Camp Rock 2 : : Nate Steals the Show -- Chapter 2

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Created by dizzydancer23 on Wednesday, August 06, 2008

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Mitchie threw the covers off her feet as she heard her alarm go off. Today was the day she had been waiting and anticipating for nearly the last twelve months. Camp Rock. It was finally here, finally. Her mom was doing the cooking for camp once again, and this time things would be different. It’s not like she had to hide that tedious secret of her mother being the cook anymore. That was long gone, thankfully…

She jumped into her clothes and ran downstairs just to make sure that her mother was up. Of course she was though, I mean, she was a mother. Mitchie hugged her mom and thanked her yet again for the summer camp treat. It was going to be great getting to go back and see all of those awesome rockers again. And what made that even better was the fact that Shane Gray was going to be there again this year, but not because he was forced to be, because he wanted to be. There was even a rumor that his other band mates, Nate and Jason, were going to be there along side him too. Summer couldn’t get anymore perfect.

Mitchie hauled her suitcase down from her room and into the truck her mother was driving. The whole trip to the camp was spent singing songs off the radio. Mitchie even wrote a new song on the way there she was so excited. But it wouldn’t be shown to anyone before she had time to prefect it… though she did have some new songs to show Caitlyn and Shane. She hopped out of the passenger seat and onto the earthy ground. A smile crossed her face from ear to ear as she took in all the familiar surroundings.

“Mitchie!” Caitlyn cried running up to her and engulfing her in a hug. She smiled and hugged back, chuckling at her friend. “It’s so good to see you! I’ve been waiting forever!”

She chuckled some more. “It’s good to see you too! I’m sorry to keep you waiting.”

The girls stopped hugging and stood in front of each other taking in the changes they were both faced with. Caitlyn hadn’t changed one bit, still her spunky and colorful self. Mitchie hardly changed either; she had just adjusted her style a bit and got a new hair do, but other than that everything was the same.

They smiled for a moment before Caitlyn broke the silence. “Hear the rumors?”

“Rumors? What rumors?” Mitchie asked sarcastically.

“Well… a certain pop star is supposedly waiting down by the canoes for you.”

Mitchie grinned, “I wonder who that could be…”

“Lets go find out,” she said motioning toward the lake.

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