Never a Fan-Girl (Sasuke One-Shot for yukinoninjaxoxo)

Created by BraceXForXImpact on Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Name: Kira Hishiro

Age: 17

Looks: school_anime.jpg
Medium length black hair with Blue streaks.

Past: Parents died fighting the 9-tailed fox. Friends with Sasuke since the Academy days.

Personality: Quiet, shy, but out-going with friends, she's really friendly and eats a lot.

Hates: Sasuke's fan-girls.

"So. Boring." I sighed and laid back in the grass.

"SASUKE!" I heard some girl shriek.

'That means Sasuke must be somewhere around here...' I thought.

"OH MY GOD!!!!!" And there were more...

After the ground shook from the stampede of fan-girls, a blur passed my field of vision. "Hey, Sasuke." I greeted the blue flash.

"Kira, could I ask you a favor?" He stopped.

"Distract your raving stalkers?" I scoffed.

"If you'd be so kind."

"Consider it done." I transformed into Sasuke and took off if the opposite direction.


'Great, it's Ino...' I scowled and continued to raced towards the other end of town. Once there, I was cornered by the drooling boy-beggars. I turned and released my jutsu.

"Ugh. False alarm... It's just Kira." She spat.

I just poof-ed away, to the Ramen Bar. There I stuffed myself with bowl after bowl until I'd reached 6. Then I cut myself off.

"Thanks." Sasuke sat next to me.

"Welcome. But I can't keep saving your ass like that. One day they will corner you and I won't be there to save you." I sighed.

"You never know." He smirked.

"Wow." I mock-gasped.

"Yea. Later, Kira." He smirked and walked away.

"Goodnight, Sasuke." I turned walked the other way.

I couldn't help but smile to myself as I walked home. I liked Sasuke, a lot. But no one knew and I had every intention of keeping it that way. If anyone found out, I'd be labeled as the cliché I loathed; a Fan-Girl.

I shivered at the thought. I will never be a crazy, Sasuke-obsessed Fan-Girl. NEVER!

I stomped into my apartment and did my nightly routine. There wasn't any training tomorrow so I stayed up later than usual to read and watch TV before going to bed.

>>FF>> Next Morning.

I dressed and headed out to meet with Hinata for our traditional Saturday breakfast. Instead, I saw Sasuke Uchiha leaning against a wall.

"Good morning, Sasuke." I greeted him, "have you seen Hinata around?" She was never late.

"Team 8 and Naruto are off on a mission until Wednesday." He looked up at me from facing the ground.

"Oh. Okay." I turned to go home, alone, like always.

"Is that it? You're just going to go home? With out so much as a 'goodbye'?" Sasuke smirked. He was playing with me, like he does from time to time.

"Well, if it would satisfy you, goodbye Sasuke." I gave him a tiny smile.

When I got to my apartment, someone was waiting for me in the kitchen.

"Sasuke, how did you get into my house?"

"The door was open." He shrugged, sipping a cup of coffee.

"Isn't that against the law?"

"I only entered, nothing was broken." He seemed so comfortable in my apartment. It was weird.

"Okay, fine. Then what are you doing here?"

"I thought that you would enjoy some company. Was I wrong?" He asked, cocking an eyebrow.

"No, you could have simply asked before non-breaking and entering." I pointed out, my voice soft but accusing.

"True. But this was more fun." He smirked.

"Well I'm glad that you had fun. What do you want to do today?" I asked, hoping that he was going to say with me. It's been forever since we've hung out.

"It's raining, so I was thinking that we could stay here."

"It's not raining." I had only been inside for three minutes.

He jerked his head to the window behind him.

"Oh." It was pouring.

"So, shall we stay here?" He stood and grabbed a apple off of my counter.

"I think that outside is safer. Fan-Girls melt in water." I snickered.

Sasuke chuckled. "And you don't? I thought that all girls hated getting wet."

"Nope. I don't care." I shrugged, leaning against the counter.

"What would we do in the rain?" He asked.

Kiss? I scoffed at myself for sounding so desperate. "Whatever you think we should do."

"Wow. I get to make a decision." He scoffed. "Well, I have an idea where we could go. But it requires a blindfold. You up for that?"

"Um... Sure." I said nervously. This was the Sasuke that I've known for years.

"Great, this'll be fun." He smirked. I could almost pass as a smile. Almost.

"Wait, should I bring my purse?"

"Why would you need a purse?"

"Just wondering!" I snap.

"Oh, feisty."

I made a face before checking my phone. It's not like anyone would be looking for me. "Let's just go."

"Alright." He opened the door for me. Once we were at the bottom of my apartment steps, he wrapped a piece of fabric around my eyes. Covering my onyx eyes from his. Then he did something that I'd never thought that he'd do.

