?”

The girl closed her eyes for a moment, and then reopened them. She plastered a smile on her face before turning back to Kiba. “Hey, I thought about it, and…”

Kiba could barely contain himself.

“…I’d like to go out with you.”

Sakura wasn’t exactly sure of the exact words that had come out of her mouth, but Kiba seemed pleased, so…

“That’s great! Aren’t you still grounded though?”

Sakura shook her head. It was Thursday. Her sentence was supposed to last until Saturday, but her mother informed her otherwise. Mishawka wasn’t too happy, cutting it like that.

“Are you free tomorrow night?” asked Kiba eagerly. Sakura looked apologetic. At least, she hoped she did.

“Actually Kiba, I’m not. Sasuke and I—”

“It’s always him, isn’t it?” The boy cut her off abruptly. She continued as if there were no interruption, but her voice shook slightly.

“Sasuke and I are hanging out tomorrow night. It’s Movie Night, a little tradition at his place.”

Kiba scowled. “Whatever. I get it.” It didn’t sound like he did. “How ‘bout Saturday?”

Sakura nodded, musing briefly over what he might say if she had plans. “I’ll see you then.”

Sasuke appeared just then, and they both wondered if he’d been listening. “Coming, Sakura?”

She moved to his side and threw a smile to Kiba. But the jealousy never left his eyes.

“So you said yes.”

Sasuke had his hands in his pockets as they walked. Sakura sighed softly. “Yeah.”

The boy cast her a sidelong glance. “Somehow you don’t seem too enthusiastic.”

She shrugged, and looked up towards the ceiling. “He doesn’t like us either.”

Sasuke feigned surprise. “And here I thought we were popular.”

The girl glared half-heartedly. “I’m serious here, Sasuke-kun.”

“Yeah, Sasuke-kun.”

It was all they could do to keep walking. Sai just kept following to Kakashi’s class. When he finally couldn’t take it anymore, Sasuke wheeled around and socked Sai neatly in the face. The boy swore loudly as blood flowed from his newly broken nose.

“Don’t call me Sasuke-kun.”

Kakashi strolled right by them and paused at the door to his classroom, his ever-present orange book in hand. “Time for class kiddies.”

They all stared incredulously. “Class started ten minutes ago. Aren’t you a little late?” asked Sakura, hoping to distract him from what had just occurred. Kakashi didn’t look up.

“Then so are you.” He pointed out. Sakura didn’t know what to say. He was right. The ex-ninja finally noticed Sai’s bleeding form.

“Geez, did you walk into a pole or something? You’d better get that checked out.”

Sai growled obscenities as he walked away. Sakura grinned at Sasuke and followed their sensei into fourth period Health.

“So class, what do you think are some major differences between girls and boys? I mean, not physically speaking.”

The students giggled. Nita raised her hand. “Teacher’s pet.” Ino whispered.

“I think that boys are colder. They don’t care about others, just themselves. And they never talk about their feelings.”

Everyone saw her looking at Sasuke. Sakura fumed. How dare she? The pink-haired girl shoved her fist into the air. Kakashi nodded at her.

“I don’t think so. Just because boys don’t talk as much, it doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate their friends, or what they have.”

The rest of the core eight recognized those words, Neji especially. Kakashi studied Sakura. “It sounds like you’re talking from experience.”

She didn’t back down. “You could say that.”

Kakashi didn’t reply. But in his mind, gears were spinning. What would happen if Sakura and Sasuke ever stopped being friends? What if they became more than friends? These were questions you could probably write a book on.

“This brings me to your assignment.” The class groaned as one. Kakashi’s lone eye crinkled at the corners. “You are to pair up with a member of the opposite sex. And you, in a manner of speaking, are going to write a report on them.”

Everyone began talking at once. The man called for silence. “I want to know everything about your partner. Pretend I know absolutely nothing. What’s his favorite food? Where does she like to shop the most? I need you to answer every question on this sheet (while handing said sheet out). Once you’ve finished, I want you to write about what it would be like if your partner was the exact opposite of the person they are today. One page only, single-spaced. Try to stick to the important stuff.”

Nita’s hand was in the air again. “Do we get to choose our partners?”

The entire class froze. Choosing their own partners would certainly make things a lot easier, and that’s something they all wanted. Kakashi paused at Sasuke and Sakura, their assignment sheets frozen in mid-air. Under their desks, the pair hooked pinkies. Please… prayed Sakura, C’mon….

“Oh, alright. You may choose your own partners.”

They all cheered as Sakura let out a sigh of relief. Half the questions on the answer sheet were ones that Sasuke already knew the answer to, but Sakura doubted she would have been able to share them with a practical stranger. There were 85 questions, some long, some short. As Sakura scanned the list, she froze at the bottom.

Question 85: What is his/her worst fear?

Sakura wasn’t troubled by her answer; Sasuke already knew. But she was concerned over what his answer could be. He’d never told her, and she’d never asked. There were just some things the Uchiha kept to himself. Sakura just wondered if she was ready to find out what those things were.

“Sakura? You okay?” Sasuke waved a hand in front of her face, and she started. “Oh! Sorry. Just spaced out a sec there.”

The boy didn’t have a chance to respond before several dozen other girls crowded them. “BE MY PARTNER SASUKE!”

He growled. “I already have a partner. Go find another one.” They were somewhat turned on, but disappointed nonetheless. Their friends appeared through the throng. Ino was paired with Shikamaru, Tenten with Neji, and Hinata and Naruto. Sakura almost laughed. She didn’t have to do a thing. Suddenly, Kiba popped out of nowhere.

