Harry Potter, gay and in love Draco Malfoy?!?

Please read this one instead of the other Harry Potter, gay and in love Draco Malfoy?! I have made them both but I have no fucking clue what happened to the other... I accidently delited it... THIS IS THE SAME STORY!! BoyXboy... anyhow this it's about Harry, who has defeated Voldemort, and about Draco Malfoy, who knows exactly which buttons to push to make Harry crazy! I know, the other one sound more appealing, but it's the same fucking story, this one will just continue... there has been surten problems

Created by Qayin on Wednesday, July 30, 2008

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Harry James Potter had a girlfriend. She was head-over-heals in love with him. Harry really liked her for she was smart, funny, caring, charming and very beautiful. He was in love with her.

He had to be, he told himself more than once.

Ginny really cared for him and he cared about her.

Yes, Harry James Potter had a girlfriend, who he loved.

He loved Ginny Weasley and not Draco Malfoy! Ginny, Ginny, Ginny, Draco Malfoy! No, not Draco Malfoy, Ginny Weasley!

Malfoy was just a friend. A very close, beautiful, hot friend who Harry had shagged more times then he could count. Even more times Draco had shagged him. But they were only friends, because Harry had a girlfriend, a girlfriend who he never had had sex with and an extremely hot friend who he had had sex with more or less every time they had crossed each others paths.

But that was in the past and now they wouldn’t jump at each other and rip of each others clothes, the first one to get naked being the one that got nailed up the nearest wall and fucked roughly. Nope, that was all history and would never happen again. That was the thoughts that crossed Harrys mind while he waited for the arrival of Draco’s train. Draco would never fuck Harry’s brains out or lick away his troubles or torture his flesh or… “No! Don’t think about it!” Harry’s brain demanded. “Don’t think about his pale, slender shoulders that you’re not allowed touching with your lips and don’t think about his arse that you will never grab and do NOT think about his fulfilled lips that never will be wrapped around your c… STOP IT!” Harry moved from one leg to the other trying to shake of the unwished delight that was starting to show. Damn him and his arse!

“Please Draco, show up here and look like Ron!” Harry hopped at the same moment he saw a tall, black wearing young man step out of the train that Harry hadn’t even noticed arriving and he immediately recognized the platinum-blond Slytherin.

But since that Draco had the ability to suck attention to him that wasn’t really a surprise for Harry, who had in all fairness seen him so many times… “STOP IT, I SAID!!!” Instead of stand there and think about old times or sulk over that Draco was even hotter now then he had been last time Harry’d seen him, he moved closer to meet him up.

Draco only had a black bag over his shoulder and looked surprisingly… “mugglish”… not wearing a wizard-robe or tight leather pants and shirt, that seemed to be Draco’s two choices of clothes and right now Harry was very grateful for that.

If Malfoy had shown up in leather than Harry would have forgotten all of what he had told himself about Malfoy being history and had probably raped him right there and then.

Draco, the sick perv, would probably have enjoyed it and after Harry had finished then himself would have been raped by the other boy.

So knowing that Harry, even if he enjoyed being a surten someone’s bitch, would not like prison he was thankful that Malfoy only wore black jeans and a black t-shirt with some white mark that looked like it had disappeared in the laundry for some years ago. “I didn’t know that Draco owned such clothes…” he thought to himself when Draco suddenly stood in front of him.

“Lo, Potter.” Draco said and smiled, showing his perfect white teeth.

Harry greeted his old lover by staring at him, looking like a bloody idiot and his mouth turned into the Sahara-desert. Draco looked rather pleased with himself and just laughed. “Hi Draco! It’s a pleasure to meet you again!” He answered himself and his grin grew bigger when Harry flushed.

“It is!” Harry told the Slytherin when he remembered how to speak. “Damn, I thought we agreed that you were over this Potter!” His brain yelled at him but he ignored it and smiled shyly towards Malfoy instead.

Malfoy shock his head and threw his free hand out and smiled.

“Well, don’t I get a hug?” He asked and laughed when Harry turned redder then what he already were and Harry gave him a stiff and embarrassed embrace before throwing himself out of Draco’s arms again.

