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hee another one of these too! xP but idk if itll be good ........ ILL TRY!

Created by XxmedicalxxninjaxX on Tuesday, August 05, 2008


NAME:TEMMA YUCHIGURA (completly made up in my mind, well at lest the last name... DONT JUDE ME! >..> ... sorry bout that.) so this is u ^ ^
ur pretty arent chu? x3 i think so
~~~~~~~~ story start~~~~
"CRAP CRAP CRAPPY SHIT SHIT!" u shouted as u ran. 'im going to be late' u thought. what fun mom is when im late. =_=''all of the sudden u bumped in to none other then the hyuga prodegy himself, neji.
"watch it urself loser."
"just dont get in my way again."
parting ways u let urself cry a little. u didnt know y u were crying i mean, u HATED the boy. and yet knowing that he hated u made u feel lost... getting home u met a very angry mother.....
"IM Sorry" u squeaked and ran off into the night. u went to the ramen bar where u work.
"h-hey." u said snuffling.
"are u alright?"
"y-yeah im f-fine. just wanna work alittle overtime." u responded not quite believingly.
"ook but if u need anything just ask." starting to wash and dry dishes u calmed down. this was what u loved to do when u were upset.
"cya tommarow!" u called to ur boss.
walking toward the park u thought of what ur mother said and began to cry again. dipping ur feet in the park pond. u calmed down again till u heard a voice...
"me."u sighed out of relieve. only uchiha.
"what do u want." u asked coldly.
"you."pinning u to the ground he kissed u forcefully.
"stop." u said plainly.
'dam hes a good kisser u said ...'
then he went and tried to undo ur shirt. o.o
he went right on trying to slip ur shirt off.
"RAPE!!" U screamed.suddenly sasukes body was lifted off of u. throwing it aside, the boy asked,
"are u ok?" u didnt know who it was because ur eyes where full of tears so u couldnt see and ur mind was messed up.
"w-who a-are y-you..?"
"god ur worse than hinata"
"yeah ....."hugging him tightly u cried on his shoulders. suddenly remebering who u were hugging u quickly jumped off.
"sorry" u mumbled.
"for what?" he softly kissed u and as quick as it came it left.
"wtf did u just kiss me?!"
"uhh yeah."
"maybe i dont hate u....."
" .....o.o.... u dont?"
"nope not at all" he grinned. (btw heres what neji looks like for u bakas who dont know...)
Neji_pic2.jpg (and heres sasuke) sasuke1.jpgalong with u (yes another pic btw the story aint dont yet) th_4bnrthxk.jpgkk moving on
"do u want me to take u home.?"
"thatd be nice neji-kun."
"ok..." he said slightly blushing form the fact u used "kun" he picked u up and carried u to ur house and set u down on ur porch. u knocked at ur door and ur mom answered it the slammed it on ur face (yeah harsh parents) u immediatly broke down.
"there there calm down." he hugged u and patted u on ur bak.
"u could stay at my house."
"w-would taht b-be ok?"
"of course it would"
~~~~~ at the hyuga house~~~~~
"hishasi-sama, this is temma yuchigura. she will be spending the night because her parents have locked her out.."
hishasi not really listening replyed,
"ok just remeber to use a condom."
both of u were just like >////////////////////////< wtfing?
u walked behind neji to wherever he led u.
"alright heres my room, u can have my bed and ill sleep on the floor."
"nuu! i sleep on floor"
"nu huh."
"ya huh"
"nu huh"
"ya huh"
nu huh" ect.ect.ect.
"fine well both sleep in the bed." neji finally said.
"o-okay" u said startled. u climbed into the bed and went to sleep. neji did the same, only before he went to bed, he hugged u. <3
~~~~~ next morning~~~~~~~
"no..." neji just went bak to sleep.
"so what are we going to do today?"
"sleep." he responed to tired to do anything else"
"JEEZ! ur worse then shikamaru!" u exclaimed.
"well first lets have something to eat, in ur case BRUNCH."
"whatever." he replied lazily. u dragged him out of bed and made him get dressed.
~~~~~ in the kitchen~~~~~
"hello hishasi sama!" u said cheerily.
"how was last night?"
"oh very comfortable. thank you for letting me stay."
"did u use protection?"
"what?!" u did an anime fall.
"so u didnt?"
neji stepped in. "we didnt do anything."
"ok but if a baby pops up i know y." ^ ^
u lean close to neji, whispering' wtf is wrong with ur uncle?'
'even i dont know'
"anyway lets go into town neji!"'
~~~~~ in town~~~~
u dragged neji through ever shop there was, but u didnt get anything which made him even madder cause he went through all that for nothing. but when he started to yell u just kissed him to shut him up.which worked. ^ ^
"hey neji lets go to the ramen bar i can get us to eat for free!" u said cheerily.
"hmph." came ur reply.
"i take that as a yes ^ ^" u dragged him to the ramen bar.
"hey! tem how u doing?"
"better. one miso ramen and -" u looked at neji." chicken" he mummbled. u leaned closer to ur boss, and pretending to whisper said" he just came out from rehab. he hit his head in a tramatic incident and hasnt be "Right" since." u smiled innocently.neji just gave u a 'ill get u later for that'
"poor guy is he alright?"
"there not sure." neji rolled his eyes.
"anyway heres ur ramen."
"thx!" u both ate ur ramen quickedy split. u got up and started to take a walk.
"hey temma-chan...will u....."
"yes i will"u said cutting him off with a kiss. he kissed u bak and then said, "wasnt what i was going to ask but, ill take it anyway."
u guys then went to his house to "watch a movie" but u ended up doing just as hishasi foresaw. lets just say hinata sat up horrifyed all night crying from all the
"NEJI GOD DAMIT HAAARDER!" going on and stuff like that....
~~~~~ epiloge~~~ a week later~~~~
puking u knew what was wrong, thinking bak to the night it ' u were just in denile. 'this cant be happening.' then u remebered hisashi's speech about using a "condom" god damit all.. thats what we forgot........ 'sigh, guess i should tell neji'
"OI! NEJI-KUN!" neji smirked when he saw u, but then frowned when he saw ur worried expression.
"h-hey neji....... u know last week? well im sorta prego so ull stay around right?"
it took a second for it to sink into nejis brain .........
U only nodded. boy life sucked right now.
"well ..... this is unexpected butwe made it easy enough, we shouldstay true to our actions and let destiny take play. i love u andwill neverleave u or our child" hearing this u cried tears of joy and lept up into neji's arms
hishasi listened in form thecourt yard shaking his head.
''see? my idea of a condom wasnt so bad after all...."
the end
after word..
uhad a boy and agirl, u can name them.
uand neji got married and had four more kids. u never saw ur parents again, notthat u mind. and u lived happily ever after untill one of urchildren die from hook worm. u then kill urself and neji kills himself causehe cant live without u and ur kids are taken care of by hishasi
" boy i knew they shoulda used a condom" =_='' hisashi
btw dont rateby the end, just eh story cause the after word sucked i just wanted tomake it clear what happened
heres ur kids: hinata.jpgthatsthe eldest girl, very strong.
th_NEJI.jpgheresthe girls twin, who looks excatly like neji ....
GothCouple-1.jpgheres the two misfits, one year apart.
Kid8.jpgthis is ur youngest child,age 5
and ursecond to youngest kid age 6Kid1.jpgshes with ur eldest.
hope u enjoyed! plz message and/or rate <3 PWEEASSE!

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