The new gym teacher is hott with 2ts. [[I'm screwed and a half]] ch.8

Created by mymonkeysaidso on Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Let me rephrase that. I can wait for school. Well you see Collin chickened out so much he didn’t go to school. Joey was all over Mike, and as much as I wanted to I couldn’t sleep in class. 1-4th periods I was dragging ass. I barley even got 20 books on the shelf during library duty. And at lunch I wasn’t even hungry. NEVER happens. Joey, mike, Ashley, Lucian all looked at me like I was sick. I was just tired.
During art, I was trying to draw Lucian I really, really, really was I swear….I just couldn’t stay up long enough. Which I think pissed him off.
“What’s the matter?” He whispered into my ear, his lower lip brushing my ear at his words.
“I’m just tired, don’t worry about it”
“you sure?” he asked sounding worried.
“Yeah didn’t get much sleep last night, my brother had friends over that night” I said trying to sound convincing.
I’m guessing your wondering what really happened huh?
Well you see…. FLASHBACK TIME
*Right when I got home*
“Hey dork brother I love so much where are you?????” I asked coming into the house. I didn’t see his car but it’s a habit to say.
“Oh well must make dinner for myself then.” I said out loud to no one but me….or so I thought.
Going around the living room, long hall, and into the kitchen with no light (Yeah I know, but I’ve lived in the house long enough to know where things are in the dark, and well you’ll see). I turned the light on to see a guy sitting there, but not any guy, my brother’s friend.
“Jesus Christ Dumbass you scared the living fuck outta me” I said after I recovered from being scared shitless.
“Sorry I just wanted to talk to you.” he said all innocent
“Ok but why didn’t you turn the light on?”
“I like the dark more, why didn’t you turn the lights on?”
“I like the dark and I know where shit is…I kinda LIVE here”
“Ok…” And things got real awkward real quick
“So you wanted to talk to me.” I said going to the fridge.
“Yeah it’s about my brother..” He trailed off.
“Yeah he’s my new gym teacher.”
“Yeah well he only took that job for one reason?”
“Why to piss me off or get back at me for all the tricks I did on you?”
“Then why?” I asked getting impatient.
“Because he wanted to be with you more.” He said no joking in his voice
I froze in place. If I had something in my mouth it would have been spit out.
“WHAT?” I pretty much screamed. “Does he know HOW illegal that is. Does my brother know? Is he on drugs? Did he consider I might have a boyfriend? What was he planning on doing, shacking up in his office? JESUS CHRIST” I rambled. It didn’t quite hit me yet that my brother’s best friend’s brother likes me. The stalker way.
“In order…. Yes he knows it’s illegal that’s why he picked your senor year. Yes your brother knows” “traitor” I interrupted. “No he isn’t doing drugs.. No he didn’t consider you having a boyfriend, and no but he hoped.” He finished. “He really likes you Ang.”
“Yeah I figured that when you told me he wanted to stalk me as my teacher”
“Well I gotta go your brother is waiting for me at the bar.”
“Yeah tell him when he gets home if I’m not sleeping he is DEAD. Thanks. Night.”
He chugged. “Night” and left.
I tried to sleep that night, but it never happened. Did I mention my brother came home pissed drunk asking who I was dating. I just rolled my eyes and shut him outta my room. He knows I don’t like him drunk.
“You sure.. You seem to be all tense.” He said.
“Yeah I’m sure.” I wasn’t completely lying to him.
When the bell rang I had just a ruff outline of Lucian.
Lucian put his arm around me as we walk to gym. I think that was only motivation that had me going that direction. Everything in me screamed to run the opposite direction. And trust me I would have, if Lucian A) didn’t smell so good, B) dragging me and C) I wanted to see for myself what Max really said was true. So on we went up a flight of stairs and into the changing rooms.
“Meet you at the bleachers” Lucian said.
“Absolutely” I said and he kissed me. Outta the corner of my eye I saw Luca sitting in his office staring. Ok so maybe I’m not lucky and Max was right.
In the changing room I told Joey everything.
“Nope 100% truth there love” I said shutting the locker after I put my clothes in there. Out gym uniform was a pair of shorts, that most girls rolled up, that where blue and black. And a black shirt with our schools name on it.
“Wow, I cant believe it!” She said
“Lets go my BOYFRIEND is waiting for me.” I emphasized the word for effect to make her move faster.
“You know your sorta lucky. You got a boyfriend and you got another guy wanting you.”
“Yeah really lucky. I’m fucked. My brother doesn’t know about Lucian and he knows about Luca MY LUCK RIGHT. Wait till I tell him about Lucian I’mma be fucked and a half. Lets just go”
“Yeah” walking down to the bleachers I jumped onto Lucian’s lap while he talked to his brothers.
“You seem better” He said.
“Yup” was all I said and I just got comfortable on him. He kissed the top of my head and kept on his conversation with his brothers.
I really wasn’t paying attention to them my mind was trying to imagine what was gonna happen in gym.
When the coach came out he told us to line up. He did roll call then he separated us up into teams. Joey with Mark, Ashley with a big burly guy named Tom, Lucian with the school’s whore Amanda. He wasn’t very happy but she was, and I was paired with this guy named Frank. Me and Frank really don’t get along. Frank is dating the school’s whore. He went down the list. Rachel with Ashley, Steven with Justin, Dustin with Reilly, Becca with Dom. And so on.
“Today we are going to do push ups, crunches and other physical test today. Think of this the before test before the finals.” We all groaned and I couldn’t help but feel this was my fault. I glared at him and he smiled at me. I mouthed ‘wait’ to him and he just blew his whistle.
“Just keep up.” Frank told me. I flipped him off and we walked off to the push up mats.
I counted his first. After about 60 I lost count. When coach blew the whistle I made up a number.
“85” I said. Frank smiled.
“Your turn” NO REALLY?
I assumed the position and waited. I wouldn’t bet no more then 5 or 10.
When the whistle blew I started at a slow pace, reaching 5 easy 10 easy 15 ok its getting hard 20 I think I need to stop 25 ok I’mma die. When I did 30 I dropped to the mat.
The whistle blew and I huffed up.
“30.” he said I just rolled my eyes. See I dated Frank till he cheated on me with Amanda. Know you see why I don’t talk to him.
Crunches I did 35 and sit ups I did 45. When the stretching came it was the easiest I reached all the way. The whole time I was staring at my boyfriend getting pretty much molested by the whore. I felt sorry for him. When the 10 minute bell rang we all raced to the locker room.
The first thing outta my mouth when we got up there and to our lockers “ THAT BITCH, he is trying to get back at me.”
“Yup, if everyone knew we’d all hate you” Joey said
“I love you too.” We got changed and I went to find Lucian. He was standing there looking smug.
“How many did you.” I said when I got to him. I knew he wasn’t being smug on that for sure.
“to many” he simply said and kissed me. Of course I kissed back. He smiled and I closed my eyes. I shouldn’t of I would have seen the glairs Luca and Lucian gave each other.
The bell rang and we broke apart.’ “you wanna come over tonight?” He asked
“I can’t I have to yell at my brother. How about you come over after that.”
“alright what time.”
Or 7?”
“alright see you there.”
“Mhm” he kissed me again and we went our separated ways. He parked half way across the school. I parked as close as I could.
Tonight is gonna be interesting.

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