His arms caressed my back and knees, holding me bridal-style. That's when he took to the roof tops, sending us soaring through the air.

I was grateful for the chill of the rain, it hid my blush as he held me close. I could hear every beat of his heart. It was so surreal. If it wasn't for the wind slicing my skin, I'd think that I was dreaming. I still can't believe that Sasuke was acting like he used to. Back before he was cursed and before he became so obsessed with power. Back when he was just Sasuke.

Not Sasuke the Avenger.

Not Sasuke the Emo.

Not Sasuke the most gorgeous guy in all of the Fire country.

Just Sasuke.

"Enjoying this?" He asked.

"Nope. I love it." I gave a small laugh.

I heard him smirk in response. This wasn't too much like the old Sasuke. We haven't hung out just the two of us in years and suddenly he's breaking into my apartment?

I didn't want to think it, but it was too good to be real. But Sasuke was always too good for reality. Too all-around great. "Hey, Sasuke?"

"Yes, Kira?"

"Um. I was wondering, uh, why did you stop smiling?"

I felt his arms tense around me and then e relaxed and sighed.

"I'm sorry." I choked out. "I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable, I was just thinking about the past and-"

"It's okay, Kira. Really." He assured me. There was no hardness to his words. No burning ice like when he spoke to Naruto.

"O-okay..." I turned my head away from him, hoping that he wasn't mad.

He continued to carry me for a little while longer in silence. "Almost there." He commented quietly.

He was mad.

Then we stopped. Suddenly. "We're here."

When he set me down, I was soaked through; I was glad that I didn't wear white! "Can I take this off?" I tugged at my blindfold.

"Not yet. Patience is a virtue." He chuckled, reminding me of the phrase that I often use.

"I know, but I'm not in the mood for being virtuous. I feel like being rash." I giggled. He seemed to be fine now, thankfully.

"Well, you can be rash afterwards. For now, just wait." He took my hand and my chest exploded. I ignored the throbbing bliss and walked where he lead me.

"Water?" I asked, hearing the running water of a stream.

"Maybe." His tone was thick with a teasing smirk, "maybe not."

"Hmmm..." I said skeptically.

"Trust me, okay?"

"Of course I trust you." I assured him.

"Good to know." After a little walking, he stopped again. "Okay, now you may be rash." He chuckled.

I removed the blindfold in one fast movement. What I saw literally took my breath away. It was a forest of cherry trees with a stream running through it all.

In the rain, everything glistened. It was so beautiful. "Oh, Sasuke." I swooned.

"I thought that you'd like it." his hand still held mine.

I blushed. "It's so magnificent. How'd you find this place?" I asked.

"After I met you, when we were kids, I stumbled upon it." He shrugged.



She looked up at me with her warm onyx eyes. They were the reason that I stopped smiling but I could never tell Kira that.

"Why did you get mad when I asked you why you stopped smiling?"

I sighed, she never was forgetful. "Not mad, could never be mad at you, Kira." I tried to avert her question and change the subject.

"You know that you can tell me anything, right?" More questions...

"Yea, I know that." I also know how I feel about you, not that I could ever say anything.

"Good." The rain made her hair glisten.

I had a question of my own. Kira was as quiet as I with the same color eyes and hair, why did people look at us so differently?

I already knew, of course. Her eyes were black and clear, like a black diamond. My eyes were always viewed as cold and fogged with hatred and angst.

"What are you thinking about?" She asked, snapping me out of my thoughts.

Without thinking, I answered in the truth. "Your eyes." I looked down to see her blush.


"What are you thinking about, Kira?"

"Your smile." She smiled up at me, still blushing.

"Oh." What would make her think of my smile? "Why?"

"Well, you never smile."

"Are you ever going to drop it?"

"Nope. I miss the old Sasuke. He used to smile all of the time."

She was right. But that was years ago, why would she still care? Had I really changed that much? I know that I used to be with Kira a lot more, but we were both busy.

"You still never asked my question? I-I mean if it's not too much to ask." She looked to the ground.

"Do you want the truth, or the more pleasing explanation?" I asked.

"I trust you to tell me the truth." Her eyes held a hint of hurt.

"I stopped smiling because of you."

"What?" She gasped and stepped away from me, taking her hand away. Leaving me feeling more alone than ever.

"What I meant was, I stopped seeing you everyday and things started to take a turn for the worse."

She was obviously confused.

"Kira. We've been friends since we were 7. That's 10 years." I meant that to be a good thing, but Kira looked to the ground, like I'd broken up with her.


"I mean that as a compliment. You're the only person who I've been friends with for that long. You're the only one that I trust. The only one that was there for me. And you're the only one that I don't want Itachi to kill."

She looked up at me, wide-eyed. Like she was amazed. "Wh-what are you trying to say?" The rain made it look like she crying.

