Love .::. Prince caspian love story (Tally Returns) -Part 9

Created by LoveXStoriesXGalore on Wednesday, August 06, 2008


There is an awkward silence for a long time as Peter approaches you guys and stands 5 feet or so infront of you.
"Maybe i should go make some green tea" Trufflehunter says as she walks away on her 2 back feet.
There is another silence and you see Edmund has crossed his arms.
"Ummm..... I'm sorry ok. You guys know how I am. I dont think before I speak and you guys just talk back and it makes me mad. I'm sorry ok." Peter says
You, Caspian, Susan, Edmund and Lucy all look at eachother and you look at Megan who has a proud smile on her face.
"Oh Peter" Lucy says running towards Peter and Hugging him tightly.
Susan soon joins her and you find yourself joining them. You 3 hug him and sooner or later Edmund joins.
You all let go of him and you give Megan a hug. Peter looks up at CAspian.
"I'm sorry. I thought about it and maybe it is wisest if we train them more. We can only hide for so long though, sooner or later Miraz WILL find us and atack with no mercy. So thats why i thought we should attack the castle" Peter says
Caspian looks at the ground for a split moment and then looks up.
"Maybe there is a way we can have both, The more advanced fighters can go and attack the castle and the rest who arent very good can stay and be trained" Caspian suggests.
"I'll do it" You say
"I know you will" Caspian says
"I know asterious and Glenstorm will agree with whatever we say." Peter says
"But would if there isnt many of us to attack the castlle" Susan says worried
"Then we stay back and wait, i guess" Peter says
"I'll go with you guys" Caspian says
"Great. We can use all the help we can get." Peter says
*Wow are they acually getting along for once* You think
~~Ya isnt it amazing~~
*What The!?*
~~Im your consience.~~
"So all we have to do know is gather what Narnians we can. How are we going to do that. I'm sure all of them believe that they are ready to fight" Edmund says
"Isnt there a way we can get them to show us that they can fight" Susan says
"Why dont we just go and ask Asterious. He knows the NArnians now better than all of us" Peter says
"Good idea" Caspian says. With that the group seperates and its just you, Megan and Lucy.
"Arent you going with them" You ask Lucy.
"No. Peter is making me stay here" She says
"Oh dont worry. Its not because you are young. I'm sure its because he cares about you" You say in confort
This puts a little smile on her face
"How many" Peter asks
"About 150 or more" Edmund says
"What do you think" Peter asks turning to Caspian.
"Its worth a shot" He says
"We'll leave in a few hours when the night becomes darker. We will go into the How and make up a plan then hopfully get an hours worth of sleep" Peter says.
The group of NArnians standing infront of you begins to go into the tents they have set up and some start play fighting eachother and others sit down in circles and eat. Randomely, you let out a yawn which is quickly covered by someones hands. You laugh for a minute and your mouth is uncovered and you are spun around. CAspian pulls you into a hug and kind of rocks you from side to side.
"Dont you have to be in the how" You say
"Yes i do." He says. He starts to walk backwards still holding.
"I can walk you know. Sooner or later we are going to fall. Remember the carnival" You say
He laughs and lets you go and puts an arm around your waist and walk into the how
A few hours later you come to the sudden feeling of sadness saying goodbye to your friends and your love. You made him PROMISE you he wouldnt do anything terribly stupid that would get him killed. Caspian kisses you and they get set for the gryphons to pick them up while the Narnians travel on foot. You watch as they dissapear into the fearsome black of night.
"So now we just stay here and worry" Megan says really worried
"No reason to worry" A very familiar voice says which excites you. The voice comes from behind you. Megan lets out a little scream as she points behind you and Lucy comes running out of the How and a look of excitment overwhelms her. You turn around and your heart stop.
"Aslan!!" You and Lucy yell running towards him and hugging tightly.
"Woah.. ho ho ho" Aslan says
You look into his giant orange eyes
"You sould have showed up sooner. You just missed them" Lucy says happily.
"I know. I would have only slowed them down, dear one" He says
You guys hug him tighter
"Oh Alsan we are in trouble now. There are not many narnians and we will have to fight in a war. Have you come to help us" Lucy says
"I have come to help you, but not in the way that you think. I know what is going to happen, dear ones. I must talk to you guys, particularly you, Tally" He says
You let go of him.
"Dont tell me I have To go back know." You say full of worry
"I shall discuss this with you when they come back" Aslan says
"They are going to come back" Lucy says happily
"I cannot say any further than that" He says
You watch sort of worried as he walks towards MEgan.
"You have nothing to fear my girl. I mean no harm to you" He says
MEgan just stares at him and forces a smile upon her face and Aslan walks into the How. Without hesitaion you and Lucy run towards the How to catch up to Alsan and to your suprise, he is already at the stone table with a crack in it and is stareing up at the picture of him.
"Are you alright" Lucy asks him
"It is not me i am worried about" He says
You and Lucy stand on both sides of him petting his long beautiful mane.
"Aslan. I just realized something. You have grown so much" Lucy says
"For every year you grow, i grow as well" He says
You cross your arms due to feeling a bit cold but once you touch your arms, you find they feel funny. Like almost hard like they are turning into icecubes.
You 3 just stare up at the picture with the fire reflecting off your eyes.
There is a sudden yelling outside the How that echoes into the How and is easliy heard. You snap out of your sort of trance.
Lucy and Aslan do the same.
"They're back" Aslan says
You and Lucy start to run up the stairs and down the endless hall till you get outside and stop in your tracks at the sight of CAspian and Peter....... fighting.......again.....
"Its all your fault! You should have stuck to the plan" Peter yells
"You sould have told them to fall back while we had a chance" Caspian yells.
"You should have stuck to the plan and opened the gate like WE agreed" Peter yells. Susan and Edmund are just standning back as they fight.
"You should have told them to fall back when you had the chance. Even I would have realized when the time is to give up. Your just afraid to lose" Caspian yells
You walk closer to them and watch as they throw threats back and fourth giving you a mild headache. Soon you cant take it anymore.
They both stop and look at you.
"Peace Tally" Aslan voices calls from behind you.
You hear a few gasps from the pevensies and Caspian. They all take a little bow and Susan and Edmund run over to Aslan and hug him.
"Aslan I cant believe your back" Susan Exclaims
Aslan lets out a little chuckle
"What do we do. We lost half the Narnians. We've failed Aslan" Peter says
"Do not worry son of adam. You will find a way" Aslan says
"Have you come to help us" Edmund asks
"Not in the way you think" Aslan says
They all put on confused faces
"I must talk to Peter and Susan and then Tally. From there we will carry on" ASlan says
Susan looks back at Peter and then they walk off around the How with ASlan by there sides.
You walk over bbeside Caspian and cling to his arm.

Im sorry its so short but i had baseball and i have to inform you. WE WON THE CHAMPIONSHIPS WOOT! WOOT!
Anyway. It was busy since i had docter and dentist appointments and living in a house with 3 people its hard finding computer time also. I'll try.

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