Draco raised one fine eyebrow towards him and smiled mockingly at him. “So…” Draco started looking around to make sure no one heard them. “What yaa think of my muggle-outfit?” He asked curiously. Harry swallowed hard a couple of times, still feeling the rests of the desert in his mouth before answering.

“It’s nice. Looks very muggle-like!” He said reassuringly and Draco shined up.

“Really? ‘Cause I had to conjure my leather-pants to this.” He said tapping his legs. Harrys eye grew wide.

“You… you’re wearing the leather-pants?” He asked.

“Yapp!” Draco answered and then pointed at his stomach that Harry knew was hard as hell ‘cause of his amazing muscles and he suppressed the urge to caress it. “And this,” Draco spoke as if he didn’t notice the raw animal look Harry was giving him. “This is my black shirt that is, you know, held together by all those leather-bands…”Draco struggled to explain. Harry could only nod ‘cause the bare thought of Draco’s famous shirt that reviled so much pale skin of his was so arousing that he made a growling sound in the back of his throat. “That’s it! How the hell could you be over him?!” His brain demanded to know. “Screw what’s-her-name! Fuck him! Love him! For god’s sake, make him fuck you! Force him into you! Do whatever it takes!” The brain told him. Oh god, how much he wanted to touch those muscles of his with his bare hands. “No, Draco is just a friend! A friend!!!”A rational voice said in his head. “You have a girlfriend! How many times do I have to remind you? It’s a… oh, wow… he’s wearing that shirt… *drool*”

“Ehm… Potter? You alright?” Draco asked the moment he realized that sweet, innocent Potter was looking very strange and wasn’t with his conversation anymore. Harry looked up at the taller boy, slightly confused, like he had had a long talk with himself.

“Yeah.” He said and then pointed at his shirt, innocently touching the fabric.”What does it say?” He wanted to know and Draco laughed in his mind. So typical of Potter to loose everything just because of a mark he didn’t understand.

“Nothing, really.” Draco said, shocking his head. “I’ve just made if up so it would look muggle-like. Sort of made it look old so no one would wonder.”

“Oh, okay…” Harry said his fingers still touching the shirt. “Looks really cool!” He added and blushed again.

“Thanks!” Draco said and took one step back from the other boy, a little uneasy. Harry cleared his throat and looked around the platform.

“So… how was riding with the muggles then?” He asked while he stole Draco’s bag and twitched his head against the doors in order to make Draco follow.

“Hum… yeah, it was… nice…” Draco said when he catches up with Harry. “I… a… sort of fell a sleep, you know, and then like three hours ago I woke up and yelled; I don’t want to go back to school! Luckily enough I realized that I wasn’t before I got to the window so I could throw myself out of it.” Harry laughed.

“Lucky you!” He said. Draco snorted the Malfoy-snort.

“Yes…” He answered and rolled his eyes. The two boys became silent. Around them muggles was hurrying to catch their trains and they shuffled through the crowed. “So…” Draco started “… how’ve you been?” He asked.

Harry thought for a moment.

“You know… good.” He said.

“Ah.” Draco nodded. “And how’s the charming ms Weasley?” He asked casual. “Does he sound jealous?” Harry thought wondering.

“She’s fine…” He answered. Draco nodded once again and Harry stared at the blond boy as discreet as he could.

“So, how is life at the new apartment?” Malfoy wanted to know. Harry pulled his shoulders.

“Better then at the Dursleys.” He said grinning at that.

“Can imagine!” Draco said. “Has Weasley moved in yet then?”

“Yes, for like a week ago.” Harry answered and wondered why he sounded so bitter. He loved Ginny, remember?

“And you get time alone, without her family?” Draco laughed and Harry glared at him.

“Play nicely, Draco!” He demanded, pretending to be his father. This time Harry was the one glared at and he laughed. “But how about you?” He asked. “How’ve you been?”

Draco sighed

“You mean despite that my father has died because he was a follower of a total maniac and mother is in St. Mungo after a nervous breakdown?” He asked. Harry got uneasy.

“Sorry…” he struggled. “Didn’t think...” Draco pulled his shoulders.

“It’s cool.” He reassured him.

“How is your mother then?” Harry asked feeling like a jerk.