"I just don't want you to ever leave me. I want you to know how I feel."

"A-and what, what would that be?" She seemed so nervous.

I sighed, and held her close. "I love you." I whispered into her ear.

"S-Sasuke." She stuttered before holding me closer. "How do I stop you from smiling?" She asked my chest.

"I missed you, and missing you made me sad, meaning that I stopped smiling."

We pulled away and I pulled her down to the ground. She laid next to me in the soaked grass and we talked. The rain let up and the sun came out and created a rainbow. It was noon when the rain stopped completely. After a while of laying in the sun and drying off, Kira looked up at me and smiled.

I smiled back at her. Which only made her happier.

>>FF>> Next day.

KIRA'S POV~~~~~~~~~~

When I woke up, I walked out to the living room to find Sasuke sitting on my couch. I smiled at him and closed my kitchen window before grabbing a key and tossing it to him.

"Door." I shivered.

"Sorry." He pulled me down to him.

"What are you doing here?" I asked.

"What do you mean?"

"It's 6 am." I scoffed, sitting on his lap, his arms around me. I loved it.

"I couldn't sleep well." He shrugged.

"Is that all?"

"That, and I missed you." He kissed me lightly.

"I missed you, too." I kissed him back.

"Do you think that we should go public?" He asked.

"With 'us'?"

"Yea, why not?"

"Uh, I kind of value my life and I really don't think that your Slimy Stalkers would appreciate me stealing away their god-come-to-earth." I scoffed.

"They don't really view me so highly, do they?"

"You have no idea. I'm simply impressed that they didn't attack you on your way over."

"Well, I was thinking that it would get them to back off."

"The female mind really doesn't work that way, trust me. They will kill me just to get your attention. That is if they even believed that we were together."

"Well, what if you had something to show for it?"

"I don't follow." I was confused and he knew it.

"This." He pulled out a silver ring from his pocket and jumped from his arms.

"What is that?" I asked frantically.

"It's not what you think, so calm down."

"Then what is it?"

"A ring."

"I can see that."

"Just come here." I looked at him skeptically. "Please?"

I walked over and sat o the arm of the couch.

"This belongs on this finger." He slipped it onto my ring finger on my right hand. "See? It's a visible statement that you." Sasuke pulled me to his lap again, "are mine."

I looked at the ring on my hand. It was small, silver and held the Uchiha symbol. "Where's you find this?"

"It's an heirloom." He shrugged.


"Please? That, and if anyone upsets you, I'll kill 'em." He cooed in my ear, making me melt into his arms. "I love you, you know that right?"

"I know." I smiled. "Let's just keep this low-key, okay?"

"You mean 'us'? Keep 'us' low-key?" He growled.

"Yes. Us. You and Me. We. Low-key." I clarified.

"Why on earth would we do that?"

"We're both respectable ninja, I just don't want your performance to become sloppy because of me."

"Why's that?"

"Well, you being a top Jonin, get sent on a lot of S-ranked missions. One slip-up and you could be hurt." I was being sincere and he knew it so he held me closer.

"It's too late for that. You are the reason that I don't slip up, I just couldn't stand the thought of making you cry again."

"When did you make me cry?"

"We were 15 and I came back from a mission on a stretcher, I saw you crying."

"Oh..." I blushed. He had come back from a month-long mission with two broken limbs and 5 busted ribs. I was a wreck.

"How long have you felt this way about me?" He asked.

"Since we were kids, my feelings have only grown." I kissed him again.

"Good to know." He kissed me back, not so lightly. He pinned me to the couch, passion burning in his lips. I locked my arms around his neck, pulling his into my lustful kiss. His tongue graced my lip and I decided to tease him a little. He growled and bit down on my bottom lip. I gasped, his tongue slid into my mouth. My hand dropped to his hemline. I snuck my fingers across his abs, groaning at his body. He pushed me deeper into the cushions, pressing his body against mine.

His lips made their way to my neck. He hit my sweet spot and I moaned, loudly. Sasuke smirked and bit my neck. "S-Sasu-" I cut myself off, panting.

"Mmm... I like that." He growled against my neck.

I pushed him off. "What is it that you like?"

"This," he crashed upon me. Making me moan. "I love that," he relocated to my neck.

"Sa-Sasuke!" I cried out, his body's heat and pressure was too much.

"Grrr..." he bit again. "I like 'Sasu.'"

"Hm. Make me." I panted.

He chuckled against my skin. Then he slid his hand up my thigh.

"Sa-" I bit my lip to stop from giving him what he wanted.

Then he pulled away. "Damn... I have training." He groaned.

"As do I, my Sasu."

"My Little Kira." He kissed my forehead. "I love you."

"As do I." I kissed him a timidly.

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