“Sakura! Do you have a partner?”

She nodded, somehow unable to meet his eye. His voice seemed broken. “But…I thought you wanted to go out…” She had to explain herself, or else suffer a huge guilt trip.

“I know, Kiba. But we just meet like a week ago, and some of the things on this sheet are things I can’t share with you yet.”

The dog-like boy just walked away. As Kakashi went around recording each pair, Kiba ended up with Nita. The core eight were unsettled by this. Trouble was brewing; they could all feel it. The tension of things to come swirled around the friends as possibilities, mostly bad, wormed their way into their heads. Finally, Hinata, of all people, broke the silence.

“S-so Naruto, what is your dream?”

The blonde launched into an avid description; Sakura caught the word “Hokage” several times, and smiled.

Sasuke was giving her that look again. “Ready?”


The pair worked their way down. Here are some of the questions they answered:

Question 5: Whom does he/she admire most? (Saku: Mikoto/ Sasu: Shizanu)

Sakura looked up from her paper, just registering Sasuke’s answer. “Really? You admire my mom the most?”

Nod. Sakura didn’t push it further. There were some things she’d just never understand about him.

Question 15: To whom does he/she go to for comfort? (Saku: Sasuke/Sasu (although he hates to admit it): Sakura)

Question 21: What was the most life-altering decision he/she has made?

Sasuke looked at her, and she at him. “Well, I’ve never really made a life-altering decision.” Sakura admitted. She raised her hand, but Kakashi was reading. She went up to him.


The man finally looked up. “Yes, Sakura?”

“What if we’ve never made a life-altering decision?”

Kakashi studied her over the top of his book. Sakura was finally able to see the title: Icha Icha Paradise. She made a face. Ew.

“Well, Sakura, what’s the most life changing thing that’s ever happened to you?”

“I met Sasuke.” It came out before she could stop it. The man’s eyebrow arched. “Is that a good thing?”

She nodded before he got the wrong idea. “So it’s more so a life-changing experience?”

“That’s it.”

Satisfied, Sakura made her way back to her desk. Sasuke looked up from his paper. “So what’d he say?”

“He said more of a life-changing experience.”

“Oh.” It became quiet all of a sudden, while Sakura and Sasuke each thought about the night that had changed him forever.


They were eight years old, in the hospital. It was the middle of March, and young Sakura had broken her arm while playing on the swings at the park. Mikoto was with them, babysitting. Of course, she could have just hired someone, but where was the fun in that?

You were very brave, Sakura.” the woman praised as the three of them sat in the doctor’s office. Sakura had just gone through surgery, and now sported a green cast on her left arm. The girl smiled cutely as Sasuke tapped her cast with a knuckle. “Does it hurt?” he asked. Sakura shook her head as the doctor returned. They were free to go.

I need you two to promise me something.” Mikoto began as they headed to her car. Both Sasuke and Sakura caught her serious tone. They looked at each other.

I need you to promise me that you two will always look out for each other, like today.”

After Sakura had fallen, Sasuke had held her hand, all the way to the hospital.

Do you promise?”

We promise.”

Mikoto smiled as she and the two kids piled into the car and headed for home. They dropped Sakura off with her grateful mother, and went home. Sasuke slept in his room, but was awakened by a scream. Jumping, he called out frightened.

Mom? What was that?”

There was no answer. Cautiously, Sasuke crept down the hall. He smelt something dreadful, but didn’t want to think about it. He had reached the door to the master suite. That smell was overwhelming. Sasuke shakily opened the door, and his face paled immediately. His parents were lying still in a pool of blood. He ran to them.

Mom! Dad! Wake up! Wake up!”

He shook them, trembling himself. But they didn’t answer. He was getting soaked in their blood. It was then he realized what he’d smelled earlier. Blood. Suddenly, a form materialized before him. It was Itachi.

Hello little brother.”

Sasuke wanted to scream for him to help, but then he noticed the bloody kunai in his brother’s right hand.

You killed them! Why?”

To measure myself.”

He couldn’t take it anymore. Away he ran, colliding into James, who found his parents seconds later. Paramedics were called, but to no avail. Mr. and Mrs. Uchiha were dead, murdered by their oldest son. The story flashed on news channels everywhere, including the Haruno home.

As Sakura heard the voice of the reporter on screen, her entire body froze. It couldn’t be true! She’d only just seen Mikoto hours before! And what about Sasuke? Where was he?

She ran the ten minutes to his home in a full sprint, ignoring her parents who called her back. When she arrived, the sight was horrendous. The entire Manor was under siege; there were camera crews, paramedics, and police everywhere. Everyone was looking for Itachi. They finally found him, unable to resist the temptation of the family scrolls. He was arrested for manslaughter, life in prison.

Sakura ignored the yellow tape surrounding the Manor and the policemen trying to hold he still. She was screaming. “Sasuke-kun!”

Everything was spinning, becoming a blur. The people were staring at her, this little pink-haired girl, screaming for Sasuke Uchiha: the sole survivor. She caught sight of Mikoto’s lifeless body being zipped into a body bag. Sakura closed her eyes for a long moment. So it was true.

Finally she found him, eyes crimson, ferociously fending off the paramedics who were trying to clean him off. He was covered in blood. Sakura wretched in the grass before she could stop herself. It was too real.

Sakura ran to him, almost knocking him over as she threw her arms around him. She was shaking; so was he. Her sobs echoed in the stillness of the night, moon and stars unaware of the evil that had just passed below them. The Sharingan faded steadily from his eyes as Sasuke gripped Sakura so hard she thought she would break in two.

Only then did the tears come.

End Flashback

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