Draco stared at him, his gray eyes penetrating his own green ones.

“She’s bad.” Draco confided in Harry. “She screams all night after father and Voldemort, doesn’t speak at day and last time I visited her she flew at me, spitted me in the face and blamed me for fathers death.” Draco looked like he’d aged 50 years at that moment and Harry stopped walking and gave him a hug, this time gentle and warm and Draco twitched a little in surprise before he melted and allowed Harry to hold him. Harry knew how important Lucious Malfoy had been to the other boy and even if he’d been a cruel, evil bastard to the world to Draco he had been different. Caring, supporting, loving even and to be accused of killing that person by his own mother must have been horrible.

To never have had parent was terrible enough so to have known them, known why you loved them and why it mattered so much what they thought of you and then see only hatred towards you in their eyes, that couldn’t Harry even begin to understand how it felt.

He could only know as much as possible about how he felt and try to comfort Draco the way he had wanted someone else to comfort him.

I’m not going to break down, you know!” Draco said eventually when Harry had held him a long time and had no plans of letting go.

Harry broke away.

“Right!” He said and smiled excusing. “But what do the doctors say?” Harry asked and started to walk again. “’Bout her, I mean!”

Draco walked next to him and looked right ahead.

“It’s sort of what they don’t say…” Draco answered slowly. “They never say that she’s getting better only that she’s not getting worse, which is good, I suppose, but…”

“… it’s harder to see the point in it then.” Harry closed for him.

“Yeah…” Draco nodded without looking at Harry. “It’s so hard that last time I was there I felt like I should write myself in for a depression of my own.” He said and Harry gripped his hand. For the first time they had started talking about the subject Draco looked at him and Harry realized that his eyes were full of pain before they turned to normal and Draco raised one eyebrow. “It was a joke, Potter!” He said but Harry knew better. Yet he only nodded, but squished Draco’s hand before letting it go

“Good, ‘cause if you’re at St. Mungo’s, then who will annoy me, make fun of me and laugh at my misery at Hogwarts?” Harry asked and received a smile from Malfoy.

“You know, that was exactly my thought!” The Slytherin told him and Harry laughed. “But then, you have a girlfriend now… you won’t have time for me anymore…” Draco sneered. Harry suppressed the urge to jump in front of a train and only snorted, using the Malfoy-snort as guidance to make it prefect.

“Malfoy, I’ve never had time for you and that hasn’t stopped you before, now has it?” Harry asked him and Malfoy snorted with him, clearly amused.

“Well that’s true…” He said grinning at him. “You are rather easy!” He told the other boy.

“What’s that supposed to mean?!” Harry asked, faking to be outraged.

Draco laughed.

“You’re so easily distracted.” Draco told him and forced an annoying hair loop away from his angel-sculptured face.

“Only around you…” Harry mumbled under his breath and repeated lauder “No, I’m not!”

Draco laughed and flashed his long eyelashes towards Harry.

“Of course you’re not!” Draco reassured him when he clearly believed otherwise.

Groaning Harry tried to take a swing at the other boy but as the excellent quidditch-seeker Malfoy was he easily avoided the punch at the same moment as they came outside.

Harry, still playing upset decided that they should take a cab despite the fact that Draco was seventeen and allowed to use magic. “It’ll do him good doing it the muggle-way!” He thought to himself. And besides, if they were to apparate, Harry had to move very close to the one who could do it legally, “and better…”, and that wouldn’t work well for Harry even if it would only be for a couple of seconds.

It was very bright outside and when the early morning-sun found Draco’s hair it immediately started to play with it, welcoming it to London and would from that moment on crave to touch it and make it shimmer in white and gold. “It can’t be natural to be jealous at the sun for touching a friend’s hair.” Harry told himself and forced his green eyes to look away from Draco’s hair before he started to pick a fight with the sun for making HIS Draco’s hair look so dashing. “His Draco? Since when?” The brain wanted to know. “Will you stop plotting against me?!” Harry yelled at it. “Unthankful wanker…” his brain muttered. “Okay, I’m a maniac! I’m totally crazy!” Harry determined and started to wave his hand for a taxi.
.... to be continued...

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